Discovering The 30 Best Things to do in Eau Claire

In search of the best and enjoyable things to do in Eau Claire, WI? Welcome to Eau Claire — the most interesting, indie small town you might not have heard about. Eau Claire proudly bears the unofficial title of “The Indie Capital of the Midwest,” and its merits are evident. Situated in Eau Claire and Chippewa counties in the western-central region of Wisconsin, this picturesque city is the county seat of Eau Claire County and ranks as the eighth-largest city in the state.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is nestled at the convergence of the Eau Claire and Chippewa rivers, located in the northern part of the Driftless Region within the state. This vibrant city serves as a focal point for cultural and natural beauty, boasting esteemed educational institutions, captivating artistic performances, and a flourishing environment throughout all seasons. Its abundant opportunities for hiking, fishing, and biking make it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Also, Eau Claire acts as a central hub for those who appreciate the arts, with its galleries, theaters, and concerts. Eau Claire’s allure stems from its distinctive and offbeat atmosphere. Whether it’s the captivating sculptures scattered throughout the city or the one-of-a-kind art displayed in galleries, Eau Claire proudly embraces its individuality. The town exhibits a remarkable blend of upscale boutiques, coffee shops, breweries, bike trails, and historic bridges, with new construction projects contributing to its rapid growth.

For an exhilarating and unconventional Midwest escape, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, is the ideal destination. Here, you can indulge in various activities, such as outdoor adventures and exploring history museums and exhibitions, ensuring there’s always something enjoyable and thrilling for everyone. Eau Claire County also boasts a thriving arts and culture scene, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience, whether you seek relaxation or excitement.

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Here are the 30 best things to do in Eau Claire:

1. Banbury Place’s Mural Art Gallery


Experience one of the best things to do in Eau Claire by visiting the Banbury Place. Spread across a vast expanse of 1,900,000 square feet, this destination boasts over 135 businesses, including the captivating Mural Art Gallery. 

Inside this gallery, you will discover a stunning collection of artistic murals that were once displayed on the windows of a vacant building in the downtown area. Now proudly showcased in the Banbury Place Mural Art Gallery, these murals offer a visual treat that shouldn’t be missed. Rather than relying on descriptions, it’s best to witness the awe-inspiring artwork firsthand.

Address: 800 Wisconsin St, Eau Claire, WI 54703, United States

2. Avenue Orchard


When exploring the best things to do in Eau Claire, a visit to Avenue Orchard is a must. Established in 2007 and under the ownership of Ron, Shelly Knutson, and their families, this charming orchard is a haven for apple and pear enthusiasts. With a remarkable selection of over 26 apple varieties and two pear types available, you can indulge in the freshest fruits even during the growing season. 

The orchard also provides pre-picked apples and refreshing apple cider for your convenience. Additionally, you’ll find an array of canned goods including jams, butter, jellies, pie fillings, and sauces, adding to the delightful offerings. Enjoy quality time with your loved ones by partaking in a picnic amidst the family-friendly atmosphere of Avenue Orchard or engaging in entertaining yard games.

Address: 6700 US-53, Eau Claire, WI 54701, United States

3. James Newman Clark Bird Museum


Discover an impressive collection of native birds at the Museum, showcasing over 500 species meticulously gathered by James Newman Clark between 1870 and 1920. Housed within Phillips Hall, Room 002, this museum offers a captivating experience for both the public and students. Step into the circular room, where you’ll encounter four meticulously crafted dioramas and a variety of other bird species thriving in their natural habitats. 

Among the fascinating exhibits are the majestic Golden Eagle, the iconic bald Eagle, and even the once-abundant but now-extinct passenger pigeon. The University of Wisconsin holds a license to safeguard and display these avian treasures. Embark on a journey of discovery at this remarkable museum, where you can witness firsthand the beauty and diversity of these remarkable feathered creatures.

Address: 101 Roosevelt Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54701, United States

4. Action City


When it comes to the best things to do in Eau Claire, Action City is an absolute gem. Located within the Metropolis Resort, this entertainment destination offers an array of attractions suitable for people of all ages. Prepare for an exhilarating experience as you encounter the Midwest’s largest indoor go-kart track, perfect for racing enthusiasts. 

Engage in thrilling laser tag battles or test your skills in the laser maze vault. With over 150 arcade games to choose from, you’re sure to find your favorites. Kids can have a blast at the expansive trampoline park, featuring exciting Ninja courses, an airbag stunt jump, dodgeball courts, slam-dunk stations, an open jump arena, fidget ladders, and basketball slam-dunk stations. 

If you prefer outdoor adventures, embrace the adrenaline rush by soaring through the air on a 130-foot-high zip line. Enjoy a leisurely game of 19-hole mini golf or participate in a race on the outdoor go-kart track. A day spent at Action City is a day filled with wonder and unforgettable moments.

Address: 2402 Lorch Avenue, Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701, United States

5. Northwest Park Bike Trails


Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Northwest Park Bike Trails, which showcases enchanting wildflowers and offers a moderate-rated experience. This versatile trail system caters to a range of outdoor activities, including nature trips, skating, classic skiing during the winter months, hiking, and mountain biking, among others. 

Whether you’re exploring with friends or spending quality time with family, Northwest Park Bike Trails guarantees a delightful outing. With well-groomed trails and the option for cross-country skiing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Located on the outskirts of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, this trail system treats you to rolling pathways, smooth surfaces, thrilling banked corners, and captivating city vistas. 

Take a moment to pause and appreciate the picturesque views. Embark on a memorable biking or hiking adventure along the Northwest Park Bike Trails, a destination that is well worth a visit. Challenge your friends to tackle the exciting and enjoyable mountain biking course, where you can showcase your skills on the tracks with ease.

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6. Caradori Pottery


Are you looking for the best things to do in Eau Claire? Are you unsure of where to go? Make sure to check out Caradori Pottery, the ultimate destination for unique and high-quality pottery for your home, office, and more. With over 30 years of experience in pottery-making, David Caradori Pottery offers a wide range of exquisite pieces that you will absolutely love. 

The store showcases the works of numerous local artists, including Mel Sundby, Anders Shafer, Allan Servos, Susan O’Brien, and many others. David Caradori’s pots are meticulously handcrafted on a kick wheel and fired in a sasukenai kiln, which was built and designed by the renowned Japanese potter Masakazu Kusakabe. At Caradori Pottery, you’ll also have the opportunity to discover original works from other local artists. 

Alan Servoss’s pencil works, Bobby Pitts’s digitally-altered photos, Don Smith’s etchings, Melvin Sundby’s raku, Joe Christianson’s pottery, Jerome Grasset’s stoneware, and, of course, ceramics by David Caradori himself are all on display. Adding a visit to this pottery store to your list of things to do in Eau Claire, WI, will undoubtedly provide you with a memorable and enriching experience.

Address: 359 Ferry St, Eau Claire, WI 54703-5946

7. 200 Main Gallery


One of the best things to do in Eau Claire, WI, is to visit 200 Main Gallery. This unique art and wine gallery offers a delightful experience with a diverse collection of artworks by local artists and an impressive selection of 200 different varieties of wines from around the world. When you step into 200 Main Gallery, you can expect a wonderful time exploring the captivating artworks while indulging in their exquisite wines. 

Terry Meyer and Jo Ellen Burke, the friendly and helpful owners, ensure that you have a memorable experience as they offer you delightful sweet wines and provide assistance whenever needed. The gallery also sets the perfect ambiance with background music playing softly in the background. Additionally, the gallery proudly showcases numerous talented artists from the Chippewa Valley, including sculptors, painters, potters, and more. 

Alongside the artwork, you’ll discover affordable gifts, gift cards, clothing items, jewelry, candles, and other unique treasures. For an unforgettable art experience in Eau Claire, make sure to add a visit to 200 Main Gallery to your list of must-see attractions.

Address: 200 Main St., Eau Claire, WI 54701, Eau Claire, WI 54701-3651

8. Fun at Carson Park


Carson Park, located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is a remarkable historical park situated on a 134-acre (54.2 ha) peninsula formed by the oxbow lake, Half Moon Lake, which was once part of the Chippewa River’s course. This park holds significant attractions such as football, baseball, and softball venues, along with the renowned Chippewa Valley Museum. 

Generously donated to Eau Claire by the descendants of lumber magnate William Carson in 1914, Carson Park was officially opened to the public the following year, proudly bearing Carson’s name. Within the park, you’ll find two exceptional museums. The Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum, established in 1934, showcases the rich history of the town’s logging industry. It boasts seven original logging camp structures, providing an authentic glimpse into the past. 

The second museum, the Chippewa Valley Museum, established in 1974, is dedicated to regional history, offering a comprehensive exploration of the area’s heritage. Additionally, Carson Park offers tranquil nature trails for you to wander and enjoy the picturesque surroundings. If you’re looking for some recreational fun, the park also offers activities like water skiing and more. Carson Park stands as a testament to Eau Claire’s history and natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an immersive experience in the region.

Address: 1040 Forest St, Eau Claire, WI 54703-3013

9. Downtown Farmers Market


Experience the best things to do in Eau Claire at the Downtown Farmers Market, where you can indulge in a wide array of local items and food while savoring fresh produce. Immerse yourself in an exceptional shopping adventure as you explore this vibrant market located in Phoenix Park, right in the heart of downtown Eau Claire. The Farmers Market serves as a vital link between family farms and the local community, fostering a sense of connection.

At the Downtown Farmers Market, not only will you delight in purchasing fresh, locally sourced products, but you will also have the opportunity to engage in direct conversations with the farmers and artisans responsible for growing, raising, or creating these delectable offerings. It’s a chance to gain insights, ask questions, and truly connect with the people behind the food.

Moreover, the market offers more than just shopping. It serves as the perfect gathering spot for both family and friends. Enjoy the delightful melodies of local musicians as they serenade you with an array of music genres that will captivate your senses. The lively atmosphere creates an ideal setting for meeting loved ones and making lasting memories.

When you visit the Downtown Farmers Market, you’ll discover an abundance of local vendors, with over 40 participants showcasing their unique goods. From farm-fresh fruits, eggs, and vegetables to fragrant flowers and delectable baked goods, the market is a treasure trove of enticing options. Embark on an exploration of the market alongside your friends and family, and uncover an array of excellent produce and items that will leave you eager to make your next purchase.

Address: 300 Riverfront Ter, Eau Claire, WI 54703-5181

10. Phoenix Park


Located at the heart of downtown Eau Claire, Phoenix Park serves as a vibrant hub for all things related to this bustling city. Nestled along the serene banks of the Chippewa River, Phoenix Park offers an exceptional and captivating destination where you can immerse yourself in the best of natural beauty and a diverse range of experiences.

As you explore Phoenix Park, you’ll encounter an array of remarkable sights and activities. Serving as the starting point for the Chippewa River State Trail, the park offers a scenic walking labyrinth that invites you to embark on leisurely strolls and enjoy the wonders of nature. Additionally, Phoenix Park boasts a natural amphitheater that hosts concerts and various engaging events, providing an exciting entertainment venue.

Whether you choose to visit Phoenix Park with your friends or family, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking natural vistas that offer a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Make it a point to experience the Eau Claire Farmers Market, held in the park every Saturday during the warmer months, where you can immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere filled with local produce, artisanal goods, and a lively community spirit.

Throughout the year, Phoenix Park offers enchanting views that captivate the senses. From the twinkling trees during the winter months to the picturesque scenery of the rainbow-lit Phoenix Park bridge, Haymarket Plaza, and Pablo Center at the Confluence, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of beauty and tranquility. Whether you visit during the day or night, Phoenix Park never fails to provide a picturesque backdrop for your leisurely strolls and memorable moments.

Address:330 Riverfront Ter, Eau Claire, WI 54703-5181

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11. Children’s Museum of Eau Claire


Experience the best things to do in Eau Claire by visiting the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire, a captivating center that sparks creativity, imagination, discovery, and a passion for learning. This beloved destination in the Chippewa Valley is a top choice for families seeking engaging experiences. 

It offers unconventional educational opportunities that enable children to explore, interact, and progress through crucial developmental stages with hands-on exhibits and educational programs. With five exhilarating exhibits tailored for children from birth to 10 years old, this museum ensures both kids and adults can learn and have a blast through interactive play. Don’t miss out on this fantastic addition to your Eau Claire bucket list, guaranteeing an enjoyable time with the kids.

Address: 220 S Barstow St, Eau Claire, WI 54701-3601

12. Infinity Beverages Winery & Distillery


Immerse yourself in the world of exceptional spirits and wines at Infinity Beverages Winery and Distillery, which first opened its doors in 2010. Committed to crafting an extraordinary selection of delicious beverages, this establishment prides itself on innovation and a tireless pursuit of “liquid innovation.” When you visit Infinity Beverages Winery and Distillery with your friends, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in their unique and delightful wines and spirits. 

By sourcing their raw materials from various regions across the United States, they actively support American growers and suppliers, allowing their talented winemakers and distillers to focus on creating inventive and captivating beverages. Make sure to explore the winery’s tasting lounge, where you can savor samples, specialty drinks, and wines by the glass. For an even more immersive experience, consider taking a tour and participating in a tasting session.

Address: 3460 Mall Dr, Eau Claire, WI 54701-7621

13. Chippewa River Trail


One of the best things to do in Eau Claire, WI is to explore the Chippewa River Trail, making it a must-add to your checklist. The Chippewa River State Trail, spanning 26 miles, is an urban-rural rail trail located in western Wisconsin, tracing the course of the Chippewa River. Starting from the confluence of the Chippewa and Eau Claire Rivers at Phoenix Park in downtown Eau Claire, it connects with the Red Cedar State Trail near Red Cedar and extends all the way to the town of Durand.

This river trail not only offers a scenic route but also provides convenient access to various minor routes within Eau Claire. For example, you can explore the walking path through Putnam Park, situated on the western side of the park. Additionally, Phoenix Park grants you access to the Farmer’s Market, which takes place on Saturday mornings. 

The Chippewa River Trail boasts a width of 10 feet and features an asphalt pavement that stretches for 11 miles, making it suitable for rollerblading enthusiasts. Furthermore, the trail is ideal for activities such as biking, walking, hiking, and in-line skating, allowing you to engage in fun and enjoyable outdoor experiences. During the winter season, the trail can also be utilized for cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and other winter sports.

14. Wisconsin Logging Museum: Home of the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp


Immerse yourself in the history of logging at the Wisconsin Logging Museum: Home of the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp, where you can uncover fascinating insights and determine the truth behind the legendary figure of Paul Bunyan. Step into the Wisconsin Logging Museum and be transported back in time, embarking on a captivating journey of self-discovery. 

Within the museum, you will encounter the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp, meticulously crafted to resemble the 1890 camp, offering a glimpse into the past. Delve into the era when Wisconsin Pine forests filled rivers and provided resources for a nation on the rise. As you navigate the logging camp, you will learn about the resilient men who called it home, the majestic trees that contributed to the construction of cities across the country, and a wealth of other captivating exhibits housed within the museum’s walls. 

The Wisconsin Logging Museum stands as a focal point for showcasing and preserving artifacts and documents from the logging industry, fostering an educational experience that enlightens visitors about the history, technology, and profound impact of the logging industry on the city and the nation as a whole.

Address: 1110 E Half Moon Dr. Eau Claire, WI 54702

15. Lowes Creek County Park


Discover the best things to do in Eau Claire at Lowes Creek County Park, which offers a range of exciting activities. Known for its twisty single-track, fast climbs, and short sections, the park is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. It even hosts the renowned WORS Firecracker race. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, Lowes Creek County Park has a variety of trails suitable for every skill level. 

With approximately 5 miles of double-track cross-country ski systems and over 13 miles of challenging narrow single tracks, you’ll have plenty of options to explore. One of the highlights of Lowes Creek County Park is its diverse landscape, allowing you to experience all aspects of the park. Ride through picturesque pine tree forests, cross creek beds, and cruise along scenic ridgelines. The trail network takes you through all four corners of the park, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable ride.

Aside from mountain biking, Lowes Creek County Park caters to various outdoor activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, running, and walking. The trails accommodate a range of users, making it a versatile destination for individuals and groups alike. Additionally, the park features a convenient picnic shelter, perfect for organizing reunions or get-togethers with friends and family.

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16. Chippewa Valley Museum


Add the Chippewa Valley Museum to your must-visit list when exploring Eau Claire, WI. This award-winning attraction promises an enjoyable and enriching experience. Nestled amidst the picturesque Carson Park, a 134-acre peninsula on Half Moon Lake, the Chippewa Valley Museum provides a captivating setting beneath towering pines.

Devoted to connecting people with the city’s rich heritage and fostering curiosity, the Chippewa Valley Museum collects, shares, and preserves historical and cultural resources from the region. Immerse yourself in the exhibits and discover fascinating artifacts that showcase the history of the Chippewa Valley, which dates back to the 1650s.

The museum offers school tours and group tours, providing students with the opportunity to encounter the diverse cultures, artifacts, and ideas that have shaped the Chippewa Valley. Knowledgeable museum educators and guides are on hand to lead you through the museum and share the exciting stories behind the exhibits.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the museum’s delightful ice cream parlor, where you can indulge in a treat reminiscent of the 1950s. Choose from a variety of flavors, including rainbow sherbet, chocolate, strawberry, and more, as you savor the nostalgic ambiance. Explore the Chippewa Valley Museum and embark on a journey through time to gain a deeper understanding of Eau Claire’s history and culture.

Address: 1204 E. Half Moon Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54703

17. The Brewing Projekt


Experience the best things to do in Eau Claire by immersing yourself in the remarkable world of The Brewing Projekt. Since its establishment in 2013, this dedicated brewery has been committed to crafting exceptional beers that will captivate your taste buds. Gather your friends and head to The Brewing Projekt for a delightful time, savoring a drink or two amidst great company. 

The brewery’s taproom offers a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for families and friends in search of unique, fresh, and exhilarating beers. Moreover, this family-friendly and dog-friendly establishment boasts a magnificent 20-line tap tower, where you can indulge in a variety of their signature brews. 

While you’re there, don’t miss the opportunity to engage in a friendly game of Kubb at the dedicated pitch. The Brewing Projekt takes pride in its diverse series and variants of beverages, including the renowned Dare Mighty Things IPA & Variants, Resist Milk-Shake IPA & Variants, and the delectable Puff Tart & Puff Tart XL, among others.

Address: 2000 N Oxford Ave Bldg 3, Eau Claire, WI 54703-5184

18. Mount Simon Park


If you’re looking for the best things to do in Eau Claire, look no further than Mount Simon Park. This incredible park offers a wide range of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. You can explore the park’s beautiful trails, indulge in hiking, rock-climbing, rock scrambling, and even try cliff-jumping into the Chippewa River. If fishing is your passion, you’ll find plenty of opportunities here. 

During the winter, the park is perfect for snowshoeing, and you can also enjoy geocaching all year round. One of the highlights of Mount Simon Park is its diverse natural beauty, featuring white pines, hardwoods, and an array of wildlife including squirrels and various bird species. Additionally, the park boasts two state-of-the-art baseball fields with excellent amenities. 

You can enjoy watching games from the comfortable and pleasant seating area, which can accommodate approximately 200 people. If you’re planning a fun event with friends or family, the park has you covered with its picnic pavilion. You can gather together and make lasting memories while enjoying the serene surroundings. 

For those who love golf, there’s a nine-hole course to challenge your skills. To enhance your experience, Mount Simon Park also provides a boat landing and dock, allowing you to explore the Chippewa River further. And if you’re up for a leisurely stroll, the park offers nature trails for hiking, all complemented by well-maintained restrooms.

19. Lazy Monk Brewing


Experience the art of European craft brewing at Lazy Monk Brewing, where their focus lies on crafting traditional Bohemian and German beers. This renowned brewery in downtown Eau Claire takes pride in producing high-quality brews, including a variety of IPAs, Stouts, and Ales. With a passion for serving the local community, Lazy Monk Brewing has become a go-to destination for beer enthusiasts. At Lazy Monk Brewing, they specialize in brewing Czech and German beers, capturing the essence of these rich brewing traditions. 

Additionally, they offer a selection of British and American seasonal beers, as well as unique limited-edition holiday brews. Among their most celebrated creations are the Bohemian Dark Lager and the Bohemian Pilsner, showcasing their commitment to excellence. The beers at Lazy Monk Brewing are meticulously handcrafted using the finest local and imported ingredients, ensuring a remarkable taste with every sip. 

Their welcoming establishment includes a family-friendly beer garden that overlooks the picturesque Chippewa River. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy their exceptional brews in the company of friends and family. When you visit Lazy Monk Brewing, you’ll not only savor their outstanding beers but also have the opportunity to engage with the local community. 

It’s a unique experience that brings together beer lovers and locals, fostering a vibrant and friendly atmosphere. Plan a trip to Lazy Monk Brewing and indulge in their excellent beers while immersing yourself in the warm and welcoming ambiance. Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or simply looking for a good time, Lazy Monk Brewing promises an unforgettable experience for all.

Address: 97 W Madison St, Eau Claire, WI 54703-4405

20. Chaos Water Park


Experience the best things to do in Eau Claire, WI by adding a visit to Chaos Water Park to your itinerary. Chaos Water Park offers an ideal destination for a memorable family experience, catering to both kids and adults. Explore a wide range of attractions, including thrilling slides, an engaging activity pool, a relaxing lazy river, a rejuvenating double hot tub, and an exciting aquatic playground with a dump bucket and refreshing water features. Make lasting memories as you enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere of Chaos Water Park, where the highlight is undoubtedly the exhilarating dump bucket. 

Additionally, your children will love the interactive family playground, complete with captivating splash features. Slide down thrilling slides, engage in mini dump bucket fun, wield water cannons, and challenge your friends to an exciting game of water basketball. Take on the daring lily pad path in the expansive activity pool, testing your strength and agility to avoid a splash. Chaos Water Park promises endless fun and excitement for all ages, ensuring a truly enjoyable experience.

Address: 5152 Fairview Dr. Chaos Water Park Resort, Eau Claire, WI 54701-9444

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21. Tower Ridge Recreation Area


Discover the top attractions in Eau Claire by exploring the Tower Ridge Recreational Area, renowned as the premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts. As the largest cross-country ski trail complex in Eau Claire County and west-central Wisconsin, Tower Ridge Recreational Area presents an expansive network of approximately 12 miles of trails. 

These trails cater to skiers of all abilities, boasting a diverse range of challenges and breathtaking scenery. Nestled within this picturesque landscape, you’ll find wooded, rolling terrain meticulously groomed and tracked, setting the highest standard among the county’s four ski trails. Tower Ridge Recreational Area goes beyond skiing, offering an array of activities for all seasons, including miles of cross-country ski trails and exhilarating disc golf courses.

Address: 955 South 82nd Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54703

22. L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library


One of the best things to do in Eau Claire is visiting the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library. It is an ideal destination to take your kids, allowing them to learn and have a great time. The library organizes a variety of captivating and educational events such as art shows, book clubs, and book programs for kids, teens, and adults. Additionally, the library proudly showcases four remarkable sculptures that exemplify its enduring dedication to the cultural enrichment of the local community. 

Among the sculptures on display are Gregory Johnson’s Jack’s Story Time bronze sculpture, Karen Crain’s Circle of Friends bronze sculpture, Michael Christopherson’s Untitled steel sculpture, and several others. Moreover, the library offers engaging reading programs specifically designed for children, including the 1,000 Books for Kindergarten initiative, which supports parents in preparing their kids for an important milestone in their lives.

Address: 400 Eau Claire St, Eau Claire, WI 54701-3715

23. Chippewa Valley Railroad


Discover the best things to do in Eau Claire by exploring the Chippewa Valley Railroad. This captivating miniature railway operates on a half-mile of 16-inch track, offering a unique experience in Wisconsin. Located within the picturesque Carson Park, the line winds its way above Half Moon Lake, providing breathtaking views. 

In 1974, Roth Schleck, Dave Farr, Peter Beck, and Dave Peterson joined forces to establish the Chippewa Valley Railroad Association with the goal of introducing a steam locomotive to the area. Their vision was driven by educational, recreational, and historical objectives. The association acquired a steam train set from Strum Steam Engine Days in Strum, WI, to create a stationary railroad in Carson Park. Over the course of the early ’70s, construction commenced and gradually transformed the railway into its present form. 

When you visit the Chippewa Valley Railroad, you’ll encounter a range of fascinating and historically significant attractions. These include wooden 1880-style passenger coaches, sleek streamlined passenger coaches, coal-fired steam locomotives, a diesel locomotive, a gondola car, a caboose, and many other captivating features. Immerse yourself in this rich locomotive heritage for an unforgettable experience.

24. Boyd Park


Boyd Park, spanning over seven acres, is a versatile recreational area in Eau Claire. It boasts a range of amenities, including play equipment, off-street parking, and ample space for various activities. One of the park’s highlights is its shoreline fishing spot, offering anglers a serene location to indulge in their favorite pastime. Additionally, Boyd Park features a pedestrian bridge that provides convenient access to Eau Claire’s recreational trails on both sides of the river. 

Regardless of the season, the park offers a multitude of activities for visitors to enjoy. During the warmer months, you can take advantage of the picnic pavilion, walking trails in the prairie area, and the shelter house, making it an ideal setting for family reunions, gatherings, and picnics. In winter, Boyd Park transforms into a winter wonderland, offering an ice-skating rink and a snow-banked hockey rink. 

These facilities provide opportunities for families and friends to engage in after-hour winter activities and make lasting memories. Furthermore, the park maintains basketball hoops, hockey rinks, scenic viewpoints, soccer fields, restrooms, shelter houses, picnic shelters, and more, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy within Boyd Park’s picturesque surroundings.

Address: 1202 Fairway St, Eau Claire, WI 54701-4106

25. Artisan Forge Studios


Discover the best things to do in Eau Claire, WI by adding Artisan Forge Studios to your itinerary. This captivating attraction encompasses an art gallery and studio showcasing the works of over forty local artists and vendors. Immerse yourself in the diverse creative expressions found within Artisan Forge Studios, where you’ll also find a delightful coffee shop, a chocolate shop, stunning home decor and designs, a gift shop, and an art lending library, among other offerings. 

The gallery and gift shop within Artisan Forge Studios proudly display and sell pieces from each of the talented artists. For an extraordinary shopping experience, Artisan Forge Studios is the ultimate destination. Explore an array of unique gifts for your loved ones, as well as exquisite decor items for your home and office. 

The vendors within the studio specialize in various art forms, providing exceptional products such as jewelry, handcrafted chocolates, artwork in all mediums, hairstyling services, a guitar factory, music lessons, and more. Moreover, Artisan Forge Studios regularly hosts captivating events like jam sessions, art classes, and special exhibits. Every visit promises something spectacular and enthralling at Artisan Forge Studios.

Address:1106 Mondovi Rd, Eau Claire, WI 54701-2735

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26. Oakwood Mall


Located in the scenic Chippewa Valley, Oakwood Mall stands as the premier shopping destination in west-central Wisconsin, boasting an extensive selection of retail options. With approximately 100 sought-after brands, Oakwood Mall attracts visitors who relish in a diverse and exciting shopping experience. 

Among the myriad of stores within the mall, you’ll find renowned establishments such as JCPenney, Hobby Lobby, Scheels, GameStop, HOM Furniture, Old Navy, Ulta Beauty, Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle Outfitters, and many others. Adding to its appeal, Oakwood Mall features Forest, a soft play area for children, and a 12-screen AMC Theatre with comfortable stadium seating, ensuring a delightful outing for the whole family. 

Whether you’re seeking new-to-market brands or looking to explore your favorite stores, a visit to Oakwood Mall promises an optimal blend of shopping opportunities. The mall’s well-balanced assortment of retail stores and amenities solidify its position as a top-notch shopping destination in northwest Wisconsin.

27. Eau Claire Children’s Theatre


One of the best things to do in Eau Claire, WI is to visit the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre. Since 1989, this theater has been offering top-notch theatrical and educational experiences for people of all ages in western Wisconsin. It’s not just a place for kids; it also caters to adults in the Chippewa Valley. At the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre, you’ll find a vibrant and engaging environment where children and adults alike can have a blast. 

Whether you want to be part of the cast, crew, or audience, there are fantastic opportunities for everyone. This theater has consistently received recognition for its outstanding achievements, growth, and exceptional service to the local art community. Make sure to include the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre in your list of the best things to do in Eau Claire. It’s a classic attraction that promises a fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages.

Address: 1814 N Oxford Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54703-5171

28. Visit the Ager House


Eau Claire proudly boasts one of its notable historical figures, Waldemar Ager, a renowned author and writer. Originally hailing from Norway, Ager immigrated to Chicago before eventually settling in Eau Claire, where he embarked on a career at a Norwegian newspaper. Alongside his journalistic pursuits, he authored a total of seven novels, signaling the city’s early affinity for culture and the arts.

Today, Ager’s former residence stands as a cherished historic landmark and serves as a museum dedicated to preserving his life and legacy. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the rooms of the Ager House, the very place where he penned his literary works, and marvel at the memorabilia that offer a glimpse into his fascinating journey. The first floor of the house has been meticulously restored to its original appearance during Ager’s time.

Dating back to the late 19th century, the Ager House is a charming Victorian cottage that once served as the abode for Ager, his wife, and their children. It opens its doors to the public once a month for guided tours and holds a prominent position on the National Register of Historic Places. Furthermore, it has become a cherished venue for various community events, including the delightful Pie and Ice Cream Social held in August, as well as Norwegian classes offered every January.

Address: 514 W Madison Street, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

29. Grab Lunch at the Milwaukee Burger Co.


When it comes to the best things to do in Eau Claire, make sure to pay a visit to the outskirts of the city and experience the mouthwatering delights of Milwaukee Burger Co. This renowned eatery not only offers top-tier burgers but also boasts an extensive range of locally brewed beers on tap, delectable salads, sizzling fajitas, and flavorful soups. Whether you choose to enjoy your meal in the cozy booths indoors or bask in the pleasant ambiance of their spacious patio, Milwaukee Burger Co. guarantees an unforgettable dining experience in Eau Claire.

30. Family fun at the Metropolis Resort


When it comes to finding the ultimate indoor water wonderland for your family in Eau Claire, look no further than Chaos Water Park. This fantastic destination offers a wide range of attractions throughout the year. From a serene lazy pool for relaxation to an aquatic playground that caters to kids of all ages, there’s something for everyone. 

The water slide and activity pool, complete with basketball nets, provide endless fun, while the cabanas offer a perfect spot to observe the excitement from the sidelines. Located within the Metropolis Resort, Chaos Water Park also grants you access to the thrilling activities available at Action City. Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure at Action City, where the options for fun seem endless. 

This exhilarating center boasts a remarkable array of activities to explore. Jump into the 30,000 square foot trampoline park, equipped with basketball stations, dodgeball courts, and more. Test your gaming skills in the state-of-the-art arcade, challenge your family on the outdoor and indoor go-kart tracks, enjoy a round of mini-golf, feel the rush of the zipline, engage in a bumper car battle, or immerse yourself in the excitement of the laser tag arena. 

With such a diverse range of options, it’s no wonder why Action City is considered one of the best family fun centers in Wisconsin. Your kids will be captivated by the endless adventures that await them here. And if you find yourself visiting Eau Claire frequently, be sure to take advantage of their annual family pass options to save on the excitement!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Eau Claire, WI a unique destination?

Eau Claire stands out with its offbeat charm, vibrant arts scene, and picturesque riverside location. It embraces its individuality through captivating sculptures, galleries, and a blend of upscale boutiques and historic bridges.

What outdoor activities can I enjoy in Eau Claire?

Eau Claire offers abundant opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. You can indulge in hiking, fishing, and biking along the scenic trails, taking advantage of the town’s location at the convergence of the Eau Claire and Chippewa rivers.

Is Eau Claire a suitable destination for art lovers?

Absolutely! Eau Claire boasts a thriving arts and culture scene. The city is home to galleries, theaters, and concerts, showcasing unique and captivating art. It’s a haven for those who appreciate artistic expression.

Are there any historical attractions or museums in Eau Claire?

Yes, Eau Claire has history museums and exhibitions that offer insights into the town’s rich heritage. Exploring these attractions allows visitors to delve into the past while enjoying the vibrant present.

Is Eau Claire a good place for a relaxing getaway?

Certainly! Eau Claire’s flourishing environment ensures a tranquil escape. With its beautiful rivers, serene parks, and inviting coffee shops, the town provides plenty of opportunities to unwind and rejuvenate.

Does Eau Claire offer a diverse range of activities for visitors?

Absolutely! Eau Claire has something enjoyable and thrilling for everyone. Whether you seek outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or a blend of both, this captivating Midwest destination has you covered.

What is Eau Claire, WI known for?

Eau Claire proudly bears the unofficial title of “The Indie Capital of the Midwest.” It is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, picturesque riverside location, and offbeat atmosphere.

Are there any notable educational institutions in Eau Claire?

Yes, Eau Claire is home to esteemed educational institutions that contribute to its vibrant atmosphere. These institutions foster a creative and intellectual environment, adding to the town’s allure.

Can you recommend any must-visit breweries or coffee shops in Eau Claire?

Eau Claire has a thriving craft beer scene, with a variety of breweries offering unique and flavorful brews. Additionally, the town boasts inviting coffee shops where you can enjoy a cup of joe in a cozy atmosphere.

Is Eau Claire a family-friendly destination?

Absolutely! Eau Claire offers a range of family-friendly activities and attractions. From exploring parks and trails to visiting museums and attending family-oriented events, there’s no shortage of fun for all ages.

Are there any annual events or festivals in Eau Claire?

Eau Claire hosts several annual events and festivals throughout the year, showcasing its vibrant culture and community spirit. These events often feature live music, art exhibitions, local food, and a lively atmosphere.

Can you provide recommendations for day trips or nearby attractions from Eau Claire?

Eau Claire’s location in western-central Wisconsin allows for easy access to other attractions. Consider visiting nearby natural wonders, charming small towns, or exploring the scenic beauty of the Driftless Region for memorable day trips.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for the best things to do in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, you’re in for a treat. This hidden gem of a town, known as “The Indie Capital of the Midwest,” offers a unique and captivating experience for visitors. From its picturesque riverside location to its vibrant arts and culture scene, Eau Claire is a place that celebrates individuality and embraces its offbeat charm.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking to explore the scenic hiking and biking trails, or an art lover seeking inspiration in the city’s galleries and theaters, Eau Claire has something for everyone. Its thriving environment throughout all seasons ensures that each visit is filled with exciting activities and opportunities for relaxation.

As you wander through the streets of Eau Claire, you’ll be greeted by charming boutiques, inviting coffee shops, and the refreshing aroma of local breweries. The city’s historic bridges and captivating sculptures add to its distinctive character, creating a sense of wonder and discovery around every corner.

Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, is a place where natural beauty meets artistic expression, where history blends seamlessly with innovation. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil escape or an exhilarating adventure, Eau Claire has it all. So, pack your bags, embrace the unconventional, and get ready to experience the best that Eau Claire has to offer. Your journey awaits in this captivating Midwest destination.

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