Discovering The 26 Best Things to do in Lawrence KS

Looking for the top best things to do in Lawrence KS? This vibrant city offers a wide range of exciting options, including art galleries, restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, wedding venues, museums, and wineries. Lawrence has a thriving music scene, with the renowned Wakarusa Music, Camping Festival, and numerous live music venues. 

Additionally, the city boasts lush green community parks like Clinton State Park and Prairie Park Nature Center, along with over 50 public parks, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Spencer Museum of Art, Natural History Museum of the University of Kansas, and the Dole Institute. Indulge in the top-rated activities listed here, such as sampling local beers at craft breweries, enjoying artisanal coffee at cozy coffee shops, and savoring locally produced wine. 

As night falls, downtown comes alive with unique bars and vibrant nightclubs. With so much to offer, it may be challenging to decide where to start. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the absolute best things to do in Lawrence KS, to ensure you have an amazing time exploring this beautiful corner of the state. Stick to these unique and fun recommendations, and you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience!

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Here are the 26 best things to do in Lawrence KS:

1. Royal Crest Lanes


When you’re in Lawrence, Kansas, one of the best things to do is to explore the Royal Crest Lanes, especially if you’re a bowling enthusiast. This venue offers a plethora of exceptional opportunities for everyone to enjoy. At Royal Crest Lanes, you can catch your favorite games on large TV screens while mingling with other guests. Additionally, you’ll find an array of amenities such as pool tables, six 95-inch HD projection screens, twelve HD TVs, a shuffleboard, and an impressive selection of food and drink options.

Furthermore, the Royal Crest Lanes boasts a fantastic staff that is always ready to ensure you have a delightful experience. It comes highly recommended, especially if you’re looking for a place to have a great time with your kids or loved ones. Moreover, this venue is also ideal for hosting special events, including weddings, graduations, birthdays, and more, accommodating parties of up to 250 people.

Address: 933 Iowa St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

2. Phoenix Gallery


When exploring the best things to do in Lawrence KS, a visit to the Phoenix Gallery is essential. With a rich history spanning two decades, this destination is a treasure trove for art enthusiasts. Housing captivating works from various artisans, the gallery is a must-see during your vacation in Lawrence, Kansas. Its diverse collection includes blown glass, sculptures, exquisite pottery, jewelry, textiles, and much more, ensuring a fascinating experience for all.

Upon your visit, you’ll find an abundance of gift items to peruse. The gallery offers a wide range of choices, making it a perfect place to find that special something. The knowledgeable and friendly staff are dedicated to assisting you in your search for the ideal gift items that match your requirements. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other occasion, you can rely on the Phoenix Gallery to provide you with exceptional options for your family members and loved ones.

Address: 825 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

3. Grinter’s Sunflower Farm


Discover the top things to do in Lawrence KS with a visit to Grinter’s Sunflower Farm. This enchanting destination is a must-see for anyone in Lawrence, offering breathtaking views of the farm and countless photo opportunities. Make sure to bring your family along, as this place is sure to captivate their hearts. It’s no wonder that this farm attracts a multitude of visitors who can’t resist capturing memorable moments amidst the vibrant sunflowers. 

In fact, professional photographers even schedule photo sessions here for their clients. For the ultimate experience, plan your visit in the early morning hours on weekdays. While enjoying your time on the farm, please keep in mind a few regulations. Visitors are kindly requested not to take the sunflowers home, as they tend to wilt quickly.

Address: 24154 Stillwell Rd, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States

4. Explore The University of Kansas


Located on Jayhawk Boulevard, the University of Kansas holds the distinction of being the largest university in the state. It boasts additional branch campuses in Salina, Overland Park, and Kansas City. Situated atop Mount Oread, the main campus offers stunning views as it occupies the highest point in Lawrence. Established in 1865, this public research university is renowned for its University Hospital and Medical Center, both located in Kansas City.

The main campus houses various schools, including the School of Architecture, Engineering, Business, Medicine, Journalism, and Law. For those interested in exploring the university, there are several tour options available, such as Admitted Jayhawk Days, Junior Days, Senior Days, and Senior Jayhawk Days.

Address: 1450 Jayhawk Boulevard, Lawrence, Kansas

5. Explore Clinton State Park


One of the best things to do in Lawrence KS is to visit Clinton State Park, located just 6.4 kilometers west of the city. Spanning 1,500 acres of landmass, this park sits on the north shore of Clinton Lake. It is renowned for its crystal-clear water and abundant fish, making it a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. Moreover, the park offers a wide range of outdoor activities that cater to the interests of birdwatchers, nature photographers, wildlife observers, and even cross-country skiers.

What sets Clinton State Park apart is its connection to a neighboring 9,200-acre wildlife area through a scenic biking and hiking trail. This trail allows visitors to explore the natural beauty of the park and the surrounding wildlife-rich area. With its diverse ecosystem, the park is home to various species, including waterfowl, wild turkey, songbirds, and even majestic bald eagles. 

Not to mention, the white-tailed deer can also be spotted roaming freely within the park. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Lawrence, consider adding Clinton State Park to your bucket list of places to visit. It stands out as one of the top attractions in the area, offering a plethora of outdoor adventures and opportunities to connect with nature.

Address: 798 North 1415 Road, Lawrence, Kansas

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6. A Meal at 715


If you’re looking for a delightful dining experience in Lawrence, Kansas, make sure to visit 715, a Tuscan restaurant located in the heart of the city. Housed in a meticulously restored historic building adorned with reclaimed wood and stone walls, this charming eatery offers an inviting ambiance. Its centerpiece is the open kitchen, where the talented chefs work their Italian culinary magic, providing guests with an immersive dining experience.

At 715, the emphasis is on using the freshest meats and locally sourced produce from nearby farms. Their menu is extensive, but one highlight is undoubtedly their delectable pasta dishes. For a truly exceptional taste, give the rabbit ravioli a try, made with a rare hare, rabbit confit, pureed goat cheese, olive oil, and parsnip. The flavors blend harmoniously, creating a memorable culinary delight. To complement the scrumptious food, 715 offers a splendid wine list, allowing guests to pair their meals with the perfect selection. 

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply enjoy a good glass of wine, the restaurant provides an excellent selection to enhance your dining experience. When it comes to finding things to do in Lawrence KS, treating yourself to a meal at 715 is undoubtedly a worthwhile endeavor. The combination of the beautifully restored historic setting, the skillful preparation of Italian cuisine, and the opportunity to savor delectable flavors make it a must-visit culinary destination.

Address: 715 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, Kansas

7. Visit the University of Kansas Natural History Museum


One of the best things to do in Lawrence KS is to visit the University of Kansas Natural History Museum. Located on Jayhawk Boulevard within the university’s campus, this museum is part of the University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute, which is dedicated to the study of life diversity on Earth. 

Housed in the historic Dyche Hall, a National Register of Historic Places-listed building, all of the museum’s galleries are contained within its walls. Constructed between 1901 and 1903 in the Romanesque architectural style, the museum was inspired by the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. With over ten million artifacts and species, a visit to this museum is a must for your bucket list in Lawrence, KS.

Address: 1345 Jayhawk Boulevard, Lawrence, Kansas

8. Take a Walk along Massachusetts Street


One of the top things to do in Lawrence KS is to explore Massachusetts Street, also known as Mass Street, located in the downtown area specifically within the central business district. This vibrant street is a major tourist attraction in Lawrence. Stretching from Sixth Street in the south to Haskell Indian Nations University, it offers a rich historical experience. The name of the street derives from the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company, the organization responsible for establishing the city and introducing anti-slavery settlers.

Massachusetts Street is renowned for its fascinating blend of Neoclassical and Victorian architecture, with many notable buildings constructed between 1856 and 1953. Visitors can admire the unique architectural styles while strolling through the district. Additionally, the street is teeming with a variety of restaurants, shops, and even a brewery, offering visitors a diverse range of experiences.

To further enhance its allure, several sections of Massachusetts Street are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, providing an opportunity for exploration and a deeper appreciation of the area’s historical significance. When in Lawrence, don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the charm and attractions of Massachusetts Street.

Address: 833-1/2 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, Kansas

9. Learn About Unique Tribal cultures at Haskell Cultural Center and Museum


Immerse yourself in a celebration of cultural diversity by visiting the Haskell Cultural Center and Museum located at Haskell Indian Nations University. This museum provides a remarkable opportunity to witness the resilience and strength of the university’s students, who have contributed to its transformation into the esteemed institution known as Haskell Indian Nations University today. The museum’s primary focus is on the re-emergence of Indigenous expression, aiming to integrate self-determination and elements of Tribal pride into its academic environment. 

Make sure not to overlook the chance to take a tour of this museum, as it offers a truly unique experience in Lawrence, KS. The Haskell Cultural Center and Museum showcases the rich heritage and contributions of Indigenous cultures, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of their traditions and history. Don’t miss out on this captivating attraction, which stands as one of the must-visit destinations in Lawrence, KS.

Address: 155 Indian Ave. Box #5013, Lawrence, KS

10. Check out Free State Brewing Company


Established in 1989, Free State Brewing Company holds the distinction of being the first legal brewery in Kansas after the Prohibition era. With a 14-barrel brewhouse, they utilize the finest small brewers’ equipment available to craft exceptional, authentic, and original beers. Breaking away from the confines of traditional beer styles, Free State Brewing Company encourages you to follow your taste preferences and explore their diverse offerings.

Begin your beer journey with their flagship brews, such as the refreshing Wheat State Golden or the rich Oatmeal Stout. To fully savor their range of flavors, visit their delightful and welcoming brewpub, where you can sample their beers. The tap list at Free State Brewing Company is always evolving, ensuring there’s something new and exciting to try.

While enjoying their fantastic brews, you can also indulge in delectable food options. Treat yourself to tasty black bean quesadillas, or savor the daily specials, which are sure to impress. The ever-present fish and chips offer a classic pub fare experience. To complement your culinary delights, the knowledgeable staff can provide beer recommendations that perfectly pair with each dish.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Free State Brewing Company, a true pioneer in the Kansas brewing scene. Experience their exceptional beers, cozy atmosphere, and enticing food offerings for a memorable and enjoyable time in Lawrence, KS.

Address: 636 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, Kansas

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11. Explore Circle S Ranch & Country Inn


Looking for the best things to do in Lawrence, KS? Look no further than the Circle S Ranch & Country Inn, which offers a range of wonderful experiences. Whether you’re in search of a stunning wedding and event space, a tranquil outdoor oasis, or a peaceful weekend getaway, this is the place for you. With a rich history dating back to 1860, the Circle S Ranch has been actively serving guests for six generations. 

As you make your way along the half-mile driveway and crest the hill, you’ll be greeted by the scenic valley and the Inn nestled at a slight angle. The path guides you to the prairie garden, a highly sought-after location for weddings. Additionally, the Ranch is an excellent choice for training, breakout sessions, and corporate retreats, as it offers the perfect atmosphere for team bonding.

Address: 3325 Circle S Lane, Lawrence, KS

12. Get Inspired at Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics


Looking for the best things to do in Lawrence, KS? Look no further than the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics, located on Petefish Drive at the University of Kansas campus. Founded by Bob Dole, a former U.S. Senator from Kansas and the 1996 Republican presidential candidate, this political institution is a must-visit. Opened in 2003, the institute spans an impressive 28,000 square feet and houses Dole’s papers. 

While it serves as a repository for Dole’s materials, its non-partisan nature makes it a significant venue for political events. Over the years, the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics has hosted esteemed speakers such as Bill Clinton, Bob Woodward, Tom Brokaw, and Bob Dole himself, along with his wife, Elizabeth Dole. The institute offers various programs and tours, allowing visitors to delve into the world of politics. Additionally, the facility is available for rent, providing a unique and prestigious setting for special occasions.

Address: 2350 Petefish Drive, Lawrence, Kansas

13. DeBruce Center 


The DeBruce Center is a distinctive establishment that provides an opportunity for basketball enthusiasts of all ages to come together and delve into the fascinating history of the sport, which holds a special place in KU’s heart. One of the free attractions in Lawrence, KS, visitors can explore exhibits at the DeBruce Center, including the Booth Family Hall of Athletics. Throughout the year, the public has access to the Original Rules of “Basket Ball” and other captivating basketball displays.

Address: 1647 Naismith Drive, Lawrence, KS 66045

14. Learn History at Watkins Museum of History


Consider adding the Watkins Museum of History to your checklist of the best things to do in Lawrence KS. Dating back to 1933, this museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history of Douglas County. Operated by the Douglas County Historical Society since 1975, the museum is housed in the historic 1888 Watkins Land Mortgage and National Bank Building. 

Here, you can explore both permanent and temporary exhibits that provide insights into Douglas County’s role in significant events such as the civil rights movement, the Civil War, and the Vietnam War. Some of the temporary exhibits currently on display include “Watkins: The Couple, the Building, the Legacy,” “More than a Game: Basketball and Community Spirit,” and “The Early Settlement of Douglas County.” Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this museum, which is undoubtedly one of the top attractions in Lawrence, Kansas.

Address: 1047 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, Kansas

15. Ruff House Art


One of the best things to do in Lawrence KS is to visit Ruff House Art. This stationery boutique is renowned for its selection of stationery and personalized cards, making it an ideal destination for gift seekers. Ruff House Art is a trendy letterpress shop that has been offering journals, planners, notebooks, personalized greeting cards, miniature gift cards, and gift wraps for over nine years. 

Whether you need wholesale items for birthdays, weddings, or parties, this shop has got you covered. You’ll be delighted by the hand-crafted stationery and the ability to customize cards, which are not only practical but also adorable. For an extra touch of elegance to elevate your special occasions, Ruff House Art is the perfect gift shop to explore.

Address: 729 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044

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16. Enjoy Live Performances at Lied Center of Kansas


The Lied Center of Kansas, situated on the University of Kansas campus, is a renowned performing arts center that first opened its doors in 1993. This exceptional venue was constructed through the collaborative efforts of the Lawrence community and the Lied Foundation. It is named in honor of Ernst M. and Ida K. Lied, parents of Ernst F. Lied, who were esteemed alumni of the University of Kansas. The center encompasses two distinct performance spaces: the main auditorium, which can accommodate up to 2,000 attendees, and the Pavilion, a more intimate setting that can seat nearly 200 individuals. 

Additionally, the center offers a variety of educational outreach programs, such as study guides, school initiatives, and the provision of “School Ambassadors” who furnish information to local schools. For those seeking a romantic date idea in Lawrence, the Lied Center of Kansas provides a captivating experience where you can enjoy splendid performances together.

Address: 1600 Stewart Drive, Lawrence, Kansas

17. Quantrill’s Raid of Lawrence

Discover the best things to do in Lawrence KS by immersing yourself in the historical significance of Quantrill’s Raid. This pivotal event in the American Civil War has inspired songs, movies, and TV series, vividly portraying the harrowing aftermath of the Lawrence massacre. 

Embark on a self-guided tour of historically significant sites, offering a distinctive experience and deepening your understanding of Lawrence’s rich history. Join the ranks of countless individuals from around the globe who have delved into these sites, exploring their unique stories and gaining valuable insights into Lawrence’s past.

Address: Miller Farm to Oak Hill Cemetery

18. Meet Nature at Prairie Park Nature Center


Located on Harper Street, on the eastern side of Lawrence, the Prairie Park Nature Center stands as one of the city’s premier attractions. Established in 1999, this expansive nature center spans 100 acres and encompasses diverse habitats, including wetlands, woodlands, and prairies. Within the center lies Mary’s Lake, a five-acre lake renowned as a prime fishing destination. 

The lake is regularly stocked by the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks, offering a variety of fish species throughout the spring and summer seasons. For enthusiasts of birdwatching and nature in general, there are scenic walking trails to explore. Within this natural haven, visitors can still encounter a range of wildlife, including birds of prey, deer, bobcats, and beavers, creating a captivating experience for all.

Address’ 2730 Harper Street, Lawrence, Kansas.

19. Baker Wetlands Discovery Center


One of the best things to do in Lawrence KS is to visit the Baker Wetlands, located on the south side of the city. Covering 927 acres, this nature area offers a variety of activities. With over 10 miles of scenic trails and a beautiful boardwalk, visitors can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the wetlands. Adding to the appeal, the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center, which opened in 2015, is an impressive 11,000 sq ft building. 

Inside, you’ll find a spacious display area, a research lab, a classroom space, and more. Originally, the Baker Wetlands were utilized as farming sites for the students of Haskell Institute, now known as Haskell Indian Nations University. However, over time, much of the land came under the ownership of Baker University, leading to a gradual reduction in its previous agricultural use.

Address: 1365 N 1250 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66046

20. Washington Creek Lavender 


One of the best things to do in Lawrence KS is to visit the Washington Creek Lavender, located just outside the city. This picturesque spot resembles a little piece of Provence, with its undulating purple hill adorned with over 6000 fragrant lavender plants of different varieties. Owned, operated, and managed by Kathy and Jack Wilson, Washington Creek Lavender is an exceptional lavender farm. All the lavender grown here is organic and meticulously cared for without the use of chemicals. 

This hands-on approach ensures the production of high-quality plants that offer relaxation and healing properties. Registered as an official agri-tour site in Kansas, this farm welcomes visitors to explore its scenic beauty. Before the harvest season, take a leisurely stroll through the rows of fragrant lavender bushes, immersing yourself in the calming atmosphere. Additionally, you can visit the on-site store, where a variety of lavender-related products are available for purchase.

Address: 858 E 800 Rd., Lawrence, Kansas

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21. Sweat it out at Sports Pavilion Lawrence


One of the must-visit attractions in Lawrence, KS is the Sports Pavilion Lawrence, a public recreation center located at Rock Chalk Park in the northwest part of the city. This facility offers a wide range of features and amenities, making it a top destination for visitors. With 16 full-size volleyball courts, 8 full-size basketball courts, a 1/8 mile walking/running track, aerobic/fitness rooms, and gymnastics areas, there is plenty of space for various sports and activities.

In addition to these indoor facilities, the Sports Pavilion Lawrence also boasts 8 outdoor tennis courts, an indoor turf/soccer area, cardio/weight areas, meeting rooms, and over 5 miles of walking trails. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or simply looking for a place to stay active and have fun, this recreation center offers something for everyone. Make sure to include the Sports Pavilion Lawrence on your list of attractions to explore in Lawrence, Kansas.

Address: 100 Rock Chalk Ln, Lawrence, KS 66049

22. Get into the World of Athletics: Booth Family Hall of Athletics


The Booth Family Hall of Athletics, a museum dedicated to the Kansas University athletic programs, student-athletes, and coaches, opened its doors in January 2006. Situated near the Allen Fieldhouse, this 19,335 square foot facility underwent significant expansions in 2009. It remains open year-round, providing an opportunity for Jayhawk fans to delve into the rich history and traditions of Kansas Athletics. The hall was generously donated by the family of the late Gilbert and Betty Booth, lifelong Jayhawk supporters, and thus proudly carries their name.

Within the museum, the Story of Sport gallery showcases the history of Kansas Athletics dating back to 1879. It features exhibits such as a case dedicated to the legendary Wilt Chamberlain and two cases celebrating Olympians. The Game and Gear gallery focuses on the current 18 KU athletic teams, while the KANSAS Experience Wall gallery immerses visitors in the crimson and blue spirit of the university, highlighting traditions such as the marching band and cheerleading.

Address: 1651 Naismith Dr, Lawrence, Kansas

23. Watkins Community Museum of History


One of the best things to do in Lawrence KS is to visit the Watkins Community Museum of History located in downtown Lawrence. As one of the top attractions in Lawrence, Kansas, this museum, created by the Douglas County Historical Society, offers a fascinating exploration of local history and provides insightful context through its exhibits. 

Among the most captivating displays are those dedicated to two former Lawrence residents: Dr. John Naismith and Langston Hughes. Housed in the historic building of Land Mortgage Company & Watkins National Bank, which dates back to the years 1885 to 1888, the museum itself is a sight to behold. Commissioned by Jabez Bunting (J.B.) Watkins, a prominent Lawrence financier, the building adds to the museum’s allure and serves as a venue for lectures and various special events.

Address: 1047 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044

24. See Amazing Arts at Spencer Museum of Art


One of the must-visit attractions in Lawrence, KS is the Spencer Museum of Art, which was established in 1928. It was founded with a generous donation of 7,500 art objects from Sallie Casey Thayer, a prominent art collector from Kansas City, who wished to promote the study and appreciation of fine arts at the University of Kansas. The museum’s collection is incredibly diverse, encompassing a wide range of art forms such as glass, prints, drawings, paintings, rugs, textiles, sculpture, metalwork, ceramics, and many other exquisite pieces. 

Over the years, the collection has expanded, prompting the museum to relocate to its current larger location in 1978, an impressive neo-classical building constructed with Indiana limestone. Notably, the museum has experienced recent enhancements, including the transfer of 9,500 ethnographic objects in 2007. Visitors can engage in educational and informative events organized by the museum, including lectures, film screenings, and gallery talks, providing enriching experiences for art enthusiasts and learners alike.

Address: 1301 Mississippi Street, Lawrence, Kansas

25. Wakarusa River Valley Heritage Museum


One of the best things to do in Lawrence KS is to visit the Wakarusa River Valley Heritage Museum. This significant attraction provides insights into the history of Clinton Lake’s formation and its impact on the local community. When the U.S. Corps of Engineers planned to dam the Wakarusa River and create Clinton Lake, long-time residents who had cultivated the land for generations faced displacement. 

To preserve the historic old houses slated for demolition, these residents formed the Clinton Lake Landowners Association, which ultimately led to the establishment of the museum. Adding a visit to this museum to your bucket list of things to do in Lawrence KS will enrich your experience and provide a valuable opportunity to delve into the city’s history.

Address: County Road 6, Lawrence, Kansas

26. Eat Breakfast at The Roost


On Massachusetts Street, you’ll find the Roost restaurant, a spacious and authentic eatery that offers coffee, breakfast, lunch, and pastries. The bar at the Roost is particularly well-known, partly due to their creative Bloody Marys and distinctive coffee beverages. At the Roost, you can expect food that embodies simplicity at its finest. 

They offer a variety of dishes featuring abundant eggs, sandwiches, soup, salads, and the irresistible mac and cheese. Each dish is meticulously prepared using fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. Additionally, their bakery produces exceptional cookies, pies, cakes, and brownies, making it a compelling reason to visit this extraordinary establishment and indulge in a satisfying culinary experience.

Address: No. 920 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, Kansas

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best things to do in Lawrence KS?

Lawrence offers a wide range of exciting activities. Some of the best things to do include exploring art galleries, visiting museums like the Spencer Museum of Art and Natural History Museum, enjoying live music at venues and festivals, sampling local beers at craft breweries, indulging in artisanal coffee at cozy coffee shops, savoring locally produced wine at wineries, and exploring the city’s lush green parks like Clinton State Park and Prairie Park Nature Center.

Is Lawrence KS known for its music scene?

Absolutely! Lawrence has a thriving music scene that attracts both local and national talents. The city hosts the renowned Wakarusa Music Camping Festival, and there are numerous live music venues where you can enjoy a variety of genres. Whether you’re a fan of rock, jazz, folk, or any other genre, Lawrence has something to offer music lovers of all tastes.

Are there outdoor activities in Lawrence KS?

Definitely! Lawrence boasts several outdoor spaces where you can engage in various activities. Clinton State Park and Prairie Park Nature Center are just a couple of examples of lush green community parks where you can enjoy hiking, biking, picnicking, and wildlife watching. With over 50 public parks in the city, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore and have fun.

Are there any notable museums in Lawrence KS?

Lawrence is home to several notable museums that offer a glimpse into art, history, and culture. The Spencer Museum of Art showcases a diverse collection of artworks from different periods and cultures. The Natural History Museum of the University of Kansas exhibits fascinating artifacts and provides insights into the natural world. Additionally, the Dole Institute focuses on public service and honors the legacy of Senator Bob Dole.

What can I expect from the nightlife in Lawrence KS?

Lawrence’s downtown area comes alive at night with a vibrant nightlife scene. You’ll find unique bars offering a wide selection of drinks and cocktails, as well as lively nightclubs where you can dance the night away. Whether you’re looking for a casual evening with friends or a thrilling night out, Lawrence has options to suit different tastes and preferences.

How can I make the most of my visit to Lawrence KS?

To make the most of your visit to Lawrence, we recommend checking out our curated list of the best things to do. It covers a wide range of activities, ensuring you experience the highlights of the city. From exploring the art scene and enjoying local flavors to immersing yourself in live music and taking in the beauty of the outdoors, our recommendations will help you create unforgettable memories in Lawrence.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Lawrence KS, this vibrant city has something for everyone. From its thriving art scene and delicious culinary offerings to its rich history and stunning outdoor spaces, Lawrence is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a music lover, an outdoor adventurer, or simply someone seeking a good time, Lawrence will exceed your expectations. 

So grab a craft beer, sip on a cup of artisanal coffee, and immerse yourself in the local culture. Follow our curated list of recommendations, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the best that Lawrence has to offer.

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