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What started as a small travel blog has developed into an online encyclopedia dedicated to featuring high-quality travel guides about destinations all around the world, the best hotels, restaurants, luxury travel, and culture, among other topics. Much has changed since the publication’s inception in 2020. As an online travel encyclopedia, our primary goal is to inspire, encourage, and entertain visitors by linking them with the best  attractions from around the world while ensuring that every piece of information is accurate and factual. 

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Travelpediaonline was officially launched in 2020, and within  two years down the line, it had become the most loved travel platform, winning the Award for the Top 100 Travel Blogs for Excellence in Travel and Adventure Guide. Travelpediaonline has established itself as a revolutionary online encyclopedia that is already breaking new ground in providing the most current travel resources and guides. Bringing reliable information and best travel-related resources under one roof is our idea as we always wanted to help people make beautiful travel memories.

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