Meet The Team

This platform is managed by two creatives who aim to make travel and exploration both visuals and reality for you. We’re proud to be a team united by values including positivity, openness, and drives.

Our team delivers wonderful results with a can-do attitude backed up by several experience.

Adesola Oluwafemi (Founder & CEO)

With his background in travel and tourism, Adesola has found the perfect way to combine travel and innovation to inspire individuals to travel the world without fear but courage to go beyond limits.

He is driven by a passion for innovation. With a can-do-attitude and overall persistence, he takes a great pride in solution-orientated approach and strongly believes that anything can be learned and achieved. 

Adesola likes figuring out complex problems and doesn’t give up easily; finding the best solution possible for any given problem is what drives him.


Adesola is a big dreamer: he hopes to visit every city in every country of every continent. And he plans to put pen to paper and write a book about it.

Emmanuel Simeon (Developer)

Emmanuel found his passion for web programming and design through an apprenticeship as a web programmer. This allowed him the freedom to explore that space. It didn’t take him long to realize that was a medium where he could rally his talents by combining text and images to determine how websites should look and work. 

Emmanuel does all the development and tech work for the website. He fixes any errors you find and keeps it running.

He enjoys hiking and getting lost in nature. Emmanuel is also an avid poem scribbler, and he’s always on the lookout for a new adventure.


Emmanuel can sit focused for several hours, not moving his body. If you listen carefully enough you will hear his mind grind.

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