Top 20 Ultimate Solo Travel Destinations for Introverts

If you are looking for solo travel destinations for introverts, embarking on a journey alone can provide a life-changing and fulfilling experience. It provides an opportunity to recharge, reflect, and explore new places without the distractions and obligations of traveling with others. Although any destination can be enjoyed solo, there are specific places that are particularly suited for introverted travelers. 

It is important to note that being an introvert does not necessarily mean being shy. While some introverts may be shy, most often, it simply means that they enjoy their own company and prefer spending time alone to relax and recharge. How can you align your introverted mindset with something as overwhelming and chaotic as travel? While introverts may approach travel differently than their extroverted counterparts, they often relish the opportunity to explore the world and derive even greater enjoyment from their travel experiences. 

One-on-one conversations and personal reflection time are crucial for introverts, who seek to truly disconnect from the world while traveling. They are known to plan their trips based on their energy levels, preferring serene natural surroundings and not minding a little downtime in their itineraries. For introverts seeking solo travel destinations, it’s important to find places that align with their preferences. That’s why we have compiled a comprehensive list of the very best travel destinations worldwide that cater to introverted travelers. 

While introverts love to explore the world, they tend to avoid overcrowded tourist hotspots, and instead seek breathtaking scenery, intimate conversations, and ample time for reflection. Introverted travelers prioritize solitary experiences over participating in energetic activities. Therefore, our selected destinations are chosen to promote solitude, enabling travelers to immerse themselves in their own thoughts, even in the presence of others.

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Here are some of the top solo travel destinations for introverts:

1. Siskiyou in Northern California


For introverted travelers seeking solo travel destinations, Siskiyou in the northernmost region of California is an ideal location to spend time alone amidst nature. With its 50 rivers, 270 lakes, lava caves, waterfalls, and Mt. Shasta, Siskiyou offers abundant opportunities to explore the outdoors. 

Mt. Shasta is regarded as a “spiritual vortex,” known to align spiritual properties and create balance and harmony in the body. If you prefer a quiet, intimate group setting, you can participate in a guided meditation tour. Compared to nearby Lake Tahoe or Yosemite, Siskiyou is a serene and tranquil location, making it a perfect spot for introverted travelers seeking solitude.

2. Ljubljana, Slovenia


If you’re looking for solo travel destinations for introverts, Ljubljana is a great choice. As one of Europe’s smaller capitals, it’s easily walkable and offers a likable, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere. This makes it perfect for introverted travelers who prefer quieter surroundings. Ljubljana also offers a unique blend of Slavic and Mediterranean culture, which extends to the rest of the country as well. 

Outside of the larger towns, Slovenia is dominated by mountains and national parks, making it a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts. You can easily access other beautiful destinations like Lake Bled, the labyrinthine Novo Mesto, and the colorful Piran via public transport. With weeks worth of camping and hiking opportunities in the mountains and even a sliver of Adriatic coastline to enjoy, Slovenia is a must-visit destination for introverted solo travelers.

3. Treehouse Resorts


For introverts seeking solo travel destinations, an excellent option that’s gaining popularity is tree houses offered by many resorts and hotels. There’s nothing quite like the experience of finding peace and tranquility up in the trees, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you’re looking for a great location, consider checking out the tree houses at Primland, a resort located in Meadows of Dan, Virginia. 

These cabins are situated on the edge of the mountains and away from the main lodge, providing an ideal environment for introverts. Built around the sturdy branches of the trees, each cabin offers breathtaking views of nature from its private deck, and stargazing opportunities are truly spectacular.

4. Denver, US


Looking for solo travel destinations for introverts? Look no further than Denver, which was recently named the best US city for introverts in a study. With loads of great museums, coffee shops, parks, and bookstores, Denver has plenty to offer for those who enjoy their own company. Additionally, it’s relatively walkable by US standards, has fantastic food and arts scenes, and is easy to get out of the city and into the countryside. 

The Rocky Mountains are within easy reach, even for a couple of hours of alone time, and hiking trails around Red Rocks or the Flatirons on the southwestern edge of Boulder are perfect for even less experienced walkers. If you’re looking for a smaller town with a European feel and a young population, check out Boulder, Denver’s neighbor and a small, progressive college town.

5. Myanmar


If you’re an introvert looking for solo travel destinations in Southeast Asia, Myanmar may be the perfect fit for you. Unlike bustling cities like Bangkok, Myanmar receives fewer visitors, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a quieter atmosphere.

The friendly locals also make it easy to experience the culture without having to step too far out of your comfort zone. While English isn’t widely spoken, people are generally very helpful, and a smile and a few gestures can go a long way. Myanmar is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture that is always at the forefront, and it’s easy to immerse yourself in it without much effort.

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6. Switzerland


If you’re an introvert seeking solo travel destinations, Switzerland might be a perfect fit for you. The Swiss are generally perceived as introverts by nature, living their lives calmly in clean and orderly cities amidst fresh, invigorating mountain air. While not a common travel destination, Switzerland offers an ideal mix of urban life and breathtaking scenery, making it an attractive option.

Cities like Zürich, Geneva, and Bern offer a blend of contemporary flair, top-notch museums, delectable cuisine, cozy cafes, and serene parks. On the other hand, venturing into the mountains unveils unspoiled natural beauty and some of Europe’s most stunning vistas. Switzerland’s linguistic diversity and cultural mélange offer a genuinely European experience, ticking all the boxes for an ideal solo travel destination for introverts.

7. Tulum, Mexico


If you’re an introvert looking for solo travel destinations, Tulum, Mexico is an ideal spot for solitude, boasting breathtaking beauty, rich history, and natural elegance. The ancient Mayan ruins, white sand beaches with crystal clear water, and enchanting swimming holes, known as cenotes, are perfect for swimming with fish and other wildlife.

While the bigger resort cities of Mexico such as Cancun and Cabo San Lucas are known for their parties and crowds, Tulum’s atmosphere encourages peaceful relaxation and proximity to nature, making it one of the best solo travel destinations for introverts.

8. Iceland


If you’re an introvert looking for solo travel destinations, Iceland is one of the best places to consider. With its low crime rate and a plethora of amazing activities, Iceland has been a top choice for solo travelers for years. As an introvert, you’ll find that you’ll never get bored in Iceland, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities. From glacier hiking to exploring the capital city of Reykjavik, swimming in thermal pools, or even exploring an active volcano, there’s something for everyone.

To make the most of your solo travel experience, consider booking a solo tour, which offer a variety of tours, including opportunities to see the northern lights (Aurora Borealis), explore Iceland’s cities, or even embark on a Game of Thrones adventure with a knowledgeable guide. If you want to save money and avoid heavy crowds, consider traveling to Iceland outside of the peak months of June through August. There’s still plenty to see and do in the spring, fall, and winter months. 

For instance, from mid-March to mid-May, you can get a spectacular view of the northern lights. And if you visit in September, you can participate in annual sheepherding and horse-herding rituals, which take place in the Icelandic backcountry. Just be aware that winter days can have as few as four hours of sunlight and the weather can be cold.

9. Hundred Mile Wilderness, Maine


For those seeking solo travel destinations for introverts, the wildest and most remote section of the Appalachian Trail in Maine is highly recommended. You don’t need to hike the entire length to revel in the solitude and breathtaking views.

Instead, consider visiting Medawisla, the Appalachian Mountain Club’s newest wilderness lodge, which offers a range of activities such as hiking, paddling, fly fishing, canoe camping, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. With options to stay in a private cabin or bunkhouse, this is an ideal spot for introverted travelers seeking a peaceful getaway.

10. Kazakhstan


Central Asia, specifically Kazakhstan, offers ideal solo travel destinations for introverts seeking solitude and tranquility. The vast and awe-inspiring landscape makes it effortless to escape reality without venturing into any dangerous or alarming situation. This region boasts easily accessible hiking trails that are frequented by other hikers, allowing for a sense of security while still providing ample seclusion. 

The mountains are conveniently reachable by public transportation, yet remote enough to offer complete privacy and an opportunity to immerse oneself in nature. Additionally, there is limited cell phone coverage, allowing for a true disconnection and an opportunity to recharge.

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11. Kyoto, Japan


Kyoto, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and deep-rooted traditions, is a perfect addition to the list of solo travel destinations for introverts. This city is best savored slowly, and its tranquil temples, calm gardens, and charming alleys offer a serene atmosphere for those seeking solitude. Kyoto’s polite and sophisticated culture is renowned, and the city’s numerous temples, gardens, and tea houses provide ample opportunities for introverted travelers to find moments of peace and quiet.

12. Sedona, Arizona, USA


For introverted travelers seeking solo travel destinations, Sedona in Arizona’s Red Rock Country is a perfect choice. This desert town is renowned for its picturesque landscape, hiking routes, and spiritual atmosphere, making it a well-liked spot for wellness retreats, yoga workshops, and other meditative experiences. Furthermore, Sedona provides an excellent opportunity for introverts to get back in touch with nature and discover a peaceful moment alone.

13. Bergen, Norway


If you’re an introverted traveler seeking a solo travel destination, consider visiting Bergen, a beautiful town situated on Norway’s west coast. This picturesque place is surrounded by mountains and fjords, and it’s a peaceful city with a lively arts scene, quaint alleys, and brightly colored houses. Bergen is also a pedestrian-friendly town, and its numerous museums, art galleries, and cozy cafes provide ample opportunities for introverts to relax and rejuvenate.

14. Banff National Park, Canada


For introverted travelers in search of a solo travel destination, Banff National Park located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies is a must-visit. This awe-inspiring natural wonder is an excellent choice for those who enjoy hiking, observing wildlife, and participating in outdoor activities. With its unspoiled lakes, snow-capped peaks, and serene forests, the park offers an abundance of chances for self-reflection and deep thought.

15. Santorini, Greece


For introverted travelers seeking solo travel destinations, Santorini is an ideal choice. This small island situated in the Aegean Sea is renowned for its breathtaking sunsets, turquoise waters, and white-washed buildings. It’s a tranquil and romantic spot, perfect for those who wish to avoid the crowds and relish some alone time. Santorini’s quaint villages, narrow alleys, and secluded corners offer numerous chances for solitude and reflection.

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16. Ubud, Bali


For those seeking solo travel destinations for introverts, Ubud is an ideal town situated in the lush jungle of Bali. Renowned for its yoga retreats, artistic atmosphere, and holistic healing centers, this location is perfect for travelers looking to disconnect from the world and focus on their wellbeing. With serene rice fields, peaceful cafes, and tranquil temples, Ubud offers abundant opportunities for reflection and relaxation.

17. Tasmania, Australia


For introverted travelers seeking solo travel destinations, Tasmania is an excellent choice. This island state off the coast of Australia is renowned for its unspoiled beaches, rugged wilderness, and diverse wildlife. It’s an ideal destination for those wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse themselves in nature. With a multitude of hiking trails, wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks, Tasmania offers abundant opportunities for solitude.

18. Spain


When it comes to solo travel destinations for introverts, Spain is a perfect choice as it offers a wide range of activities to suit everyone’s interests. From art museums, stunning beaches, delicious food, and an exciting nightlife scene, Spain has it all. For those looking to explore the quieter side of Spain, Barcelona is an excellent starting point. 

Wander around Parc Güell, which is not only a public park but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring modern architecture, sculptures, and mosaics designed by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. While there, make sure to visit La Sagrada Família, another Gaudí masterpiece that has been under construction for almost 140 years. Thereafter, top off your visit with a trip to the Picasso Museum to immerse yourself in the world of art.

19. Denmark


If you are an introvert looking for solo travel destinations, Denmark is an excellent choice. Copenhagen is a city that’s easy to navigate, and Nyhavn is a must-visit spot with its iconic wooden ships and colorful townhouses along the canal. For a relaxing experience, stroll through the flower gardens and bubble fountains in Tivoli Gardens, which is not only an amusement park but also an attraction for nature lovers. 

Shakespeare lovers will appreciate the UNESCO World Heritage site Kronborg Castle, which inspired Elsinore Castle in Hamlet. Don’t forget to take the train to Hillerød, where you can explore Frederiksborg Castle and the Danish Museum of National History.

20. Uruguay


For introverted travelers seeking solo travel destinations, Uruguay is an ideal South American country to unwind and recharge. Punta del Este, known for its stunning beaches like Playa Mansa and Playa Brava, has much to offer, but those looking for a more tranquil experience can explore secluded beaches in Jose Ignacio and Rocha. Montevideo boasts numerous beaches too, and if you want a blend of sunbathing and cultural experiences, the capital also provides historical landmarks, museums, and traditional Candombe music and dance performances.

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Coping Strategies for Introverts Travellers


As an introverted traveler, it can be challenging to balance the desire for adventure with the need for solitude and reflection. However, with some planning and the right mindset, it’s possible to make the most of your travels while still honoring your introverted nature. Here are six coping strategies for introverted travelers that can help you feel more comfortable and at ease while on the road:

1. Allow Quiet Time In Your Schedule

One of the most important things you can do as an introverted traveler is to build in plenty of quiet time into your itinerary. This could mean taking a day off from sightseeing to relax in your hotel room or finding a quiet park or café where you can read, journal or meditate. Be sure to give yourself enough time to recharge, so you can fully enjoy the rest of your trip.

2. Plan Ahead For Group Activities

While introverts may prefer solo activities, group activities can also be fun and rewarding. To make the most of these experiences, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and research the group activities that you’re interested in. This way, you can mentally prepare and set expectations for what you’ll be doing and who you’ll be with, which can help alleviate anxiety and discomfort.

3. Go Solo

One of the biggest benefits of solo travel is that you get to do what you want when you want. For introverted travelers, this means you can spend as much time as you need in quiet spaces or exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations without worrying about anyone else’s schedule or preferences. It’s a chance to be mindful and focus entirely on yourself, which can be incredibly liberating.

4. Pick Destinations With A Sense Of Calm

Some destinations are naturally more conducive to introverted travel than others. When planning your trip, consider destinations that offer a sense of calm and tranquility, such as small towns, mountain retreats or serene beaches. These types of places are perfect for introverted travelers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy some peace and quiet.

5. Spend More To Have A Private Experience

While it may be tempting to save money by staying in a hostel or shared accommodation, introverted travelers may find it more beneficial to spend more money on a private room or apartment. This way, you’ll have your own space to retreat to when you need it, and you won’t have to worry about sharing your space with strangers.

6. Give Yourself Permission To Avoid Fellow Travelers

It’s important to give yourself permission to avoid fellow travelers if you need to. While it’s always nice to make new friends on the road, introverted travelers may find it overwhelming to be constantly surrounded by people. If you need a break from the crowds, it’s okay to take a day off or to seek out quieter destinations where you can be alone with your thoughts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of solo travel for introverts?

Solo travel allows introverts to recharge, reflect and explore new places without the distractions and obligations of traveling with others. It also offers a chance to practice self-care and self-discovery, and to challenge oneself by stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

How do I stay safe when traveling solo as an introvert?

It’s important to take precautions to ensure your safety when traveling solo, such as researching your destination beforehand, staying in well-lit and secure accommodations, and being aware of your surroundings. It’s also a good idea to have a plan in place for emergencies and to let someone know your itinerary.

Are these destinations only for introverts, or can extroverts enjoy them too?

These destinations can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their personality type. However, introverts may find these places particularly suited to their needs for solitude and reflection.

Can introverted solo travelers still make friends and socialize on these trips?

Yes, introverted travelers can still make connections with others while traveling solo. It’s up to the individual to decide how much social interaction they want and to seek out opportunities for socializing that are comfortable for them, such as joining a tour or attending a local event.

What are some tips for introverted solo travelers to make the most of their trip?

Some tips for introverted solo travelers include planning downtime to recharge, bringing a book or journal for reflection, seeking out quiet spaces for solitude, and taking the time to fully immerse oneself in the local culture and surroundings. It’s also important to remember that it’s okay to say no to social invitations if you don’t feel like it’s right.

What are good places for an introvert to travel alone?

There are many great places for introverts to travel alone, as it largely depends on personal interests and preferences. However, all of the destinations suggested in this blog post are all good places for an introvert to travel alone that are all particularly appealing.

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Final Thoughts

Solo travel destinations for introverts provide the perfect opportunity for introverted travelers to recharge, reflect and explore the world on their own terms. While being introverted may mean preferring your own company, it doesn’t have to hold you back from experiencing the joys of travel. 

With our comprehensive list of destinations that cater specifically to introverted travelers, you can immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery, intimate conversations, and ample time for reflection. Whether you’re seeking to escape the crowds or simply seeking solitude, our recommended destinations offer the perfect opportunity to do so. So go ahead and book that trip to one of our solo travel destinations for introverts and discover the world in your own unique way!

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