San Cipriano Travel Adventure: A Paradise Within Your Reach

San Cipriano travel adventure – San Cipriano is an Afro-Colombian village that has a population of about 450 people sitting deep within a lush greenery tropical forest reserve. This natural reserve has one of the worlds clearest and purest crystalline rivers according to the United Nation.

In this guide, we’ll explore San Cipriano travel adventure, what to do, and some few things to see. We’ll also cover how to get there, including few words on staying safe.

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A journey that you’ll never forget. A beautiful jungle with an especially fun attraction.
They say sometimes the way is much more important than the place you go and when it comes to San Cipriano travel adventure, it’s only about the way.
Nothing else!

Why San Cipriano?

San Cipriano natural reserve is located in a subtropical jungle zone in the Colombian Pacific region in Valle del Cauca, Cali. Before you get to San Cipriano, you must first get to Cali which is approximately a 2 hours journey. It has an average temperature of 23°C and it is always advisable you make adequate preparation and pack really well for this adventure.

This enchanting natural reserve houses a picturesque small town in the Colombian Pacific packed with so many leisure activities. You’ll also get to enjoy the spectacular cuisine of this wonderful region, there you’ll find cocades, arrechon (original aphrodisiac drink from the pacific), and the best fish dishes in the country which makes it on prime example of Colombia’s astonishing beauty.

San Cipriano travel adventure boasts cascading waterfalls in a tropical rainforest, making it an ideal place for various activities such as snorkeling, swimming, cliff jumping, tubing, nature walks, and some other wonderful trails.

…a unique experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Your San Cipriano travel adventure starts when you take the ‘’Brujita’’ (a motorbike-propelled vehicle placed on train tracks) through the tropical rainforest with deep vegetation on one side and river on the other, while you cross bridges and pass-through tunnel to unveil the natural wonder that you will see upon arriving to this paradise.

San Cipriano is renowned for its unique transportation system, part of which will make your time here one of the best experiences of your life.

The most amazing part about San Cipriano travel adventure isn’t really about the sparkling rivers and its enchanting waterfalls packed with lot of activities but the means of transportation here which itself is an adventure.

Travel adventure here in this region offers pleasure and relief for the body, mind, and soul as you’ll get to experience peace in great abundance. Only the hum of the rainforest and the rushing flow of the river is what you’ll hear as your local guide takes you to explore the hidden lagoons and waterfalls.

Be Taken By The Witches Towards Paradise On Earth: San Cipriano Travel Adventure

Sounds surprising?



San Cipriano travel adventure is an off the beaten track full of natural wonders (Flora and Fauna is characterized by its wide diversity) which makes it a distinctive destination that is truly worthy of exploration. It is also a natural tropical forest where the air is humid and hot.
The only problem here in San Cipriano is that there are no roads but there is a railroad track which passes right to the edge of the town.

In San Cipriano, you’ll get to see and witness a very unique form of transportation known as ‘’Brujitas’’ (meaning little witches) which you haven’t seen anywhere else in the world. They are called by that name because the motorbike-propelled vehicle resembles witches riding broomsticks.

Interesting, right?

You’ll have to travel on ‘’the witches’’ for you to get to the village. The witches are motorbike-propelled vehicle attached to the rail which carries tourists from Cordoba to San Cipriano, a tour through the greenery forest, humid jungle, and pristine clear rivers.

The river here provides a very uncommon entertainment called tubbing, this is sitting on a tube, swimming, and floating down the river while you stand the chance to see many colored stones present in this river.

So, the locals figured out how to jerry-rig motorcycles on this rail platforms which brought about Brujitas (little witch). A train line passes through the town but passenger trains no longer run, so in order to avoid being cut off from the outside world, the inhabitants here invented a system to ride old motorbikes which is usually attached to a wooden platform having benches on them, placed on the train tracks. 

Hop on a Brujita and cruise through the enchanting nature reserve. The ride absolutely offers a stunning scenery for you to behold. Another captivating part is when two ‘’little witch’’ meets traveling opposite directions, one of the drivers (mostly the one that has few passengers) has to pick up his contraption and move it away from the track for the other one to pass.

Fun time, isn’t it?

Once you reach San Cipriano, you can then experience jungle life at its best, go snorkeling and tubbing in the crystal-clear rivers, have and amazing relaxing swim under the waterfalls while you enjoy the breathtaking sceneries.

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San Cipriano Travel Adventure: 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit San Cipriano Or Even Visit Again

Going on a travel adventure to San Cipriano is to connect with oneself and nature, with the tranquility and landscapes that this place has, it will oxygenate the soul, making it a renewal for visitors here.


Here are the 5 reasons why you should consider visiting San Cipriano or even visit again if you’ve been here before:

1. San Cipriano is blessed with lot of natural species of fauna and flora which are endemic to the Colombia Pacific.

2. You’ll have the chance to swim in the enchanting crystal-clear waters and see fish of various types and colors in the water at the San Cipriano River.

3. You’ll get to wake up to the sound of the several animals that inhabits this place and at night you can even decide to take a guided walk through the reserve where you’ll see various nocturnal animals.

4. Before you can get to San Cipriano, you’ll have to take an unusual ride ‘’Brujitas’’ which is the means of transportation here. This consists of an adapted transport which on its own is mesmerizing and fun.

5. Embarking on San Cipriano travel adventure, you’ll be able to taste it rich gastronomy and learn more about various myths and legends of the community and many more. You’ll be thrilled to discover how magnificent the Colombian Pacific is.

What To Do In San Cipriano?

Now that you’ve known some of the things to expect from this astonishing nature reserve, let’s look at some of the things to do in San Cipriano for when you finally arrive in this paradise.


1. Hike To The Different Lagunas

On the right-hand side is where you’ll find the river where there are so many lagoons which you can take a stop and enjoy. Follow the road path of San Cipriano and you’ll be deeply immersed in the jungle. Los Sabalos, Charco Tortuga are nice place to enjoy some swimming also.

2. Visit Waterfalls

Most of the lagoons here are located on the right-hand side of the road when leaving San Cipriano, while the waterfalls can be found on the left-hand side. You can hike the trail called Refuglo del Amor where you’ll come across 3 different waterfalls, which are all of various heights. La Ventiadora is another waterfall in this region but you’ll need a guide to access these waterfalls.

3. Go River Tubing

You’ll find river tubing in San Cipriano to be cheap. One interesting thing about the natural reserve here is that it offers its visitors a chance to relax their body, mind, and soul. The crystal-clear water that run through the river allows you to gently cruise inflate an inflated tier inner-tube. Tourist and locals all gather here to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the river while having some fun time.

4. San Cipriano Village Tour

By connecting with the locals here, you can open up a world of possibilities of things to see and do while in San Cipriano which lies beneath the surface as the local village tours are not usually offered when you arrive. This village is very rich in culture and among some other things, you’ll find out this village is super secluded and there is so much potential for eco-tourism opportunities than you might have ever imagined.

Aside all of that, you’ll get to learn about some other secret places to visit, what locals eat, more about life in the villages, and other local delicacies to try out.

5. Buy Artisanries

When you get to off the beaten path location like San Cipriano, it is very important you get yourself some unique handicrafts. This is another great way for you to support local communities.

6. Colombian Food

It’s well known that Colombian food is varied and so many people consider the food from the coastal areas to be some of the best in the country. Be sure to taste these delicious delicacies as it is safe to say the prices are reasonable too most especially considering how remote the location is.

Some other Afro-Colombian dishes you can try out:

• Pargo Rojo

• Sanchoco de Pescado

• Cazuela Mariscos

• Sudado de Camaron

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The Best Attractions In San Cipriano

1. Playa Juan de Dios Buenaventura

2. Reserva Natural San Cipriano

3. Basilica Del Senor de los Milagros Buga

4. Pianguita Beach Buenaventura

5. Llanogrande Plaza Shopping Center Palmira

6. Zona de Camping Lago Calima berlin Calima

7. Catedral de Buenaventura

Best Time To Visit San Cipriano
san cipriano-things-to-do

The best time to go on San Cipriano travel adventure is December, January, and February for the weather. However, this is also going to be the peak period to go for many local tourists as these falls on holiday time.

If you plan to go to San Cipriano for travel adventure in June or July, expect heat mixed with rain. It would be wise for you to check the weather some days to your due time before you travel to this region.
Make sure you pack along with you clothes that are most suitable for hiking around the nature reserve including some comfortable waterproof shoes for hiking.

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San Cipriano Travel Adventure Tips

• We suggest you take along with you a travel journal or a notebook so as to jot down thought and memories from this adventure.

• Being able to speak some basic Spanish phrase will go a very long way as majority of the locals here in this region do not speak English.

• Carry a waterproof rain jacket with you to avoid getting soaked as it rains here more than most people expect.

• Signal is vey bad in this area so be sure to get a cellular data-plan to use as backup in low connectivity areas.

• Carry some organic insect repellent if you are planning to stay overnight.

Rediscover the world and experience an unforgettable adventure to these incredible destinations. There is always an adventure for you to embark anywhere you go in Colombia and San Cipriano is by far a must for every traveler seeking a travel adventure off the beaten path.

Would you like to explore more about San Cipriano travel adventure? What do you think about this wonderful destination? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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