Discovering The Best Restaurants in Athens Ohio with Google Star Ratings

Looking for the best restaurants in Athens Ohio? You have come to the right place! Athens, Ohio has been regarded as one of the top American cities with fine dining options for quite some time. It may be difficult to narrow down all of the fantastic possibilities to just a few that are actually worth your time and money. In case you haven’t already, you should add our list of the best restaurants in Athens Ohio to your “to eat” list.

All around Ohio, you may find excellent, unique dining options, each with its own menu and atmosphere. Located in southeastern Ohio, Athens is a lovely college community. It’s little, yet full of life and activity, with a booming arts scene and a wide variety of excellent restaurants. Athens has a large number of restaurants, from cozy cafes to elegant dining, that are guaranteed to please any palate. This guide will highlight the best restaurants in Athens, Ohio, and what makes them stand out.

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Here are the top best restaurants in Athens Ohio:

1. Gran Ranchero


We recommend eating here if you love Mexican food. Gran Ranchero’s wonderfully prepared chicken, salsa, chips, and Asado are outstanding. After a long day at the office, you may unwind with a delicious margarita, tequila, or beer. This restaurant is renowned for its accommodating, always-willing personnel and great customer service. According to the guests, the pricing at this restaurant is fair. Without hassle, you will enjoy the beautiful ambiance and décor. Customers have rated this restaurant 4.4 stars on Google.

Address: 979 E State St, Athens, OH 45701, United States

2. Devil’s Kettle Brewing


The top pubs and bars in Athens, Ohio, cannot be outlined without mentioning Devil’s kettle brewing. This is one of the best spots to have a refreshing drink. You may select between premium lager and draft beer. Choose between inside and outdoor seating. Many people have remarked on how inviting the place is. There are plenty excellent options available, including some excellent barrel-aged beers. There is a delightful terrace with dining options here and you won’t regret visiting this place. This facility has a Google rating of 4.5 stars from customers.

Address: 97 Columbus Rd, Athens, OH 45701, United States

3. Thai Paradise


It’s no exaggeration to say that Thai Paradise is among the best restaurants in Athens Ohio, that offers the best sea foods. The lobster tail, scallops, squid, mussels, and shrimp are just a few of the delicacies waiting to be devoured in this seafood paradise. China and Korea’s cuisines are a combination of a variety of various culinary traditions. Here, you may taste exquisite foods like pepper squid, Thai chicken, and wonton soup with your friends while having a good time. Thai Paradise offers a selection of delectable ice cream.

This restaurant offers premium wine and beer. Several guests appreciate the exceptional coffee, lemonade, and Thai tea offered at this restaurant. Their services are of the highest quality, and their dish costs are reasonable. At this restaurant, diners will enjoy the lovely ambiance and exquisite design. Thai Paradise ranked 4.9 stars based on Google reviews.

Address: 102 W Union St, Athens, OH 45701, United States

4. Star of India


This is one of the best restaurants in Athens Ohio that is very stunning inside and out. Star of India is a must-visit for any traveler to Athens, Ohio. This restaurant serves great Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Purchasing well cooked chicken tikka, paneer, and naan is a lovely idea. Invite your mates along to taste some great ice cream. Also, you may try some of their delicious wine.

There are comments about how incredible the tea here is. This establishment is renowned for its great customer service and its friendly staff members who are always ready to assist you. The costs are reasonable, according to the visitors. This establishment has an inviting atmosphere and an exquisite design. This restaurant received a 4.5 rating on Google from its guests.

Address: 128 W Union St, Athens, OH 45701, United States

5. Gigi’s Country Kitchen


In this magnificent restaurant with a beautiful atmosphere, you can order breaded steaks, stuffed potatoes, and perfectly grilled chicken breasts. You would enjoy this restaurant’s outstanding cookies, baked apples, and Belgian chocolate. According to the reports, the bartenders provide excellent wheat beer, root beer, and orange beer. Check out their iced green tea, bread drink, or great English coffee.

Visitors feel at ease and enjoy themselves at Gigi’s Country Kitchen due to the hospitable atmosphere. Numerous reviews remark on how polite the personnel are at this restaurant. This store is distinguished by its exceptional customer service. Here, pricing is seen to be fair. The tasty food served here will go nicely with the elegant atmosphere. Google gives this restaurant a rating of 4.7, so you may visit it for a good time.

Address: 105 N Plains Rd, The Plains, OH 45780, United States

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6. Cutler’s Restaurant


We recommend this place as one of the top restaurants in Athens Ohio. The locals and the tourists alike frequent Cutler’s Restaurant. It’s a fancy version of comfort food. This steakhouse’s cooks go above and beyond to prepare delicious fillet steaks, crab cakes, and pork chops for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here, you may have the greatest beignets, chocolate cakes, and biscuits ever made to order. Cutler’s is home to some of the best wine, beer, and martinis in the city, and it attracts a diverse crowd.

People tend to speak highly of coffee that tastes well. It’s the perfect place to organize a party for someone’s birthday, wedding, or anniversary. The kind service team is a perfect reflection of the place’s character and the wonderful service is widely acknowledged by patrons. From the guests’ point of view, the prices at this restaurant are quite high. Also, the inviting atmosphere and beautiful fireplace will quickly win you over.

Address: 331 Richland Ave, Athens, OH 45701, United States

7. Restaurant Salaam


The Mediterranean fare at Restaurant Salaam is among the best in the city. Options suitable for vegetarians and those avoiding gluten are among their specialties. Another family-run establishment, this one takes special pride in preparing colorful foreign dishes using local products. Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes are available. The hummus salad, lamb rack, and falafel wrap are just a few of their mouthwatering specialties. Throughout this satisfying adventure, you may also indulge in some tasty yogurt, tiramisu, or baklava.

Every customer’s demands will be met by the extensive wine list. The best mint tea, coffee, and iced tea can be found at Restaurant Salaam. Staff members are always incredibly sweet and welcoming to guests. Positive feedback often mentions the outstanding service they received. Eating here will not break the bank. Relax in the beautiful setting and sophisticated furnishings. This establishment is ranked 4.6 overall on Google.

Address: 21 W Washington St, Athens, OH 45701, United States

8. Casa Nueva


If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Athens Ohio that serves authentic Mexican meals, you’ve found the perfect one. The Mexican fare at Casa Nueva is top-notch in comparison to other options in Athens. Their quesadillas are delicious and worth a try. Salsas made with seasonal ingredients like blueberries and pumpkins are also available. You’ll definitely want to come back due to the delicious food, warm service, extensive drink menu, and exciting entertainment.

The International Dance Party is only one of many occasions where they play music from all around the world. Their margaritas and bloody marys are legendary. But, they do have a fantastic full bar and skilled bartenders. You can get just about anything custom-made these days.

Address: 6 W State St, Athens, OH 45701, United States

9. Tavolino


When it comes to Italian cuisine, this restaurant could be among the best. Pork, cheese ravioli, and mushroom soup are expertly made and served at Tavolino. Cannolis, cheesecakes, and chocolate cakes are some of the most highly praised offerings on the menu. The wine list here is quite good. Customers have praised the wait staff for the quality of their espresso.

After a hard day of work, guests can rest in the inviting setting of this restaurant. The warm and inviting vibe at this restaurant is largely due to the helpful and kind service team. Prices here are said to be average. The charming interior design may surprise you. Tavolino is a restaurant that requires reservations, so plan ahead. They also provide food for takeout.

Address: 9 N Shafer St, Athens, OH 45701, United States

10. Athens Uncorked


An excellent choice for a wine bar restaurant. They have a large selection of both domestic and international wines. It is very close to O’Betty’s Hot Dog Museum. Actually, you’ll get to indulge in some delicious salami, Italian bread, and cepelinai that have been made to perfection. This bar is well worth checking out for the white chocolate mousse, fruit, and apple pies. There’s something for everyone on the broad wine selection.

This eatery offers excellent ginger beer, bubble tea, and almond coffee as classics. As guests arrive, they are greeted with smiles and kindness by the helpful personnel. The operators of this restaurant place a premium on providing exceptional service. Do some serious eating and drinking at Athens Uncorked. You will really adore the luxurious setting and refined furnishings. The average review score for this place on google is 4.5.

Address: 14 Station St, Athens, OH 45701, United States

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11. Lui Lui Restaurant


In Athens, Ohio, this is without a doubt your best option for seafood. After a long day of exploring O’Betty’s Hot Dog Museum, reward yourself with a meal here. The restaurant’s menu has something for everyone. Several people compliment the teriyaki chicken, pizza, and carrot soup offered here. Customers at the Lui Lui Restaurant may indulge in some tasty cheesecakes. It’s cool to sample high-quality beer and wine.

This restaurant has earned a stellar reputation thanks to its attentive staff and convenient location. According to the reviews, the prices are fair. The modern décor and cozy atmosphere of this restaurant are sure to win you over. Lui Lui Restaurant received a 4.5 on Google.

Address: 8 Station St, Athens, OH 45701, United States

12. West End Cider House


This is one of the finest restaurants in Athens Ohio. At this place, you can get good craft beer, cider, or liqueur. The welcoming atmosphere at West End Cider House lets customers feel at ease and enjoy themselves wonderfully. This location’s excellence is a result of the effort and positivity of the helpful staff. This establishment’s success is significantly affected by its style in professional service. Costs are fairly inexpensive too. This restaurant has a Google rating of 4.7 stars.

Address: 8 Station St, Athens, OH 45701, United States

13. Dynasty Restaurant


Dynasty Restaurant is a high-end Chinese restaurant in Athens. The excellent typical American cuisine will appeal to all visitors. Eating well cooked chicken, prawns, and tofu is a fantastic idea. They also serve takeout. Customers’ feedback indicates that the servers provide decent Americano. This restaurant is highly recognized for its outstanding service and friendly, nice workers. Customers also like Dynasty Restaurant because of its reasonable prices. This location’s Google review score was 4.6.

Address: 498 Richland Ave, Athens, OH 45701, United States

14. Donkey Coffee


This is among the best restaurants in Athens Ohio, that serves delectable breakfasts. You may enjoy your lunch here while enjoying well-made biscuits and nicely cooked blueberry muffins. Donkey Coffee specializes in chai lattes, tea, and moccasins. Evenings are filled with live music performances by musicians.

Numerous people commented on how courteous and helpful the staff were. You may enjoy delicious meals at reasonable pricing here. Guests may relax in this area because of the appealing décor and pleasant atmosphere. Google users have given this location a 4.8 rating.

Address: 17 W Washington St, Athens, OH 45701, United States

15. Jackie O’s Public House


Delectable Berliners and mouthwatering cheesecakes are available at Jackie O’s Public House. Guests frequently praise the exquisite draft beer, bourbon, or craft beer at Jackie O’s Public House Restaurant. Because of the warm ambiance, customers feel pleased and relax themselves in the restaurant.

Numerous reviews state that the employees at this restaurant are courteous. The hip service is a terrific benefit of this place. In the opinion of the guests, the rates are reasonable. You will undoubtedly like the relaxing atmosphere here. This pizza parlor received 4.6 stars on Google.

Address: 22 W Union St, Athens, OH 45701, United States

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Final Thoughts

In terms of food, Athens, Ohio, is a hidden treasure that you just must visit. Its numerous eating options include a meal for every palate, whether you want a quick snack or a fancy evening out. By visiting some of best restaurants in Athens Ohio, you’ll uncover one-of-a-kind and amazing gastronomic delights that you won’t find anywhere else. So, take a buddy or loved one and to one of these restaurants in Athens Ohio, to sample some of the best meals.

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