Discovering The 25 Best Seafood Restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland

If you’re looking for the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland, then you’ve come to the right place! Many of us are foodies on the Travelpediaonline team, so naturally we’re always on the lookout for the trendiest places to dine whenever we explore new destinations. You’re in for a treat with favorites like Belly Busters, The Crab Bag, Hooked, and more.

Prepare yourself to savor the most delectable flavors that Ocean City, Maryland, has to offer. Ocean City, Maryland, a charming coastal town, ranks among the top spots on the East Coast for mouthwatering seafood. When you take that first bite of an oyster or a shrimp flake, you’ll comprehend why this town is beloved by everyone.

With endless sandy beaches and a vast ocean to explore, Ocean City is an ideal retreat for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you prefer sticking around or fully immersing yourself in the coastal town’s offerings, there’s an abundance of attractions and activities to enjoy, along with a variety of restaurants to dine at.

After basking in the sun and the town’s offerings, you’ll definitely want to grab a meal before heading home. Bring your family along to relish scrumptious Maryland crab dishes and an array of popular seafood choices listed on each restaurant’s menu. Savor classic treats like crab cake bites, shrimp, and salmon. Delight in the flavors and textures of diverse seafood such as cod, tuna, clams, and more.

Ocean City, Maryland, boasts numerous seafood restaurants. Opt for places that offer top-quality, locally caught fare prepared by chefs well-versed in seafood. Regardless of whether you’re a local or a visitor aiming to indulge in the freshest sea catches, you’ll be spoiled for choice with a lot of options available here.

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Here are the 25 best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland:

1. Belly Busters


If you’re in Ocean City, Maryland and you’re wondering what are the best seafood restaurants near me, or you’re looking for the perfect seafood restaurant in Ocean City that specializes in steamed crabs, look no further than Belly Busters. This exceptional seafood spot specializes in steamed crabs and offers a delightful menu featuring items like shrimp, fish tacos, crab cakes, and seafood salad. 

Experience the delight of their daily seafood special, crafted from fresh seafood, fish, and crab. If you’re a seafood lover seeking a unique culinary experience, Belly Busters is the ideal choice. Open on weekends in the spring and fall, and daily throughout the summer, this family-friendly restaurant is a must-visit. Don’t miss out on their incredible sub sandwiches or the opportunity to savor their freshly steamed crabs.

2. The Crab Bag


For the most authentic seafood experience in Ocean City, Maryland, look no further than The Crab Bag. Renowned as the best seafood restaurants in the area, this local favorite offers an array of delectable dishes featuring fresh Maryland blue crabs, clams, and oysters. Indulge in choices like the Eastern Shore seafood salad, seared ahi tuna plate, jumbo crab cake, or char-grilled oysters. 

For those seeking a creamier option, the cream of crab soup is a perfect choice. Among their offerings, the seafood platters stand out, accompanied by roasted potatoes and vegetables, making them highly sought-after. A visit to The Crab Bag promises a relaxed and delightful dining experience with friends. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor their offerings during the summer months, as The Crab Bag remains open daily. 

3. Bonfire Restaurant


For the ultimate seafood dining experience in Ocean City, Maryland, make your way to Bonfire Restaurant – one of the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland. Renowned for its exceptional seafood buffet, Bonfire Restaurant has proudly earned the title of the best seafood buffet for seven consecutive years. 

This enchanting establishment boasts exquisite features such as stained glass windows, captivating tropical aquariums, and a picturesque floral garden. Open exclusively on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 4:00 pm onwards, this restaurant is an absolute must-visit during your Ocean City getaway.

For those who arrive during the first hour, there’s an exclusive special pricing offer to enjoy. The buffet spread showcases an array of delectable options, including fresh salmon, crispy fried shrimp, flavorful seafood pasta, succulent Mahi Mahi, hearty clam chowder, delightful seafood salad, and perfectly fried clam strips, in addition to an assortment of other mouthwatering traditional dishes. 

4. Ropewalk Ocean City


Ranked among the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland, Ropewalk Ocean City presents an enticing dining experience enhanced by its splendid oceanfront outdoor seating. Revel in breathtaking sunsets with your loved ones beside a beachside fire pit while savoring delectable seafood delights. Ropewalk expertly prepares an array of dishes featuring Maryland blue crabs, clams, and oysters, crafting a symphony of flavors. 

Options abound, from Atlantic salmon and seafood cobb salad to crab cake sandwiches, Maine lobster steamers, and Bayou steam pots. Noteworthy among its features, Ropewalk offers an everyday, all-day happy hour, making it an ideal destination for a laid-back seafood feast with friends or family, often accompanied by live entertainment. When in Ocean City, a visit to Ropewalk Ocean City is an absolute must!

5. Hooked


For an elevated seafood dining experience, consider dining at Hooked. This waterfront restaurant offers an array of seafood dishes that showcase the freshness of both farm and ocean produce. Indulge in a diverse menu featuring delights like cioppino, shrimp and grits, fish tacos, and pan-roasted mussels. It’s the ideal setting for a memorable evening with your significant other.

At Hooked, your palate will be treated not only to exquisite seafood flavors but also to an extensive wine selection. Each day brings a unique culinary special to savor, and the establishment even hosts a daily happy hour from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. With outdoor seating available at an intimate bar, you can relish the sea breeze as you indulge in the culinary offerings of Hooked.

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6. Crab Alley Restaurant


For the ultimate crab feast and a taste of the freshest seafood, make your way to Crab Alley Restaurant – renowned as one of the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland. Situated in West Ocean City, this establishment welcomes guests throughout the day into the evening.

In addition to the restaurant itself, a seafood market is also on-site, allowing you to procure some locally caught fish to take home. Delight in a mouthwatering array of dishes, ranging from crab bruschetta and seared ahi to the comforting cream of crab soup, locally sourced fried oysters, flavorful crab cake sandwiches, and the indulgence of jumbo lump crabs.

Each dish is lovingly prepared in-house and boasts exceptional flavors. Whether you opt for indoor dining or the fresh air of their deck, the choice is yours. With its inviting ambiance, Crab Alley Restaurant is perfect for couples, groups of friends, and families alike.

7. BLU Crabhouse & Raw Bar


Operating from Wednesday through Saturday, BLU Crabhouse presents an excellent opportunity to indulge your seafood cravings with an array of delectable fish dishes. Whether you choose to dine al fresco on the sand, indoors, on the deck, or by the bar, you’re sure to relish the fresh air and inviting ambiance.

Among the standout offerings are stuffed shrimp, blue crab cakes, jumbo crab cocktails, poke tuna tacos, calamari, and snow crab legs. During the fall season, BLU Crabhouse hosts an enjoyable Crab Fest featuring a tempting assortment of crab dishes that you wouldn’t want to pass up.

With meal service available from 4:00 pm to 9:30 pm, you can plan your visit at your convenience. Conveniently located close to the Boardwalk, BLU Crabhouse offers the perfect setting for a delightful waterside dining experience.

8. Marina Deck Restaurant


Marina Deck Restaurant stands out as one of the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland, offering not only an ocean view but also a delightful experience for families. With a dedicated kid’s area featuring a playground, it ranks among the top kid-friendly establishments in the area.

While waiting for your meal, kids can have a blast. The culinary delights are equally impressive, from the delectable soft-shell crab platter to the savory stuffed shrimp. The menu extends to include an array of options, such as flounder, tuna steak, scallops, seafood alfredo, and lobster tail.

These delectable dishes unquestionably represent some of the finest seafood offerings in the state. Whether you’re seeking a family outing or a romantic date night, Marina Deck Restaurant is the ultimate destination. As you savor your meal, you can relish the sight of the sun setting over the ocean.

9. Fager’s Island Restaurant and Bar


Fager’s Island Restaurant and Bar unquestionably stands as one of the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland, offering a delectable seafood experience. Operating year-round, this establishment even hosts a special Oyster and Craft Beer event each fall. Boasting fine dining quality, it features an outdoor deck and bar where visitors can revel in live entertainment.

Whether you seek an elegant evening or a lively night out, Fager’s Island Restaurant is the ideal choice. Indulge in an array of seafood delights, from the catch of the day to indulgent jumbo Maryland crab cakes, succulent Maine lobster tail, and satisfying surf and turf dishes.

This award-winning venue promises a culinary adventure that will surely satisfy your seafood cravings. A unique aspect of Fager’s Island is its all-day and late-night availability, welcoming visitors from 11:00 am to 2:00 am. So, no matter the time, you can satiate your appetite for exceptional seafood at this remarkable restaurant.

10. On the Bay Seafood


Situated in Ocean City, Maryland, On the Bay Seafood emerges as a hub of delectable crab cuisine and holds its place as one of the best seafood restaurants in Maryland. Embraced by locals and tourists alike, this dining destination garners universal acclaim. Undoubtedly ranking among the top seafood restaurants in Ocean City MD, On the Bay Seafood captivates the taste buds of its patrons.

This family-friendly establishment offers an enticing array of dishes, including steamed spiced shrimp, succulent blue crab, expertly seasoned scallops, mouthwatering crab cakes, and flavorful crab soup, among other delights. The comprehensive menu ensures that every craving is met to perfection. 

As you savor your meal, you can relish the outdoor setting, bask in the refreshing ocean breeze, and indulge in an abundance of exceptional seafood. Operating from Thursday to Sunday, between 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm, most evenings from April through October, On the Bay Seafood stands as an inviting culinary haven for seafood lovers.

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11. Fish Tales Bar & Grill


Fish Tales Bar & Grill, established in 1983, has experienced remarkable growth over the years, yet remarkably, it has retained its delightful and relaxed ambiance. Unwind within their original dock bar, basking in nostalgia as you observe adept fish cutters meticulously preparing the day’s haul from the charter boats. 

A diverse array of appetizers, main courses, children’s meals, and intriguing daily specials await, ensuring a culinary selection that appeals to your preferences. Visit the bar area for an array of libations, ranging from chilled beverages to expertly crafted cocktails and freshly poured draft beer. 

The menu boasts signature drinks such as Orange Crushes, Mudslides, and Summer Sippers. If you relish vibrant gatherings, consider dropping in between 2 and 5 o’clock on weekdays to partake in their lively happy hour specials, encompassing both delectable cuisine and refreshing drinks.

12. Delmarva Boil Company


Selecting the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland for your beachside dining can pose a challenge. Opting to leave the beach early could spare you from enduring lengthy table queues, steep pricing, and lackluster food and drinks. To address your culinary concerns in an exceptional and distinct manner, consider the Delmarva Boil Company

They offer a distinctive solution in the form of their “DIY Signature Seafood Boil pot-to-go” or the equally delectable option of enjoying the same exquisite fare on-site or for takeout. Enhance your beach experience by savoring a memorable lunch that promises an indelible and remarkable outing.

13. The Shark on the Harbor Restaurant


The Shark on the Harbor Restaurant stands as another exceptional seafood dining option in Ocean City. With a focus on utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients, each dish is crafted to perfection. Their dedication to offering health-conscious and organic cuisine ensures a delightful experience for all. 

Whether you’re indulging in poke, shellfish, a substantial crab cake, big-eye tuna, or middle neck clams, every item on their menu boasts remarkable flavors. Beyond their delectable offerings, the restaurant provides a children’s menu, a lively happy hour, a Sunday brunch, and even special deals for football lovers.

14. Captain’s Table Restaurant


Experience the culinary delights of Ocean City, Maryland’s best seafood restaurant, Captain’s Table Restaurant. Indulge in a delectable combination of breakfast and dinner offerings that showcase the finest seafood in the area. Savor their delectable appetizers, each priced at just $10 during the daily 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm happy hour.

Among their renowned dishes, the South African lobster tail shines as a standout choice. Alongside this, the menu boasts an array of mouthwatering options such as seafood stroganoff, pan-seared Atlantic salmon, coconut shrimp, and stuffed shrimp.

Located along the Ocean City boardwalk within the Courtyard by Marriott hotel, Captain’s Table Restaurant beckons with its inviting ambiance. You’ll discover that a stay at the hotel is not a prerequisite to enjoy their sumptuous seafood offerings. Feel free to visit anytime from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm daily and treat yourself to an unforgettable seafood dining experience.

15. Waterman’s Seafood Co.


Discover the culinary treasures of Ocean City, Maryland’s best seafood haven, Waterman’s Seafood Co. This restaurant, renowned as the best seafood destination in the area, offers an array of delectable seafood delights that are sure to win over the entire family. Operating every day of the week except for Tuesdays, this family-friendly establishment warmly welcomes you for both lunch and dinner.

On the menu, you’ll find a tantalizing assortment of unique offerings that stand out, such as the crab pretzel, dynamite shrimp, bacon-wrapped scallops, and the mouthwatering Caribbean jerk swordfish sandwich. These exceptional dishes are truly one-of-a-kind and are sure to entice your taste buds.

Waterman’s Seafood Co. goes beyond the ordinary, providing not only a memorable dining experience but also an accompanying seafood market, a dedicated kid’s menu, and a vibrant sports bar. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, making it the perfect spot for a fun and casual meal. Don’t miss the chance to explore this culinary gem, which promises a dining adventure like no other in Ocean City.

If you’re looking to kickstart your day with a delightful dining experience, the Fairfield Inn breakfast hours, menu, and prices offer an array of options that are sure to cater to every palate, ensuring a satisfying morning for both early risers and those seeking a leisurely start to their day.

16. The Shrimp Boat Restaurant


The Shrimp Boat Restaurant, one of the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland, is a beloved dining spot. Operating since 1989, it offers delectable fresh seafood sourced locally. Their mouthwatering dishes include the state’s finest shrimp, including the only head-on shrimp in Ocean City. To showcase their culinary excellence, they even provide complimentary shrimp samples.

This dining destination boasts a variety of fantastic daily specials. Weekdays feature $1.99 crabs from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, and weekends offer a special mini feast dining option. With both delectable and budget-friendly choices, The Shrimp Boat Restaurant is an ideal choice. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, it also includes a seafood market for those craving more seafood after their meal.

17. Marlin Moon Restaurant


For an upscale dining experience perfect for a romantic date night, Marlin Moon Restaurant stands out as an excellent choice. This establishment welcomes patrons throughout the day, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Their breakfast bar is a delight, featuring an array of options such as cereal, pancakes, fresh fruit, steak and eggs, catering to various tastes.

When it comes to dinner, Marlin Moon offers an impressive selection of seafood dishes. From Archer oysters and tuna nachos to seafood pasta, gulf jumbo shrimp, and the catch of the day, the menu is a seafood lover’s dream. The happy hour, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, presents enticing deals including $1 oysters and a $10 menu featuring a variety of seafood options.

Marlin Moon Restaurant is undeniably among the finest seafood establishments in Ocean City, Maryland. Operating from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm every day of the year, it offers the perfect setting for a candlelit dinner during your seaside visit.

18. Tailchasers Restaurant & Dock Bar


Among the extensive list of the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland, you’ll find the enchanting waterfront establishment known as Tailchasers Restaurant and Dock Bar. Embracing the ideals of freshness, innovation, and comfort, this restaurant embodies the flawless execution of the “Sea to Table” concept.

Anticipate a culinary selection featuring reasonably priced delights such as Crispy Buttermilk Battered Calamari, Old Bay Crab Dip, Tuna Poke Bowl, Lobster Mac & Cheese, and the beloved classic, Fish and Chips. Complementing the exquisite food offerings is an equally impressive bar menu showcasing an array of both contemporary and traditional wines, alongside lots of imaginative cocktails.

19. Ruth’s Chris Steak House


Despite its name, Ruth’s Chris Steak House offers more than just excellent steaks; it boasts an expansive and exquisite seafood menu that will satisfy even the heartiest of appetites. To start, indulge in a range of delectable options including Calamari, Barbecued Shrimp, Shrimp Remoulade, Crabmeat-Stuffed Mushrooms, and Spicy Lobster. 

Then, progress to the main course which features delights like Caribbean Lobster Tail, Petite Filet & Shrimp, and a diverse selection of fresh seafood from the market. And if you find yourself with room for dessert, be sure not to miss the indulgent Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce—a rendition that the house proudly declares as their ultimate take on a beloved traditional New Orleans favorite.

20. Harrison’s Harbor Watch


Discover the ultimate dining experience at Harrison’s Harbor Watch Restaurant, one of the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland. Nestled by the Inlet, this restaurant not only offers the freshest seafood but also treats you to the most breathtaking view in Ocean City.

At Harbor Watch Restaurant, excellence is guaranteed as they source the finest hand-tonged oysters from local waters, crafting their renowned Oyster Stew with these exquisite treasures. The restaurant proudly ensures sustainability by responsibly harvesting clams from both Virginia waters and the Maryland side of the Assateague Channel.

During peak season, indulge in the likes of Flounder, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, and Tuna, directly sourced from boats docking at the Commercial Harbor in West Ocean City, ensuring your plate is graced with the day’s freshest catch. For lots of family, Harrison Harbor Watch remains a must-visit destination due to its phenomenal view, delectable cuisine, and an added perk: each entree purchase includes a side dish with unlimited refills.

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21. Pier 23


Experience the epitome of dining at Pier 23, one of the finest seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland, and the city’s premier waterfront container food port. Unloading an exceptional array of cuisine and drinks, Pier 23 promises an unparalleled destination for quality entertainment set against a unique backdrop.

This outdoor oasis offers a serene escape, enveloped by creatively outfitted shipping containers, each boasting its own distinctive offerings, be it Tacos, Deli treats, Grilled delights, Ice Cream delights, or their fully stocked bar. The spotlight shines on the stage, housed within the final container, hosting a lineup of live performers that are sure to captivate.

Whether charting a course by sea or navigating by land, let your compass point towards Pier 23, the pioneering Container Food Port in Ocean City, ingeniously crafted from repurposed shipping containers. This novel concept brings an alfresco haven with a trio of menus to choose from.

The bar showcases the latest trends in craft cocktails, beers, and an impeccable wine selection tailored for open-air dining. Taking center stage is a full-sized platform featuring live music and entertainment, a treat for the entire family.

With multiple tiers offering panoramic vistas of Ocean City’s bustling commercial fishing harbor, Pier 23 has teamed up with OC Bay Hopper to provide waterborne activities and transport for guests. Representing the dining landscape of the future, Pier 23 is more than just a culinary destination; it is an experience!

22. Skye Bar Rooftop Bar and Restaurant


Indulge in inventive cocktails, relish in the flavors of pristine seafood, and soak in the vistas of both the ocean and bay – encompassing everything in between. The Skye Bar offers a remarkable visual feast, an open-air ambiance, and an extensive raw bar to enhance your dining experience. 

Whether it’s lunch, happy hour, dinner, or a late-night gathering, this is undoubtedly a destination that deserves a prime spot on your Ocean City, Maryland itinerary. Featuring enticing oyster happy hour deals, your visit here is sure to be a delightful and cherished memory.

23. Sunset Grille Restaurant and Teasers Bar


Experience the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland at Sunset Grille Restaurant and Teasers Bar, situated waterfront in West Ocean City at the Sunset Marina. Indulge in stunning bay views while savoring the finest fresh seafood, succulent steaks, and more. 

With 4 bars and 6 dining areas, there’s an option for every palate. Operating from 11:30 AM to 9 PM, Sunset Grille offers an extensive menu featuring appetizers, salads, sandwiches, entrees, little mates, and delectable desserts. Teasers Bar complements the experience with hours from 11:30 AM to 12 AM.

24. The Lobster Shanty


Nestled on Rt 54, a short distance from the lively Coastal Highway of Ocean City and Fenwick Island, you’ll find Twining’s Lobster Shanty. This waterside spot is a haven for both locals and tourists, boasting a convenient location.

In July 2010, the Twinings introduced their establishment to the world, and it became an immediate hit. The key to Twining’s Lobster Shanty’s triumph lies in its inviting ambiance, attentive staff, and a captivating menu crafted from top-notch ingredients.

25. Nick’s


For nearly four decades, Nick’s has been renowned for serving the finest ribs, steak, and seafood in Ocean City. Did you know that Nick’s is also counted among the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland? If you’re seeking a taste of authentic eastern shore seafood, look no further! Their menu boasts an exceptional array of seafood choices. 

Situated in the heart of North Ocean City, MD, Nick’s benefits from its prime coastal location, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh seafood for their patrons. A visit to Nick’s promises an unforgettable dining experience for families and friends alike. Drop by their North Ocean City establishment at 145th & Coastal Highway to savor their locally inspired seafood menu. 

Don’t miss out on Nick’s pub, a beloved destination for indulging in their ever-evolving selection of craft beer, cocktails, and distinctive wines. And if you’re hosting an event at home, consider their catering and delivery options to delight your guests with Nick’s exceptional offerings!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland?

Ocean City boasts a range of top seafood restaurants, including favorites like Belly Busters, The Crab Bag, and Hooked. These eateries offer a diverse selection of delectable seafood dishes.

Why is Ocean City, Maryland, known for its seafood?

Ocean City’s prime coastal location provides access to a bounty of fresh seafood. The town’s renowned seafood restaurants take advantage of this proximity to offer dishes made from locally caught fare.

Can you recommend some must-try dishes at these seafood restaurants?

Absolutely! Indulge in classic treats like crab cake bites, shrimp, and salmon. Delight in the flavors and textures of diverse seafood such as cod, tuna, clams, and more.

Is Ocean City, Maryland, a good destination for seafood enthusiasts?

Definitely! Ocean City ranks among the top spots on the East Coast for mouthwatering seafood. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the town’s seafood restaurants offer a wide range of options for seafood lovers.

Are there vegetarian or non-seafood options available at these restaurants?

While these restaurants are known for their seafood offerings, many of them also have vegetarian and non-seafood options on their menus. You’ll find a variety of choices to cater to different preferences.

Can you provide recommendations for families visiting Ocean City, Maryland?

Certainly! Ocean City is a family-friendly destination with seafood restaurants that cater to all ages. Bring your family along to relish scrumptious Maryland crab dishes and an array of popular seafood choices listed on each restaurant’s menu.

Are these seafood restaurants suitable for special occasions and celebrations?

Yes, many of these seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland, offer a charming ambiance and delicious cuisine, making them suitable for special occasions and celebrations.

What makes the seafood in Ocean City unique compared to other places?

Ocean City’s proximity to the Ocean ensures that its seafood is exceptionally fresh. The town’s seafood restaurants take pride in serving locally caught fare prepared by skilled chefs.

How do I find the best seafood restaurants while in Ocean City, Maryland?

To find the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland, refer to our curated guide. Explore our list of recommended eateries, each known for its top-quality, locally sourced seafood dishes.

What is the atmosphere like in Ocean City’s seafood restaurants?

The seafood restaurants in Ocean City offer a mix of atmospheres, from casual and beachy to more upscale settings. You’ll find a variety of options to suit your desired dining experience.

Discovering the best restaurants in Ashland, Kentucky promises a delectable journey through a diverse culinary landscape, where local flavors blend seamlessly with innovative gastronomy, offering both residents and visitors an unforgettable dining experience.

Final Thoughts

If you’re seeking the best seafood restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland, look no further. From renowned favorites like Belly Busters and The Crab Bag to the enticing offerings of Hooked and more, the town’s culinary scene is a haven for seafood lovers. With its coastal charm, sandy beaches, and mouthwatering seafood, Ocean City truly stands as a gem along the East Coast. 

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a food lover, this destination offers an ideal blend of attractions and dining experiences. So, dive into the delectable flavors of Maryland’s seafood treasures and relish every moment in this coastal retreat.

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