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Preparing for a Solo Travel

Traveling solo can be one of the most amazing, eye-opening and exciting experience, no matter your age. While preparing for a solo travel can be scary and overwhelming especially when it is your first time traveling alone, it also offers you ample opportunity for self reflection, growth and boundless freedom.
Learning to love spending time in your own company is really an incredible powerful skill which will not only enable you to plan and carry out your trip more effectively and confidently, but also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best out of your trip for yourself, giving you a very remarkable experience.
While it is necessary most time to prepare yourself physically, it is also very crucial to prepare yourself mentally when preparing for a solo travel, because you’ll be traveling alone, and you are probably going to be doing the majority of things alone.  This tips will guide and put you through on how to make the necessary preparations for your solo travel if you don’t feel comfortable by yourself.

Ready to travel solo?

Here are the 10 essentials tips for preparing for your first solo trip.


1. Making your travel arrangement

This is a very important part when preparing for a solo travel and I recommend making travel arrangements and planning things ahead of time.
You’re going to get overwhelmed in the beginning, so it is important to plan your first few days of the destination you are going to. You also need to decide where in particular you’ll be traveling to. Put interest, safety and language in mind.
You also need to set your budget. How much you are willing to or can afford to spend on this trip, this also is very important. Your budget should cover your accommodations, flight, transport, travel insurance, meals and tours.
This also is the time for you to check for the lowest available flight fares (check the airline), and you can as well login to their website to get more information about the packages they have and choose the one that suit you. Also, make arrangement to book your accommodation (where you are going to stay for your trip), as well as airport pickup.
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2. Expand your research

In order to make things easy on yourself, you need to take some necessary steps by expanding your research which is not only limited to you checking for available flight fares, arranging for your accommodation and airport pickup but also making research as much as possible about the destination you are heading to, make the best use of travel guide for that particular destination, check out travel blogs for more information about where you are traveling to; an example is
In the course of expanding your research, you also need to check the visa requirements, passport and all other travel documents needed. This is also the time you need to check your passport if it’s still valid. You also need to make research on how to get a travel insurance. Always remember to choose the travel insurance that best suits your needs.
Make more findings on how to get to and from the airport, what to wear during your stay at that particular destination as weather changes from place to place.
Find out the safe neighborhood to stay in, how to stay safe and things to note when you get there.
Note: When booking accommodation, always check the safety and location.

3. Make the best use of technology

As technology evolve, ways in which we travel also changes. Technology allows us to communicate faster with loved ones at home, track locations and to find out more about where you are. Don’t be afraid to utilize technology when necessary during your trip as nothing is wrong taking out your phone in times of need.
If you have difficulty with the directions, then use Google Maps. You can also install the offline version in case you don’t have internet connection.
If you have difficulty with the local language, then use Google Translate.
If you have difficulty converting currency, then you can use XE currency.
By taking advantage of every resources at your fingertips, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress which will make your trip worthwhile.
Note: You can carry along a National Geographic Paper Map as a backup resources.

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4. Plan your itinerary

Planning an itinerary when preparing for a solo travel will give you peace of mind since you don’t have to worry as to which activities to engage in when you already have it written down.
This itinerary will be based majorly on how you want it to be. Set a list of attractions you will love to visit during your stay, arrange them in an orderly manner, so you won’t have to be wondering which one to go first.
Making a list of places to explore will make the trip much easier for you. Also, plan on how you’ll get there from where your accommodation is to the attraction places.
You can make use of social media platforms like Instagram to check location tags and hash-tags can be make use of. You can also ask your friend for recommendation.
This way, you don’t need to walk in circles.

5. Set intentions

Set intentions as to what you want your trip to be. Anything could go down during your first solo travel but with a clear intention, you’re definitely going to enjoy the best out of it.
Note what you want out of your solo travel!
What do you want to achieve? What experience do you want to gain? How do you want to feel, during and after the trip? Where do you want to go?
You must be able to answer all these questions and set your intention to base on the answers.
You set the direction right for your trip when intentions and goals are set and as a result, you’ll start your trip with more focus, clarity, and purpose.

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6. Keep the balance

Remember to keep the balance.
Over-planning can be as bad as lack of planning. Don’t write a very long list because you wanted to see it, quality is far better than quantity.
Keep a very short list of things to do and follow through accordingly, after all you have the time all for yourself to enjoy and explore.
There is no need to push yourself too hard.
Make the best use of your time rightly.
Keep the balance and believe in yourself.

7. Pack light

Yes, pack light and don’t over do it!
You’ll have to carry your bag everywhere you go most time. Packing light will definitely make things easier for you.
What you need to pack depends on the country of your choice, weather, and your travel style. Take your time to research on things to pack for the country you are traveling to.
Always ensure you make use of the travel packing list when preparing for a solo travel and stick to it. When it comes to packing, people tend to fill all the space they have.
The best way to pack light is to give yourself less space.

8. Arriving Early

Arriving during the day is the best when traveling to another country this means you’ll be able to locate the place you’ll be staying and get your bearings right on time before it’s late and dark.
It can be scary arriving into a country you don’t know much about at nighttime.
It is a lot easier to arrange transportations and gain composure at day time. Try to check and ensure your flight is scheduled and arrives before it gets dark.

9. Experience it all

This is the best part of it!
Experience all the fun and excitement that comes with it.
Embrace your own space and time. Make sure you go by the itineraries you’ve made for yourself and explore each attraction’s orderly.
Take camera along, in other to take pictures, document your memories and enjoy the captivating sights.

10. Be proud of yourself

You should be proud of yourself.
There is going to be a moment when you feel unsure of yourself, but this feeling is normal.
You were brave enough to step out on this amazing journey. You were brave enough to book a flight to a destination you’ve never been to.
Brave enough to prepare for your solo travel.
Likewise, you should be proud of yourself and let go of all your worries.
Enjoy every moment!
Note: If you feel lonely, go out and meet people! , Start a conversation, it might be at the café or bar. Also, keep in contact with your friends and family back home.
And that’s all on preparing for a solo travel. I hope you’ll find these resources useful for your very own solo trip.
Stay tuned for more updates and exciting travel stories in the future.
For whatever reason you’re choosing to take a solo trip, I applaud you and I encourage you to make the most of it.
Don’t fear the time you spend in your own company. Appreciate the chance it gives you to explore and get to discover every corner of who you are.

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