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Getting To Know The Velvet Escape Travel Blog

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Velvet Escape Travel Blog is a premium travel blog that covers destinations worldwide, from North America to Europe and Asia. In addition to destination guides, travel itineraries, hotel and tour reviews, they give stories of people chasing their passions in the hopes of motivating you to do the same. A travel blog, as we all know, is a form of blog that focuses on the writer’s experiences and insights while traveling to various locations. It typically contains information about the places the blogger has been, as well as pictures, experiences, and personal reflections.

Some travel blogs like Velvet Escape Travel Blog also offer practical information and ideas for anyone wanting to visit various destinations. This blog aims to inspire and inform readers about the world, as well as share the writer’s enthusiasm for travel. The blog creator has long been attracted by velvet’s depth and richness. This depth and richness compels him to travel. This is also why he chose “Velvet” for the name of his travel journal.

Velvet Escape Travel Blog is an award-winning luxury travel site featuring a collection of location guides, travel itineraries, hotel and tour reviews, as well as inspiring travel stories to help you get immersive travel experiences with a dash of luxury. Keith Jenkins, who is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is the founder and publisher of Velvet Escape. He enjoyed a successful decade-long career in corporate and investment banking. In 2008, he left the business sector to follow his interests in travel, writing, and photography. This led to the creation of the blog Velvet Escape in December 2008.

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How Does The Velvet Escape Travel Blog Generate Contents?


Beaches, City Trips, Culture & History, Food & Wine, Luxury & Wellness, Nature, Plane Views, Road Trips, and Travel Stories are among the most frequently requested travel-related concerns, particularly by first-time travelers. Travelers will find this a practical and welcoming guide to navigate for their vacation. Velvet escape travel blog  features a range of destinations, budgets, and interests. His writings provide an overview of some of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

Occasionally, we all desire a change of scenery. Whether for a day or a few weeks, you must escape the daily worries and strains of urban life. If your notion of a vacation includes beaches and the ocean, you should visit one of the many stunning locations. If you’re interested in culture and history, you should take a trip to a city to tour some notable structures and buildings. Travel is a great way to learn about other cultures, see new locations, and discover alternative ways of life, and this awesome travel resource makes use of the author’s personal experience to provide educational and entertaining content for travelers.

Writing about personal travel experiences is one of the ways content is being  generated. He also shares travel-related stories, recommendations, and guidance based on his knowledge and experience. To create content, he captures his own photographs and videos, as well as footage. Additionally, research is conducted to collect information from various sources. Additionally, he collaborates with several organizations and brands.

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What Does Velvet Escape Travel Blog Do?


Velvet Escape is a great resource for thoughtful travelers seeking travel ideas and advice. This website can help you choose the ideal trip, whether you’re planning a week-long or month-long vacation, or you’re simply seeking ideas for your next solo trip. Keith Jenkins is the founder and chief executive officer of iambassador, the world’s leading network of professional travel bloggers and content creators, as well as the founder and publisher of the multi-award-winning Velvet Escape.

He is an industry thought leader, speaking at conferences throughout the world about his trips and blogging strategies. Beaches, City Trips, Culture & History, Food & Wine, Luxury & Wellness, Nature, Plane Views, Road Trips, and Travel Stories & Opinions are just a few of the many travel topics covered by the Velvet Escape travel blog, so you’re sure to find a wealth of useful information.

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