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Things to Do and See in Northern Poland: Northern Poland Travel Adventure Guides


Uncover the remarkable and amazing stories written into the city walls of Northern Poland that will lead you deeper into discovering the country’s captivating past.

You might certainly have known Poland for its war history, but there’s no doubt you’ll soon be amazed by the country’s surrounding natural beauty, hilltop ruins, and its medieval town squares.

You can also take a walk along the beautiful port side city of Gdansk, the place where old docked ships are now serving as floating maritime museums.

Wander around the street of Kazimierz in Krakow, which happens to be an old Jewish Quarter lined with relics, cafes, and galleries.

Travel to the Iconic Tatra Mountains on the border of Slovakia in order to discover the world-class hiking trail that includes waterfalls. In the south-east, explore the village of Zalipi where you’ll find several houses that are decorated with floral designs with both outside and inside making it a view to behold.

Poland – Officially the Republic of Poland

Capital – Warsaw

Official Language – Polish (quote)

Great Places to Visit in The Beautiful Region of Northern Poland


In a country that is known for its shifting borders, Northern Poland presents itself as an unusual historical place.

Successively, the domain of the Hansa merchants, Teutonic order, and the Prussians is only in the last seventy years when this region of the Northern Poland has become definitively Polish.

The aggregation of Sopot, Gdansk, and Gdynia which is also referred to as the Tri-City, lines the Baltic Coast with its sandy beaches and enchanting shipyards. The highlights here include the medieval centres of Torun and Malbork.

Meanwhile, the north-eastern region of Mazury, with its enchanting endless networks of lakes and rivers is a wonderland for lots of outdoor enthusiasts.

Many of the areas’ rustic villages with the folk traditions and wooden churches, since the nineteenth century has barely changed.

Northern Poland Travel Adventure Guides Highlights (7 Days)


Continue reading to find out more about some exciting highlights about Northern Poland Travel Adventure Guides…!

Get your adrenaline pumping and your heart beating while exploring everything Northern Poland has to offer.

Use our Northern Poland adventure itinerary below to generate ideas for your next adventure to Poland.

In these 7 days tour, you’ll get to discover many spectacular and historical sites as well as the lands that are along the Baltic Coast that its origin can be traced back to the Teutonic Knights. This adventure of Northern Poland starts and ends conveniently in Warsaw.

The Gothic town of Torun was even the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus and has the real feel of medieval times.

One of the highlights of this adventure is a visit to the enchanting Malbork Castle. You’ll feel astonished with the mesmerizing attractions of Tricity (Sopot, Gdynia, and Gdansk).

DAY 1: Arrival in Warsaw

You’ll transfer from the railway station or airport to your designated accommodation and enjoy yourself the rest of the day. Enjoy your dinner in a Polish restaurant.

DAY 2: Warsaw Tour

Your Warsaw sightseeing tour starts from a visit to the Old Town that was completely destroyed during World War II and then rebuilt to the precise way such that in 1980, it was listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and you won’t believe it was razed to the ground in 1945.

Your next stop here will be the Lazienki Garden with its beautiful Palace on the Isle and the art nouveau Chopin Monument.

You’ll then pay a visit to the former Jewish Ghetto and listen to the amazing history of this area. It is also impossible not to notice the palace of culture while in Warsaw as it is Warsaw’s highest building standing just at the centre of this magnificent city.

You’ll end your day with several delicious delicacies for dinner.

DAY 3: Torun Tour

Torun is located just 230 kilometres North West of Warsaw which is still waiting to be discovered. It is a magical place that will really captivate your mind.

You can also take an afternoon stroll around the Old Town where you’ll get to see the leaning Gothic architecture of the Town Hall.

Feel the real and authentic atmosphere of this beautiful medieval town in its full glory.

Day 4: Malbork Castle – Gdansk Tour

Your journey will continue to the North. The sightseeing includes a half-day tour to Malbork where you’ll have a visit to the world’s largest brick Gothic castle.

Founded in the Middle Ages by the Teutonic Knights, this place still enchants tourists with its beauty.

You’ll then have your way through the dormitories, the Master’s chamber, the Great Refectory, and the church of Our Lady. The Malbork Castle Museum exhibition includes the collection of amber artefacts.

DAY 5: Tricity (Gdansk – Gdynia – Sopot)

Here, you’ll have the privilege to visit the area of Tricity that consist of three cities situated just along the coast of the Baltic Sea. Your tour for the day starts from Gdansk, home of the solidarity movement and the amber capital.

Discover the fabulous Mariacka street and Dlugi Targ.

Your next stop will be at Sopot, a well-renowned spa resort that is best known for its Europe’s longest wooden pier. After a quick relaxation walk, you’ll continue to Gdynia.

Gdynia is a relatively modern harbor city which is entirely different from Gdansk and Sopot part of this is the reason why it remains a fascinating spot.

DAY 6: Gdansk Tour

A free morning to relax your body and mind before your return journey back to Warsaw. You’ll board the train in the afternoon and enjoy your ride through the country.

DAY 7: Departure From Warsaw

Have breakfast and transfer to the airport/railway station.

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14 Reasons Why You Should Consider Visiting Poland

  1. Poland has incredible historical sites
  2. It has charming old towns
  3. Poland has a very vibrant capital
  4. Beautiful landscapes and it’s amazing architecture
  5. Delicious Polish Delicacy that is famous all over the world
  6. Poland is a very cheap place to visit for tourist
  7. It has a rich heritage and fascinating history
  1. Poland is one of the biggest countries in Europe
  2. Polish cities are a mixture of history and modernity
  3. Polish Vodka is legendary
  4. Polish people are one of the best hosts
  5. Poland has an impressive list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  6. Poland is a land of many castles
  7. Poland has a rich culture and customs

Unusual Attractions and Some Other Interesting Places to Visit in Poland



Kaplica Czaszek – The Chapel of Skulls


Crooked Forest


Wieliczka Salt Mine


Rynek Underground


The Bones of the Wawel Dragon


Auschwitz Concentration Camp


Ruins at Westerplatte


Wawel Dragon’s Den



Other Things to do And See When in Poland


  1. Take a free walking tour
  2. Visit a national park
  3. Tour Szczecin underground tunnels
  4. Explore Wawel castle
  5. Tour the Wieliczka Salt Mine
  6. Visit the wooden churches
  7. Head to Lublin
  1. Stroll through Gdansk
  2. Admire Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
  3. Tour Schlinder’s factory
  4. Visit the churches of peace
  5. Explore the Tatra mountains
  6. See the World War II museum in Gdansk
  7. Take in the Warsaw Rising Museum
  8. Visit the Exploseum
  9. See the world’s tallest Pope statue
Cool Places to Eat & Drink in Poland


St. Martin’s Croissant Museum


Torun Gingerbread Museum


Oberza Pod Czerwonym Wieprzem

20 Most Interesting Facts Polish Didn’t Even Know About Northern Poland


Northern Poland is a country that prides itself on preserving its heritage and culture, ranging from its idyllic old towns to its breathtaking sceneries.

However, are there even some facts about Poland that even locals aren’t aware of?

Let’s find out…

Here are the 20 most interesting facts Polish people might not even be aware of:

  1. Vodka originated in Poland
  2. On average, Polish people marry the youngest in the European Union
  3. In the 1974 world cup, Poland was the best team
  4. The guy that invented Fahrenheit was a Polish
  5. The Second World War started at the bridge in Tczew
  6. Pope John Paul II attracted more people to the Nou Cano than Lionel Messi
  7. Poland rescued more Jews than any other country in World War II
  1. Pelplin Houses an original Gutenberg Bible
  2. 170 cats “work” at Warsaw’s famous Palace of Culture and Science
  3. Poland has the world first upside-down house
  4. Poland major cities are: Lodz, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, and Gdansk
  5. There are 23 national parks in Poland
  6. Poland has about 9,300 lakes which cover an area of about 3,200 square kilometres
  7. Poland has 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  8. Poland has 17 Nobel prize winners, which includes 4 peace prizes and 5 in literature
  1. Warsaw Radio Mast in Konstantynow, Poland which is about 646.38 meters was the world’s tallest structure until it was intentionally collapsed on August 8, 1991
  2. Poland is largely ethnically homogeneous with minorities including Belorussian, Ukrainian, Slovakia, German, and Lithuanian
  3. Poland is home to one of the world’s best-preserved Neolithic flint workings.
  4. The most world strongest man winners are from Poland
  5. One’s “Name Day” – imiening – in Poland is a very important occasion than one’s birthday.
When to Go to Poland

The most popular time which happens to be the best time to visit Poland is from June to August (Summer Time). During this period, rain is not frequent while temperatures are slightly hot. Be expecting temperatures to be between 17 – 25 °C (63 – 77°F) during this time.

For tourism, the summer period in Poland is the busiest time of the year, you’ll only get to notice this at the major tourist cities (Krakow and Warsaw)

Also, late April – May, and September – October which is the shoulder season are great times to visit this place. Temperatures ranges from 5 – 15°C (41 – 59°F)

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