Cyprus Holiday Vacation: The top 30 Most Amazing Places to Visit When Touring Cyprus

We bring to you Cyprus Holiday Vacation: The top 30 places to visit when touring Cyprus

Cyprus Holiday Vacation is definitely what you should consider if you’re looking for a place to escape from the normal life. Cyprus is a place where beaches are magnificent, landscapes idyllic, and flavours authentic.

Looking for a place to escape? Escape to a piece of heaven!

Time well spent, life well lived. Welcome to Cyprus Holiday Vacation (One Island, Countless Experience.)

In the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is the third most populous Island and the third-largest Island. This Island is very close to 3 countries (Namely: Turkey, Syria, and Egypt.) Cyprus is a very ideal holiday vacation destination no matter what the time of year you visit.

One of the reasons why you need to consider Cyprus Holiday Vacation is that Cyprus has one of the oldest histories in the world. This actually makes it worth exploring and going on an inspiring holiday vacation.

Cyprus is a dynamic city offering so many attractions (which includes; an archaeological site with pristinely preserved Roman Mosaics) apart from its beaches. Here you can spot on some stunning scenery from the mountain, old sights, and unforgettable and lovely delicacies. There are just countless reasons you should choose Cyprus Holiday Vacation and the ultimate guide to touring Cyprus that we have here will help you to make the proper planning.

Cyprus Essential

Language: Greek (English is a common language in tourist centres)

Population: 1.1 million

Currency: Euro

Is Cyprus in the EU? I Definitely, yes!

Driving: Left side

Is Cyprus safe? Yes, Cyprus is a very safe country

Why Cyprus?

• Cyprus is not only home to magnificent beaches but also home to the Mediterranean forest where you can find plants which you can’t see anywhere else but this place.

• In addition to that, Cyprus is bright and sunny all year round.

• This place is home to a variety of beautiful beaches, and you’ll get to see the Cypriot beauty in all its glory.

• The town here is lively, food amazing, and the people are just wonderful.

• Cyprus is a very safe place, and it’s considered an extremely friendly place to be.

• To top that, Cyprus is also the birthplace of the goddess of love.

These are just few of the many reasons why people choose Cyprus Holiday Vacation.

Isn’t that amazing?

As tiny as this Island is, it has a very grand history, most especially for travellers interested in more than just delicacies. Cyprus is a place for you where you can discover and learn more about history, archaeological sites, monasteries, historical Byzantine churches and lovely museums.

What to do and see in Cyprus? Places to visit in Cyprus? What are the best tourist attractions in Cyprus? Argh…just so many questions in planning the best Cyprus Holiday Vacation.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you make the right start!

1. Ancient Salamis

Image Source:

This ancient city is located on the East Coast of the island, north of modern Famagusta which was founded after the Trojan War by Teucer son of Talamon king of Salamina.

Vast of this ancient kingdom remnants that was scattered 9 km north of Famagusta just on the seaward side of the Famagusta-Bogaz Hwy are one of the Island’s Premier Archaeological Sites.

The Salamis ruins is undoubtedly the most historically, fascinating, and the most important city site on the Island as a whole.

This large archaeological site is home to several marble ruins. It is where you really need to visit if you want to feel the history of this beautiful Island and there are a lot of activities waiting for you here when on your Cyprus Holiday Vacation.

2. Cape Greco

Image Source:

This place is an astonishing Coastal National Park with different scenarios which is being protected with different walking trails that start east of the resort of Agia Napa.

If you really want to escape the crowds, this place is for you and most importantly, there are lots of variety of local flora in this place, particularly a lot of Cyprus’ endemic wild orchids.

The major highlight here is the breathtaking coastal scenery. The trails here stretches all the way to Cape Greco point, which is the Islands most southerly tip.

Here you can also find stunning view of this wonderful place, and an opportunity to explore more of the sea caves. Other highlights of the park include the enchanting white-washed church of Agioi Anargyroi, a peaceful picnic area, and two beautiful stone arches.

Amazing Facts!
In Cyprus, water temperature matches with the air temperature very closely all year round which makes it one of the best destinations for every beach lovers.

3. Kourion Archaeological Site

Image Source:

There’s no doubt Kourion Archaeological Site is certainly the 5th century Greco-Roman ruins that attract so many visitors to this archaeological site.

Located on the west coast of the city of Limassol, the temples over here, public buildings of the Kourion complex and the tumbled homes here makes it easier to imagine what life was like two thousand years ago on Cyprus.

It is one of the most impressive and notable archaeological sites in Cyprus and the sites include an open Agoura, the remains of Roman baths, a temple to Apollo and an amphitheatre where classical plays are still performed today.

This is sure a great place for a Cyprus Holiday Vacation with some of the best attractions, wonderful sightseeing and the best things to do.

Important Monuments of Kourion are;

• The Roman Market
• House of Achilles
• The Small Basilica Outside the Walls
• Early Christian Episcopal Basilica
• The Stadium
• House of Gladiators
• The Theatre

4. Lanarca

Image Source:

On the Islands southeast side, Larnaca is a seaside resort which also kept its local soul. This wonder place is the most laid-back base for every traveller who want to have a great Cyprus Holiday Vacation.

The old Turkish quarter and the church of St. Lazarus gives this town an epic historical value, and here you can find all the facilities to make your fun an interesting one.

West of Larnaca at the Salt Lake is where you’ll find flocks of vibrant pink flamingos during spring and many cultural attractions as well as hill villages.

5. Troodos Villages

Image Source:

The Troodos mountains in the hill region of the southwest are packed full of astonishing villages, many of which are stone-cut traditional houses and cobblestone.

In this place, you are going to see some of Cyprus most amazing monasteries and churches with beautiful wall painting, all of which date back from the medieval times.

Nine of the churches are so historically important and have been given UNESCO World Heritage status due to this. You definitely need to make Church of Archangelos Michail the top of your things to do when in this village.

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6. Cyprus Museum

Image Source:

The Cyprus Museum in the capital Nicosia was founded in 1882 and is the oldest archaeological museum on the island. The largest collection of Cypriot antiquities are housed here.

Spreading over all the 14 tons are many exhibits arranged chronologically starting with a room dedicated to objects dating as far back as the Neolithic time and ends with a room that showcase clay figurines which date back from the Early Bronze Age to the Roman Period.

This is a place where you can go to gather all the history of this Island and one of the exhibits which stand out are the huge collection of terra-cotta votive statues which date back from the 7th century BC.

A visit here will make Cyprus Holiday Vacation a pleasurable experience for any traveller.

7. St. Hilarion Castle

Image Source:

Do you dream of finding yourself in one of the most beautiful Castle ruins in Cyprus?

St. Hilarion castle spreading over the top of a rocky crag near the city of Girne is the best preserved of the Islands 11th century fortifications.

It is home to so many myths and legends. The local story claims that the castle was built by a Fairy Queen who used to charm local shepherds on the slopes.

Here you will find a trail that runs through the lower castle buildings of the stables, up to the remnants of towers, chapels and royal apartments.

The views across the hills and down to the coastal plain are spectacular.

Of the three major castle ruins in North Cyprus, St. Hilarion is by far the best and the most preserved of all.

Imagine spending some time of your Cyprus Holiday Vacation in here!


8. Karpas Peninsula

Image Source:

This happens to be the most beautiful region in Cyprus, which makes it one of the best places you really need to mark on your list during your Cyprus Holiday Vacation.

The Karpas peninsula stretches out in a very long golden beaches backed by hills in the northeast side of the Island.

Here you can find unusual villages, hiking, and hidden historical site. If you want to experience the Island life of old, this is where you need to visit.

9. Kolossi Castle

Image Source:

During the Holy Land Crusades, this enchanting castle is a reminder of Cyprus importance to the Europeans.

Kolossi castle was built initially in the 13th century, but was rebuilt in the 15th century.

This castle is the birthplace of the world’s oldest wine and one of the most impressive relics of Cyprus’ medieval era.

Due to the fertile agricultural land around it, this castle was also a notable economic centre.

Next to this castle are the ruins of the 14th century sugar mill.

10. House of Dionysus

Images Source:

This place is home to an amazing collection of mosaic floors that are recognized for their astonishing colouring and excellent preservation.

It is also home to a variety of Greco-Roman ruins and other several mosaic houses, and it is also a part of the larger Paphos Archaeological Sites.

If you’re thinking of where to thick out of your Cyprus Holiday Vacation list of place to see, this place remains the most visited part of the site as it contains the best examples of complex mosaic artistry.

11. Nissi Beach

Image Source:

This beach is beautiful and breath-taking, which remains the most popular of the many beaches that can be found on the shores of the resort city of Ayia Napa.

Best known for its lively and fun-filled beach party, you can also find various water sports centre in this beach where visitors can enjoy most of the remarkable thing, from windsurfing and paragliding to pedal boating and water skiing.

The shallow water that is clear makes this beach a perfect place to swim. Easily accessible on foot through the shallow waters is the uninhabited Island that provides good comfort shelter.

This is also a great spot for families with children who want to have a nice time together.

12. Kykkos Monastery

Image Source:

Founded in the late 11th century, Kykkos Monastery is located in the hills west of the inland city of Pedoulas which balance at a height of 1,318 meters.

Each building is ornamented in the Greek Orthodox style with murals surrounding indoors, walls and outside.

Here, you’ll find the portrait of the Virgin Mary believed to have been painted by St. Luke, and it remains the most prized artefact in Cyprus.

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13. Agios Lazarus Church

Image Source:

This church is a 9th century monument to the man who was believed by Christians that Jesus raised from the dead. It is situated in the town centre of the southern city of Larnaca.

During the 1800s, this church was refurbished in the Baroque style with Greek Orthodox ornamentation.

It sits in the centre of town just on top of Saint Lazarus tomb. This church is made of stone primarily, but the gold-covered iconoclasts serves as an astonishing baroque wood carving example.

14. Kato Paphos Archeological Park

Image Source:

This archaeological park is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1980 and includes most of the ancient city that was the capital of Cyprus between the 2nd century BC and the 4th century AD.

There are a lot of various artefacts from the prehistorical era to the Middle Ages, and most of the ruins here date back to the Roman Period.

Some highlights include: the forty Columns Castle, a nearby theatre, four Roman Villas, and also the ruins of an early Christian basilica. The Saranta Kolones fortress which was constructed during the 7th century is worth a visit during your Cyprus Holiday Vacation here.

15. Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station

Image Source:

This conservation station is where baby turtle are hatch before allowing them to head back to the sea. During the hatching season here, you will see various water tanks with tiny sea turtles inside that have recently come out of their eggs.

Likewise, sometimes you’re very likely to encounter different signs and iron cages scattered all around the beach which serves as a warning and notice that turtle nests are being buried in the sand underneath.

These cages protect them away from different predators. This is really an absolute unspoiled beach that is beautiful and natural. It’s really going to be a very nice experience here.

16. Kyrenia

Image Source:

Known for it cobblestoned old town and Harbour, Kyrenia is North Cyprus’ prettiest town. Here you will see a lovely castle (Kyrenia Castle) that overlooks the harbour on the eastern side.

If you happen to climb up onto the Castle’s ramparts, you are going to see various stunning views across the town.

This is a great place for taking a stroll while at the same time enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of this wonderful environment. There are different café over here which overlooks the harbour where you can simply have a nice moment of enjoyment.

Fun Fact!
The countryside in Cyprus is blessed with man-made and natural wonders with an abundance of historical heritage. Complemented by it traditional villages is the beautiful, unique natural environment that is spectacular to the eye.

This environment imbues a peaceful harmony between nature and human that you are definitely going to notice immediately you get here.

17. Protaras Ocean Aquarium

Image Source:

This aquarium is home to over 1,000 aquatic species and this place is a great destination for a Cyprus Holiday Vacation, most especially for family.

Here, you are going to see different species such as eels, turtles, and piranhas. Other amazing attractions also include the collection of exotic bird, crocodile swamps, and penguin house which is home to the endangered Humboldt penguin.

18. Fasouri Watermania

Image Source:

This is the most popular water park in Cyprus, and it covers 100,000 square meters with three restaurants, 30 various slides, the largest wave pool, and six snack bars.

Fasouri Watermania is ideal for anyone who wants to spend a day away from stress. Isn’t that what the Cyprus Holiday Vacation all about?

You are going to get entertained in a fun and relaxing environment free from the hassle and bustle of the city. There are many impressive attractions over here with a very nice facilities and services.

19. Rock of Aphrodite

Image Source:

Also known as (Petra tou Romiou), Rock of Aphrodite is a seaside stack in Paphos located off the shore along the main road from Paphos to Limassol.

The astonishing beauty of this place, and it being the birthplace of Aphrodite, makes it a unique and popular tourist attraction.

You are going to find two distinctive upright rocks on the beach around here. Visitors most time take a stop here to have a swim or just to take a look at the beautiful sunset, which can best be seen from the tourist pavilion or the roadside car park.

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20. Galata Village

Image Source:

Known as the village of balconies due to the many houses in the village that had one, Galata village is located 60 kilometres west of Nicosia in the stunning valley of Solea.

Galata village is renowned for its tasty and lovely fruits that it produces in a large amount, most especially different varieties of apple, grapes, cherries, peaches and fresh vegetables.

Visitors sit at the village Plaza where they enjoy unforgettable moments. There are also many churches in this village, one of which is the Church of Panagia Podithou which has been included as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites in Cyprus.

21. Tombs of the Kings

Image Source:

The Tombs of the Kings is just 2 km away from Paphos Harbour, and it’s a large archaeological site that is home to various number of underground tombs.

This site served as a burial ground for government officials that hold a very high position, rather than for kings as the name implies. What gives this site the name is the grandeur of the tombs.

It features different Doric Columns and beautiful walls. Heavily influenced by the ancient Egyptian tradition, the tombs are unique in Cyprus.

22. Adonis Bath

Image Source:

Located 267 metres above sea level, Adonis Baths is a waterfall near Krya Vrysi and Lakkos tou Fragkou.

At the province of Pafos in the village of Koili where Mavrokolympos flows, the waters gather and form a small waterfall. Over the century, these waters formed a small lake, dye to the eroded soil.

This waterfall is surrounded by high rocks and nice vegetation. There are so many things to see here which include a small museum that can be explored and some interesting statues, and a café where you can take a nice refreshment after a lovely walk around the surrounding.

Image Source:

This gallery was opened in 2014 and is home to more than 800 paintings done by different artist from Cyprus and some other parts of Greece and Europe.

Visitors here can enjoy three different collections: the Cyprus collection, the Paris collection, and the Greek collection. In addition to these, different exhibit that are temporary are held here each month on a featured artist.

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24. Thalassa

Image Source:

The Thalassa Municipal Museum was opened in 2005, and it is a dedicated museum to exhibits exploration of the Cyprus Marine history.

Majority of the display here are very interactive, and they have been made in a long period of time from the Paleontological era till the modern-day time.

It is made up of three stories, the basement is home to shells and fossils, while the two other stories contain pottery and some other antique objects of interest.

25. Choirokoitia

Image Source:

Why not spend your Cyprus Holiday Vacation in this former Neolithic settlement? Choirokoitia sitting beneath the Troodos mountains is one of the Mediterranean prehistorical sites.

This site was discovered in 1934, occupied between 4th and the 7th millennium BC, and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1998.

Here you can see the remains from each phase of the Neolithic settlement. Using the same techniques and materials used in the Neolithic times, there are five reconstructed dwellings near the settlement.

26. Limassol Castle

Image Source:

This castle is believed to have been built originally in 1193 which is situated in the heart of the historic city. The current structure was later rebuilt in the 19th century under the Turks rule.

Limassol castle highlights include the 2-meter thick walls and the ground floor prison cells that were active until 1950. This building is also home to a wide range of artefacts including the medieval pottery, weapons, and coins.

27. The Archaeological Museum in Limassol

Image Source:

Founded in 1948, this archaeological museum was located originally in the Limassol Castle but was later moved to a new building that is just 2 kilometres away.

This museum is home to a huge collection of different artefacts that were found on Cyprus, which showcases the civilization development from the Neolithic until the end of the Roman Period.

You are going to find three main exhibits here: one of coins and some other metals objects, there is another one of pottery, and one of sculptures, tombstones and other Stine and marble artefacts.

28. Amathus

Image Source:

Dating all the way back to the 1100 BC, Amathus was one of the ancient royal cities of Cyprus until 300 AD. This city has now become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its ruins are located at the south coast of Cyprus, 11 km away from the centre of Limassol.

Many areas in this place are open to visitors to explore, including the fountain complex, the public baths, and the market.

29. Avakas Gorge

Image Source:

This is a natural wonder with limestone walls standing up to 30 meters in height and 3 kilometres long.

A walking trail with a length of 7 kilometres runs through this beautiful George, which gives visitors a lot of chances to admire the stunning rock formations as well as the diverse flora and fauna here.

30. Pierides Museum

Image Source:

This beautiful museum is dedicated to preserving and protecting civilization of Ancient Greece, and it is the oldest private museum here in Cyprus.

Inside the ancestral Pierides family home is where you’ll find this museum, which was constructed in the year 1815.

Different collection of objects that comprises approximately 2,500 Cypriot antiquities has been carefully gathers by the Pierides family. The oldest artefacts here on display date all the way back to 400 BC and the most recent 15th century AD.

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Do you know of any other places for Cyprus Holiday Vacation? Please share in the comments section below!

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