35+ International Travel Scholarship Opportunities

Interested in studying abroad but concerned about the costs? Don’t worry! There are numerous international travel scholarship opportunities available, ranging from general scholarships to specialized funding. These come from various sources such as government agencies, universities, and external organizations.

Searching through all the options might seem overwhelming, but we’ve simplified it by compiling lists of international travel scholarship opportunities. As the costs of undergraduate education rise, many students face financial challenges. The good news is, funds are available for students of all kinds to pursue their studies abroad. You’re not alone in seeking affordable ways to study internationally. 

If you’re a student looking for a globally enriched learning experience, rest assured. Governments, organizations, and specific universities offer study abroad scholarships and grants tailored just for you. We’ve curated an extensive and diverse selection of international travel scholarship opportunities to kickstart your journey, whether you’re a graduate or undergraduate student.

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Here are the international travel scholarship opportunities:

1. Fund for Education Abroad

Deadline: January (fall, summer, academic year); October (spring)

Award: $1250 – $10000

Degree Level: Undergraduate

The Fund for Education Abroad is committed to making international travel scholarships opportunities accessible to students who might not always get the spotlight. Those who are first-generation, from community colleges, or students of color will be given priority in applying. 

FEA collaborates with study abroad organizations like CAPA, AIFS, and SIT through their Access Partner Program to expand scholarship opportunities for students traveling internationally through various organizations.

2. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program

Deadline: March, October

Awards: $3,000 (summer program), $4,000 (fall and spring program), $5,000 (academic year program)

Degree Level: Bachelors

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship program, supported by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, provides grants to financially disadvantaged U.S. undergraduates.

The goal is to enhance diversity among students going abroad. This competitive annual award is bestowed upon a select number of recipients keen on pursuing studies or internships in international settings.

3. CIEE Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants

Deadline: Varies by program deadline

Award: Up to $2,000 per student

Degree Level: Bachelors

The Council on International Educational Exchange provides various scholarships and grants designed to financially support minority students from the United States in their pursuit of studying abroad.

These opportunities include both need-based financial assistance and merit-based scholarships. Applicants must provide a set of application materials, including academic achievements, evidence of financial need, a personal statement essay, and letters of recommendation.

4. USAC Scholarships

Deadline: March (summer), May (fall), October (spring)

Award: Varies

Recipients: Bachelors

Every year, the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) provides scholarships to students with financial need who dream of studying abroad. To qualify for these international travel scholarship opportunities, students should join USAC study abroad programs. USAC offers various scholarships, such as General Scholarships for Non-Consortium Affiliate Students, Legacy Scholarships, and Program-Specific Scholarships.

5. The Intern Group Global Leadership Grants

Deadline: Varies by year

Awards: Varies

Degree Level: Any

To foster global leadership, The Intern Group is providing four full-ride grants for students and recent graduates keen on remote internships. Usually, they provide scholarships for interning in Dublin, Latin America, Australia, or Shanghai during summer or fall. Their remarkable six-week internship programs in each location offer participants valuable work experience and a fresh global outlook.

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6. CEA Study Abroad Scholarships

Deadlines: April (summer), May (fall), December (spring)

Awards: $400 – $1000 (summer), $500 – $3000 (semester, trimester, academic year)

Degree Level: Bachelors

CEA is dedicated to transforming students’ lives by supplying crucial financial assistance required for studying abroad. Every year, CEA allocates over two million dollars to support students in their study abroad endeavors.

CEA Study Abroad scholarships are categorized into three types: merit, need, and diversity. To qualify for these study abroad scholarships, students need to enroll in CEA Study Abroad Programs.

7. AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants

Deadline: Varies per scholarship

Award: $400 – $1,000; Varies per scholarship

Recipients: Bachelors

The American Institute for Foreign Study grants over $800,000 in annual financial aid for deserving students pursuing study abroad. This assistance is accessible for students interested in both summer and semester study programs.

8. SIT Study Abroad Scholarships

Deadlines: April 1st (summer), May 15th (fall), November 1st (spring)

Award: $500 to $3,000 (summer), $500 to $5,000 (semester)

Degree Level: Bachelors

SIT provides scholarships for students keen on joining their global study programs. These international travel scholarships opportunities cover tuition and housing expenses for qualified students exploring the world through SIT’s diverse programs.

9. Critical Language Scholarship

Deadline: November

Award: Varies

Degree Levels: Bachelors & Masters

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs annually offers fully-funded overseas summer language and cultural immersion programs for American students through the Critical Language Scholarships (CLS). 

These scholarships are awarded to those dedicated to studying non-traditional languages like Arabic, Japanese, Swahili, and Russian. Eligibility is limited to American undergraduate and graduate students.

10. Golden Key Scholarships

Deadline: Varies Per Scholarship

Award: Varies

Degree Level: Bachelors & Masters

The Golden Key Scholarship recognizes individuals for exceptional academic, leadership, and service accomplishments. Annually, the Golden Key International Honor Society grants $1,000,000 in scholarships to deserving undergraduate and graduate students. This scholarship aims to provide students with the chance to enhance their professional skills in a global setting.

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11. American Association of University Women Fellowships & Grants

Deadline: November, December

Award: Varies

Degree Level: Bachelors

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has a rich legacy of empowering women, both within the United States and globally. AAUW stands as a major supporter of graduate women worldwide, awarding over three million dollars annually through more than 200 fellowships and grants to exceptional women.

12. Corinne Jeannine Schillings Scholarships

Deadline: May (summer, fall, academic year), December (spring)

Award: $1,000

Degree Level: Bachelors

The Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation offers Silver and Gold Scholarships to girl scouts aspiring to study abroad in university. This scholarship, known as the “Travel Study” scholarship, is available to girl scouts pursuing any undergraduate area of study, major, or minor courses.

13. Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship

Deadlines: April (fall semester), November (spring semester)

Award: $1,000 & a Tortuga travel backpack

Degree Level: Bachelors

Tortuga Backpacks offers a chance for students to explore the world during their study abroad programs with their international travel scholarship opportunities. This scholarship is given twice a year to eligible American undergraduates and students with a U.S. visa who are eager to take exciting extracurricular trips while studying abroad.

14. Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship

Deadline: October

Award: Varies

Degree Level: High School Seniors

In celebration of Coca-Cola’s centennial anniversary, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation was created to fulfill the company’s goal of empowering students to make a positive impact globally through international experiences. 

Managed by Phi Theta Kappa, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship recognizes graduating U.S. high school seniors with exceptional academic achievements and notable leadership, acknowledging their significant contributions to the local community.

15. Generation Google Scholarship

Deadline: Varies Annually

Awards: 10,000 USD (for study in the U.S.), 5,000 CAD (for study in Canada)

Degree Level: High School Seniors & Bachelors

In its commitment to nurturing the future of the technology sector, Google introduced the Generation Google scholarship to support study abroad opportunities for aspiring American and Canadian students aiming to excel as computer scientists. This scholarship is available to current high school seniors and university students from both countries.

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16. Fulbright U.S. Student Program

Deadline: August-October (varies by campus)

Award: Varies

Degree Levels: Masters, Young Professionals, & Recent Graduates

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program awards grants to chosen individuals, allowing them to spend an academic year in a foreign country for work, living, and learning experiences. There are two grant types: Study/Research and English Teaching Assistant.

This opportunity is accessible to graduate students, recent graduates, and young professionals in the United States. The annual distribution of grants is contingent on the availability of federal funds.

17. Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants

Deadline: Varies

Award: $30,000

Degree Level: Masters

The Rotary Foundation has been a strong supporter of humanitarian work for many years, both locally and globally. Through the Rotary’s Global Grants program, they provide scholarships for students interested in international travel to pursue graduate studies or research in areas like Peace and Conflict Resolution, Disease Prevention, Water Sanitation, Maternal and Child Health, Education, Literacy, and Community and Economic Development.

18. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

Deadline: January

Grant: Varies

Degree Levels: Masters & PhD

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, supported by the European Union, is a special grant available to EU master’s or doctoral students. Its purpose is to improve the quality of higher education and foster mutual understanding among people from diverse cultures worldwide.

19. Chevening Scholarships

Deadline: November

Award: Varies (full funding)

Degree Level: Masters

In 1983, the UK government launched the Chevening Scholarship program to help shape future leaders worldwide. Supported by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), this scholarship offers a chance for graduate students pursuing their master’s degree in any field to enhance their academic and professional growth at a UK university. It’s an exciting opportunity for international travel scholarship opportunities experiences!

20. Australia Awards Scholarships

Deadline: Varies Per Award

Award: Varies

Degree Levels: Bachelor, Masters, & PhD

The Australia Awards Scholarship, managed by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, is a comprehensive development award. It offers students from developing countries the chance to pursue full-time studies at any participating Australian institution, spanning undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels.

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21. IES Abroad

Deadline: Summer – April 1; Fall/Academic Year – May 1; Spring/Calendar Year/January Term – November 1

Awards: Up to $5,000 for semester students, Up to $1,000 for summer students

Degree Level: Bachelors

IES Abroad is dedicated to making study abroad accessible, pledging $5 million in scholarships and aid. They strongly believe that financial constraints shouldn’t hinder qualified students from joining their programs. 

With a single application, you can apply for various IES Abroad scholarships, including need-based aid, location and major-focused scholarships, diversity scholarships, summer internship support, grants for public university attendees, Boren & Gilman scholarship recipients, and assistance for students with disabilities.

22. Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

Deadline: Varies

Award: Varies

Degree Level: Masters

The Swedish Institute Study Scholarship (SISS), supported by Sweden’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs and managed by the Swedish Institute, seeks to nurture global leaders. Approximately 300 scholarships are awarded annually to eligible graduate candidates. The scholarship encompasses tuition fees, living expenses, and insurance for scholars pursuing studies at a Swedish institution.

23. VLIR-UOS Awards Scholarships

Deadline: Varies

Award: Various Expenses Covered

Degree Level: Masters

VLIR-OUS strives to address global and local challenges through innovative solutions. With this mission, VLIR-UOS aims to enhance the global presence of higher education institutions in Flanders, Belgium, by granting scholarships to international students and professionals.

This program is accessible to applicants from 31 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, providing the chance to engage in English-taught training programs or pursue master’s degrees at accredited Belgian academic institutions.

24. The NextGen Scholarship

Deadline: March

Award: $1,000

Degree Levels: High School Seniors & Bachelors

The NextGen Scholarship was established to assist both international and American students, including high school seniors and those pursuing undergraduate degrees, in successfully finishing higher education programs in the United States. Annually, one scholar is selected based on a combination of merit and financial need.

25. Global Experiences Scholarships

Deadline: Varies

Award: Varies

Degree Level: Bachelors

Explore Global Experiences scholarships for any term, catering to women, underrepresented students, and those who align with their core values. With internships in major global cities, consider these programs for incredible international travel opportunities, potentially at minimal cost to you!

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26. Shanghai Government Scholarships

Deadline: Varies

Award: Varies

Degree Levels: Bachelor, Masters, & PhD

The goal of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission is to enhance international education and draw in global students to Shanghai, China, by offering financial support. To achieve this, in 2005, they introduced the Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS). 

Eligible international students aiming for higher education in Shanghai can apply for three types of scholarships: Class A (full scholarship for graduate students), Class B (partial scholarship for undergraduates and graduates), or Class C (Excellent Student Award) scholarship.

27. Korean Government Scholarship

Deadline: TBA

Award: Various Expenses Covered

Degree Levels: Bachelor, Masters, & PhD

The National Institute for International Education in South Korea provides international travel scholarship opportunities to foreign university students from countries with cultural agreements. Through the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP), the aim is to support future global leaders by fostering genuine international education.

28. Japanese Government Scholarship

Deadline: Annual

Award: Varies

Degree Levels: Bachelor, Masters, & PhD

Since 1954, the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship program has assisted numerous international students in pursuing higher education in Japan. It welcomes students worldwide to apply for support in undergraduate and master’s degrees, research, and various training programs within Japan.

29. The Bridging Foundation Scholarship

Deadline: April (fall) and October (spring)

Award: $2,500 (semester study), $4,000 (academic year study)

Degree Level: Bachelors

In partnership with the Bridging Project Clearinghouse at the American Association of Teachers of Japan, the United States-Japan Bridging Foundation grants scholarships to U.S. undergraduate students aspiring to study in Japan for a semester or a full academic year. Each year, around 100 scholarships are given to applicants showcasing a keen interest in higher education in Japan and a need for financial support.

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30. Asia Exchange Scholarships

Deadline: Varies

Award: Varies

Degree Level: Bachelors

The Asia Exchange Scholarships, presented biannually, provide students in specific countries the chance to engage in undergraduate studies at universities or colleges in Asia. This scholarship program is applicable for studying abroad at 12 different universities across Asia.

31. German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship

Deadline: Varies

Award: Varies

Degree Levels: Bachelor, Masters, & PhD

German Academic Exchange Service provides an array of scholarships for Canadian or American students aspiring to pursue study or research in Germany. These scholarships vary in competitiveness and cover short-term programs as well as monthly financial support throughout the duration of a German degree program.

32. Eastern European Study Abroad Scholarships

Deadlines: March 1st (fall semester), October 15th (spring semester), April 1st (summer semester).

Award: up to $2,500

Degree Level: Bachelors

Eastern European Study Abroad (EESA) extends merit and need-based scholarships to financially disadvantaged students interested in studying abroad with EESA. Eligibility for EESA Scholarships requires the submission of an essay responding to a specified question and meeting minimum GPA requirements.

33. Spanish Studies Abroad Scholarships

Deadlines: May 15th (fall semester), October 15th (spring semester), April 15th (summer semester)

Award: Varies

Degree Level: Bachelor

Spanish Studies Abroad offers travel scholarships for those keen on exploring Spanish-speaking countries worldwide. These scholarships, designed for undergraduates, aim to support international programs in Spain, Argentina, and Cuba. There are two types of awards available: merit-based and diversity scholarships.

34. Otago Polytechnic Scholarships

Deadline: Varies

Award: Varies

Degree Levels: Bachelor & Masters

Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand’s foremost higher education institute, aspires to be a top global academic institution. To realize this goal, the university provides a variety of scholarships to both local and international students, spanning diverse fields of study.

35. The School for Field Studies (SFS) Endowed Scholarships

Deadline: Varies

Award: Varies

Degree Level: Bachelors

The School for Field Studies offers various scholarships for international students who need financial help to join their programs. These opportunities are made possible by generous alumni and donors who’ve established lasting legacies through endowed scholarship funds.

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36. American Research Center in Egypt Fellowships

Deadline: Varies

Award: Varies

Degree Level: PhD

The American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) offers pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships for individuals in the United States. These opportunities allow applicants to significantly enhance their understanding of Egypt and the Near East through study and research in the country.

ARCE’s yearly fellowships are established in collaboration with the Ministry of Antiquities and the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt, providing support to over 10 recipients each year.

37. Holland Scholarship

Deadline: February or May; varies by institution

Award: € 5,000

Degree Levels: Bachelors & Masters

Studying in Holland encourages Dutch students to explore international education programs and offers valuable support for incoming international students. The Holland Scholarship, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education and various research universities in the Netherlands, provides financial assistance to non-European Economic Area (EEA) students in their first year of undergraduate or graduate studies, promoting international travel scholarship opportunities.

38. University of Bologna (UNIBO) Study Grant

Deadline: March, April, or May (depending on your qualification)

Awards: € 11,000

Degree Levels: Bachelors & Masters

The University of Bologna grants study scholarships to numerous international applicants annually. These scholarships are allocated based on applicants’ SAT and GRE test scores, along with the submission of their online applications. Eligibility is limited to students intending to enroll in the university’s First Cycle, Second Cycle, or Single Cycle degree programs.

39. Monash International Merit Scholarship

Deadlines: March 15th, April 15th, June 12th, October 15th, November 15th

Award: Up to $50,000 ($10,000 per year)

Degree Levels: Bachelors & Masters

Monash University provides over 30 yearly scholarships for exceptional international students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. Applicants from any country are welcome to apply, with selection criteria focusing on academic accomplishments and a 500-word application statement.

40. Boren Scholarships and Fellowships

Deadline: January (fellowships), February (scholarships)

Award: $8,000 (8-11 weeks, available for STEM students only), $12,500 (semester program), $25,000 (academic year program)

Degree Level: Undergraduate

The National Security Education Program’s yearly scholarships offer funding to U.S. undergraduate students, encouraging the study of less commonly learned minority world languages. With a focus on linguistic and cultural immersion, this program aims to assist students dedicated to language studies crucial for U.S. national security. 

Boren Scholars have the flexibility to study abroad in any country, except those in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In return for the financial support, scholars commit to working in the federal government for a minimum of one year after graduation.

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Tips to Help You Win Your International Travel Scholarship Opportunities

1. One Scholarship, One application

Resist the urge to apply broadly for numerous scholarships. Craft personalized, distinct cover letters for each scholarship application. While you can reuse some content or rearrange your resume, strive to ensure that each application is unique and tailored to the specific scholarship.

2. Describe Your Life After Study Abroad

Some students overlook their semester or summer studying abroad as just a temporary part of their life journey. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that life continues after your return. 

Consider how you envision personal growth and how you intend to integrate the lessons learned abroad into your university and home communities. Educators appreciate students who engage in discussions about broader connections and applications.

3. Connect It To Your Heritage

When heading to a region tied to your family history, consider using your study abroad opportunity to connect with second, third, and fourth cousins. These encounters are rare and contribute special depth to your overall experience abroad.

4. You Don’t Have to be a Pro-Athlete or Star of the Decathlon Team

Let’s be real: study abroad scholarship judges likely weren’t the absolute stars of their college campuses. Regular folks are encouraged to apply. The crucial thing is to showcase your strengths and exhibit your enthusiasm for cross-cultural interactions.

5. Apply for Multiple Scholarships

It might be tough to accept, but don’t rely on just one application for a fully funded study abroad program. Apply early and apply frequently. The more you submit your name, the higher the chances of securing a fantastic study abroad scholarship.

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Final Thoughts

The world of international travel scholarship opportunities is vast and accessible. As you embark on your educational journey, remember that financial constraints should not hinder your dreams of studying abroad. Governments, universities, and external organizations are eager to support students like you, offering several scholarships and grants. 

Take the first step by exploring the curated lists we’ve provided, designed to simplify your search and open doors to a globally enriched learning experience. Your educational adventure awaits, and with the right scholarship, it’s more attainable than you may think.

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