27 Ultimate Best Restaurants For Lunch In Anna Nagar

Looking for the ultimate best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar? The fourth-largest city in India, Chennai is a vibrant metropolis that displays a rich cultural legacy with its contemporary way of life. You can explore the many dimensions that Chennai offers, and no matter where you go, the city radiates a magical aura. Chennai, sometimes referred to as the Sun City, is always bright, sunny, and warm. Compared to most other areas of north Chennai, Anna Nagar is one of the city’s modest neighborhoods and is home to a classic culture.


The region offers a wide range of interesting options, from beautiful parks and sports venues to buzzing bars, nightclubs, luxury brands, and fine restaurants. This is what makes the city interesting to explore. “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee,” they say. Doesn’t it make you wonder what would occur at a luxurious and delectable lunch or supper with friends, family, or other close relatives? One of the nicest spots to stay in the city is Anna Nagar, which is characterized by its narrow streets, active marketplaces, and heavily populated areas.


However, a happy existence requires a lot of leisure activities as well as the existence of good restaurants in such a classic leisure establishment. There are several top restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar that you can choose from if you want to spend some time there and enjoy some delectable food. You would have numerous alternatives to pick from while there, whether you are looking for traditional restaurants serving up the greatest cuisines or want to sample the soothing blend. We’ll attempt to cover the top best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar in this article so you can visit them and enjoy some special delicacies.


India is a large country with a wide variety of food. To be even more particular, each area of India is known for unique cuisines, making North Indian cuisine completely different from Northeastern Indian cuisine or South Indian cuisine. It is a pleasure to eat North Indian cuisine since it is so flavorful and satisfying. Let’s take a look at the top best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar city where you can have exquisite Indian cuisines anytime you wish.


Be sure to visit the restaurant website to get the latest updates on each restaurant as policies continue to change.


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Here are the top best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar city:


1. Adyar Anandha Bhavan

 Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


Three decades ago, the late K.S. Thirupathi Raja opened a small sweet shop in Chennai. Since then, the same store has grown into a large restaurant with over 145 branches that can be found all over Chennai and nearby areas. Currently a popular brand in Southern India, Adyar Ananda Bhavan aspires to expand internationally.


2. Hot Chips

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


To satisfy the wide variety of demands by their customers, Hot Chips in Anna Nagar provides a wide selection of products and services. The personnel at this restaurant is kind and quick to provide assistance. Any inquiries or queries you may have are promptly answered by them. It is highly regarded for offering top-notch service in the following areas: restaurants, South Indian restaurants, North Indian restaurants, caterers, restaurants that deliver to customers’ homes, restaurants that serve pure vegetarian meals, restaurants with special offers, and south Indian delivery restaurants.


3. Kumarakom Restaurant

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


One of the ideal and best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar is Kumarakom restaurant, situated near Semmozhi Poonga. Check out their Indian and Chinese menus. Here, you may get tasty biryani, roast beef, chicken curry and delicious payasam. Delightful lemonade is the most popular beverage at this restaurant. The fact that food is being delivered is a big plus for Kumarakom. The courteous personnel puts in a lot of effort, has a good attitude, and helps the business succeed as a whole. This restaurant is known for its great customer service. Visitors reportedly find the prices to be fair and they feel comfortable here due to the gorgeous décor and serene atmosphere.

4. Cream Centre 

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


The delectable cuisine and tranquil ambiance of Anna Nagar’s Cream Centre make it a must-visit. Must-tries include their all-in-one pasta, Chole batura, and Pasta Sizzler. Among the food options are cheese balls, paneer tikka, thin-crust pizza, cheese toast, and creamy nachos. All of these foods go exceptionally well with their iced tea. In general, it’s among the top best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar with family or friends.


5. The Rock

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


They include Chinese food recipes and ingredients. Order fried fish, paneer, and perfectly cooked broth. If you’re hungry, stop over for some delicious payasam, brownies, and fruit ice cream. This is one of the restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar, highly recognized for its top-notch service and helpful, friendly personnel. Prices are appealing, in the view of the guests. Customers can unwind in this space thanks to the elegant decor and charming ambience.


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6. Sigree

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


You will discover more about Indian food here. Well-prepared dal makhani, rogan josh, and fish tikka are available at this restaurant. Try some mouthwatering payasam, gulab jamun, and kulfi. Delicious cordial is waiting for you at Sigree. Juice lovers will enjoy it here. Since it is at a perfect location, every kind of transportation may readily reach this place. The welcoming personnel makes this place a top choice.


These restaurant owners care deeply about their outstanding customer service which is why it is regarded as one of the best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar city. It’s a good news for the diners at this restaurant as the pricing are affordable. You’ll love tranquil ambiance and magnificent décor.


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7. Jack And Jill



In Anna Nagar, there is a popular fast-food joint named Jack & Jill. You’re going to enjoy their meals, particularly the chilli chicken and chicken tandoori. Each course is excellent and it is also reasonably priced. Visitors must taste their kebabs since they are among the top best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar.


8. New Moorthy Café



One of their best-selling dishes is the biryani. Not only Briyani. Everything is excellent, and the price and quantity are both reasonable. You will experience total satisfaction with their service. Therefore, don’t forget to stop by New Moorthy Cafe for lunch or supper if you’re visiting Pichavaram Mangrove Forest.


9. Little Hut The Family Fast Food

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


Making it to our list of the top best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar, visitors can find delicious foods including grilled chicken, chicken biryani, and shawarma in this establishment. Also, classic fresh juices are available at Little Hut. When it comes to food delivery services, this place has a huge advantage. The majority of customers say the staff is courteous. The prompt service at this restaurant is remarkable. In this restaurant, the food prices are appealing. The beautiful atmosphere leaves customers extremely pleased.

10. Sachin Ka Dhaba

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


You should go to this restaurant if you like Chinese food. Try butter chicken, paneer, and chicken roti that are wonderfully prepared. You may have a great mango lassi at Sachin ka Dhaba. This restaurant offers meal delivery for the convenience of its customer. The majority of customers say that the staff at this restaurant is outstanding. The quality of the service is universally praised. According to visitors, prices are fair. This establishment is one of the top best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar with a wonderful vibe.


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11. Savoury Sea Shell

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


You should certainly visit Savoury Sea Shell if you love Chinese and Italian food. This restaurant is highly regarded for its top-notch chicken shawarma, prawn masala, and fish fried rice. Come on by and sample the delicious brownies, falooda, and vanilla ice cream that may be available for sale. For its superb hot chocolate, chocolate frappe, and lemon juice, several guests recommend this place. Customers at this restaurant dislike bitter flavors.


12. Shree Mithai

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


After seeing St. George’s Cathedral, come for a lunch here. This café only serves vegetarian food. Chole bhature, bhaji pav, and panipuri are all prepared to perfection here. The chef at Shree Mithai creates delectable pastries, chocolate mousse, and gulab jamun. Drink some wonderful tea before you eat. The welcoming atmosphere of this restaurant is heavily dependent on its enthusiastic employees.


13. Ente Kerelam

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


It’s okay, according to visitors, to come here for the Indian cuisine. If you’re hungry, come here for wonderfully prepared soup, beef curry, and chicken stew. Delicious payasam, fruit ice cream, and fruit salads can be found on the menu at Ente Keralam. You can come here for excellent juice, lemonade, or tea. Food delivery is also available from this restaurant. The competent personnel at this restaurant exhibits a high level of professionalism. These restaurant operators care about offering prompt service.


14. Amala Mess

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


Amala Mess specializes on Indian cuisine. The majority of customers compliment the flavor of the roasted chicken, chicken biryani, and fried prawns. This restaurant accepts takeaway orders. The qualified personnel puts forth a lot of effort, maintains a good attitude, and helps this business thrive. This restaurant offers nothing other than an exceptional service. For the kind of service provided, prices are fair. Visitors enjoy the welcoming environment, which also brings in more customers.


15. Kebabery

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


Mexican and Indian food are served at this restaurant. Here, ordering delicious kebabs, tandoori chicken, and biryani is a delight. Delicious brownies, ice cream, and kulfi are available on the menu at Kebabery. Many guests order classical tea. The majority of guests have complemented on how helpful the staff is at this restaurant. In their reviews, many acknowledge how quickly the service was. You’ll be pleasantly pleased by the affordable costs at this place.


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16. Zameendar

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


Zameendar is a top option among the best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar. In the area, it provides the most reasonable dining services. High-quality cuisine is served at The Zameendar, a restaurant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu’s Anna Nagar West neighborhood. Along with many more mouthwatering delicacies, it provides North Indian, South Indian, and Non-Vegetarian food. Additionally, it features a stunning interior that is well-furnished, complete with wonderful lighting and a beautiful dining table.


17. Amsavalli Bhavan

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


Tourists have confirmed that this restaurant is highly alluring. This is your opportunity to taste Indian food if you’ve never had the chance. This restaurant is famous for its mouthwatering fried chicken, chicken legs, and biryani. Many customers have praised this restaurant’s welcoming employees. Customers commend the pleasant way they were treated. Here, you’ll discover affordable prices for any meal of your choice.


18. Rosewater Fine Dining



Chinese and Japanese food are the main specialties here. It’s enjoyable to order nice tom yum, chicken tikka, and crabs. Delicious gulab jamun, vanilla ice cream, and jalebi are prepared by Rosewater’s chef. Many guests place orders for fantastic coffee or delectable chocolate frappe. This establishment is widely recognized for its excellent customer service and helpful personnel that are always willing to assist you. Prices are appealing in this restaurant.


19. Shri Gowri Krishnaa



If you’ve never had Chinese or vegetarian cuisine, give it a try at this restaurant. You can get makhani, biryani as well as hot and sour soup. Delicious watermelon salads, ginger ice cream, and gulab jamun are available at Shri Gowri Krishnaa. This place is widely recognized for its amazing scotch. Fresh juices, chocolate shakes, and delectable fruit juices are all available. Most customers applaud this restaurant’s staff for their creativity. Visitors are pleased with the top-notch service offered here.


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20. Bhatinda Xpress

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


The Indian menu attracts guests who are seeking a new experience. You would find yourself speechless after eating their perfectly cooked fish tikka, chicken roti, and dal makhani. If you’re famished, come here for some delectable gulab jamun, kulfi, and vanilla ice cream. Having options to also purchase a good beer alongside your food is absolutely amazing. Mango lassi, lemonade, and juice are among this restaurant’s most well-liked beverages. Guests can relax and have fun at Bhatinda Xpress because of its wonderful atmosphere. Most guests regard their staff as friendly. The excellent service is important to these restaurant operators, which is why they are among the top best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar.


21. The Brick House Bistro



Located in the heart of Anna Nagar, the Brick House Bistro is a cozy non-vegetarian restaurant that offers a wide selection of international cuisines, from North Indian and Continental to Italian and Chinese. It’s a great place to enjoy delicious cuisine as well as live music, board games, and a wide selection of drinks. You may also have a unique “do-it-yourself” eating experience here by baking your own pizza in the restaurant’s pizza oven.


22. Food @ finger



Check out Food @ finger in Anna Nagar for some delectable cuisine prepared by a team of chefs that are experts in North Indian and Chinese cuisines. This restaurant is perfect for group dinners because of its stylish decor, comfortable seating options, and quick and friendly service. Try some of their wonderful non-vegetarian options including manchow fried rice, prawn kabsa, mutton puttu, and fish biryani. Also, the nearby residents love their speedy home delivery services.


23. Double Roti

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


Double Roti is a popular restaurant situated at the center of Anna Nagar. They offer affordable and very tasty food including Italian, and American dishes. Some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes are the chipotle chicken, chili lime pesto, Hey Bhagwan, Scarface, Boston barbecue wings, and chicken seekh kebab. Pizza, spaghetti, burgers, sizzlers, noodle bowls, are also some of the options available to you here. To complement the meal, they provide a wide selection of exotic drinks and cocktails.


24. Shaack Restaurant

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


At Shaack Restaurant, guests can enjoy a variety of Pan Asian and Continental dishes, each of which is expertly prepared with fresh ingredients and delicate seasoning. Care is taken to ensure that each meal is made with only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients available. Hot and crispy beef, chicken stroganoff, prawn satay, spaghetti Valentino, Shaack fries, stuffed mushrooms, Bismark pizza, and Indonesian-style braised chicken are just a few of the delicious options. Also, there are tasty South Indian main meals such as scurd rice, and Andhra chilli chicken.


25. Wok Monk

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


Wok Monk is a popular and one of the top best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar that specializes in Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, and Japanese cuisine. Beers and house pours are available, in addition to a wide selection of specialty cocktails and unique shot combos. Chicken shumai, chicken momos with broccoli and spinach, pad Thai noodles, lotus stem rice, Rendang beef curry, and Nasi Goreng are just a few of the many delectable meals available. You would certainly have a wonderful time here with friends and family thanks to the tasty cuisine and wide selection of beverages.


26. Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori Trail

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


Located smack dab in the midst of Anna Nagar, this restaurant is perfect for families because of its soft, comfy seating, intriguing wall art that displays the benefits of a balanced diet, and delicious Punjabi cuisine. Their tasty meal will transport you to Punjab without you ever leaving your seat. You can fill your tummy with Kukkad Punjabi Makkhanwala, baingan bharta, Murg Bemisal, Hyderabadi biryani, and nadru ghost pulav. Don’t leave without trying the rabri gulab jabun and the brownie sizzle; they are both incredible!


27. The Feast

best-Restaurants-for-lunch in-Anna-Nagar


The best part of vacation at Anna Nagar is lunchtime at The Feast to wrap up your journey. The fusion restaurant prides itself on providing an excellent combination of North Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisines. Foodies who can’t make up their minds will like our suggestions of Kuru kuru chestnuts, chilly eggs, Kuchi Yera, sigree mushrooms, chicken sausage, kadhai chicken, bhindi masala, pesto naan, and chicken dum biryani. In addition, the music and atmosphere are sure to be a hit with the guests. This place is truly one of the top best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar


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Final Thoughts


Do you have any experience with the incredible cuisines in Anna Nagar (Chennai)? When you think of South India, there are good chances that you’ll think of Chennai. It is well-known for its historic significance, but few people realize that it is also one of India’s best culinary spots. Chennai has a lot of the top best restaurants for lunch in Anna Nagar, whether they’re looking for cheap street food or traditional south Indian food. So, if you’re in search of the finest cuisines in Chennai and you happen to be a visitor, you shouldn’t miss the top places aforementioned in this article.


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