Discovering The 20 Best Hidden Gems of Bali’s Beaches

Looking for the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches? Many tourists visit Bali each year, making it seem like a tourist hotspot. But beyond the fancy hotels and resorts, the true beauty of Bali lies in its hidden beach gems. Trust us, there are plenty of them.

Whether it’s breathtaking waterfalls, ancient temples, lush rice fields, or stunning beaches along the coastline, you can find your own piece of paradise in Bali. Despite what you see on social media, there’s much more to Bali than just influencers and beach clubs. This island is brimming with magic and culture beyond the typical tourist spots.

Bali is a unique place with friendly locals and a lot to explore if you’re willing to venture beyond the usual destinations. You might think that Bali’s secret beaches have all beendiscovered, but that’s not the case. Beyond Kuta, Sanur, and Nusa Dua, there are hidden coastal gems waiting to be explored.

With a sense of adventure, some transportation, and a few helpful tips, you can uncover these lesser-known coastal treasures that often don’t make it into travel guides. Whether you seek a secluded stretch of white sand, hidden coves beneath towering cliffs, or black sand beaches with a nod to Bali’s volcanic history, there’s a hidden gem of Bali’s beaches waiting for you.

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Here are the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches:

Discover the enchanting world of Bali’s beaches beyond the allure of salty hair, sun-kissed skin, and that long-awaited book. These hidden gems of Bali’s beaches go beyond the ordinary, offering swanky sunset cocktails, world-class surfing, a plethora of water sports for the kids, and palm-studded bays that seem plucked from a postcard. Let’s take a look at the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches:

1. Balangan | Pecatu, Jimbaran – Good for photo, families and budget


One of the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches, Balangan, lies on the northern side of the cliff, which is also known for forming the signature hole 15 of the New Kuta Golf course. Initially, the name ‘Balangan’ was believed to encompass the entire coastline, encompassing places like Dreamland, until surfers affectionately dubbed the specific shore area to the south of the cliff.

When it comes to accessing Balangan, it’s relatively hassle-free, especially when compared to other beaches along the Bukit peninsula’s shoreline. A mere dozen steps down from the limestone hill lead you to this tranquil haven. Along the shore, you’ll find a collection of beach shacks offering uncomplicated local ‘surfer meals,’ chilled refreshments, and, of course, ice-cold beer.

Location: Jalan Pantai Balangan, Jimbaran, Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

2. Suluban Beach | Uluwatu – Good for adventure, photo, and budget


Discover the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches at Suluban Beach, a uniquely concealed paradise tucked away behind natural limestone formations. To reach this secluded haven, follow the steps and log ramps that wind through narrow gaps in the rocks.

Shaded by an imposing cliff face, Suluban Beach might not be the go-to spot for sunbathing, but it serves as an excellent hub for professional surfers. They can venture into the water and conquer adjacent reef breaks, including those around Uluwatu to the south. Among surfers, this beach is often affectionately referred to as Blue Point.

Accessing Suluban Beach is an adventure in itself, involving a narrow and steep descent through crags and rocky steps. However, once your feet touch the sand, the breathtaking view that greets you is immensely rewarding.

Location: Jalan Mamo, Uluwatu, Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

3. Padangbai and Blue Lagoon | Karangasem, East Bali – Good for photos, families, couples, and budget


Padangbai, a town primarily renowned for its central seaport in eastern Bali, is also a hidden gem when it comes to Bali’s beaches. This area boasts a small collection of secluded coastal treasures perfect for day-trippers and enthusiasts of diving and snorkeling.

Among these, Blue Lagoon stands out—a charming, albeit modest, 60-meter expanse of pristine white sand nestled to the northeast of the seaport. Another hidden gem is Bias Tugel, a 130-meter-long shoreline located southwest of the port, characterized by its tranquil, azure waters for most of the year.

You can unwind on the smooth sands or seek refuge from the sun under parasols while lounging on beach chairs. The beach that shares the bay with the seaport tends to be less crowded, particularly on its eastern end, offering a quieter setting for swimming and relaxation. These are the true hidden gems of Bali’s beaches that await your discovery.

4. Dreamland Beach | Pecatu, Jimbaran – Good for photo, families, and budget


While Dreamland Beach may no longer be a well-kept secret, it remains relatively secluded, nestled between imposing limestone cliffs. This coastal gem boasts a picturesque stretch of white sand, bordered by the enchanting blue expanse of the Indian Ocean.

To reach Dreamland Beach, simply venture westward along the main road of the Pecatu Indah Resort complex, passing by the New Kuta Golf Course. Despite substantial developments along its cliff sides, the beach has managed to preserve much of its rugged charm, especially on its sandy shores.

This makes it a favored destination for beach enthusiasts, day-trippers, and surfers seeking some of Bali’s finest reef breaks right near the shore, along with convenient access to the world-class reef breaks of Balangan and Impossibles, making Dreamland Beach a coastal haven for all.

Location: Jalan Pecatu Indah Raya, Jimbaran, South Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

5. Padang Padang | Uluwatu, Jimbaran – Good for adventure, photography, families, couples, and budget.


Padang Padang Beach, one of the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches, can be reached by descending a series of steps and passing through a limestone crevice located beside a prominent, yellow-railed bridge. Just before the bridge, you’ll find a convenient and spacious parking lot. 

This pristine white-sand beach at Padang Padang is not only a favorite among surfers for its big waves but also offers a picturesque setting and a small, sandy area perfect for sunbathing. In the vicinity, you’ll discover local seafood warungs (food stalls) that serve freshly grilled catches of the day, making it an ideal spot to unwind during your visit to the nearby Uluwatu Temple.

Location: Jalan Labuansait, Pecatu, Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

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6. Karma Beach | Ungasan, South Bali – Good for photos, families, and couples


Karma Beach, previously known as Nammos Beach and now part of the Karma Kandara Resort, can be accessed via an exhilarating funicular ride down a steep cliff. This exclusive beach enclave boasts a pristine stretch of white sand and the mesmerizing blue sea. At Karma Beach, you can anticipate a tranquil tropical atmosphere complemented by top-notch 5-star services. 

Here, you can relish signature cocktails and savor a Mediterranean-inspired culinary experience. To gain entry, you’ll be required to pay an entrance fee that includes a cash voucher for redeeming food and beverages at the Karma Kandara Beach Club, ensuring a delightful seaside experience.

7. Sundays Beach | Ungasan, South Bali – Good for photos, families, and couples


Sundays Beach, one of the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches, is a secluded paradise that often goes unnoticed. Nestled beneath The Ungasan Clifftop Resort (formerly Semara Uluwatu) in Ungasan, this 165-meter strip of sand is discreetly marked, with more prominent signs directing you to the beach along Jalan Pantai Selatan Gau in Ungasan than to the resort itself.

If you’re not a guest at the hotel, a minimum deposit of Rp 250,000 is required, which you can later use for food and drinks. Accessing the beach involves a brief, exhilarating two-minute funicular ride between two imposing cliff walls. The water here is exceptionally clear and perfect for swimming.

Indulge in Mediterranean cuisine prepared in a semi-open kitchen, shaded by breezy thatched roofs with captivating ocean vistas. The club’s beach offers a fantastic setting for a relaxed day with various enjoyable beach activities to keep you entertained.

8. Green Bowl Beach | Ungasan, South Bali – Good for photos, families, couples, and budget


Green Bowl Beach, situated at the end of Jalan Bali Cliff, is accessible via a series of hundreds of concrete steps that gradually descend the cliff face. Descending to the beach is relatively straightforward, but the ascent can be quite challenging.

However, the breathtaking bird’s eye view along the way serves as motivation. At the base of the cliff, you’ll encounter several bat caves. The origin of the name has a couple of variations.

One account is inspired by the sight of green seaweed and exposed corals during low tide, while another associates it with the company slated to develop a resort in the vicinity. This concealed gem, located on Bali’s southern coast, holds a special allure for those who appreciate serene and exotic shorelines.

Location: Jalan Bali Cliff, Ungasan, Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

9. Amed | Karangasem, East Bali – Good for photos, families, and couples


Amed encompasses seven distinct coastal villages: Amed, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning, and Aas. Each of these villages is rooted in fishing traditions, which is evident in the picturesque sight of jukung (traditional outrigger boats) lining the coastline.

Renowned as a prime diving location, the tranquil shores of Amed, with their breathtaking sunrises, are a must-see for anyone staying in the area. To reach this pristine stretch of shoreline, you’ll embark on a relatively straightforward but lengthy journey, passing through the entry points of Klungkung and Karangasem.

Road signs along the way ensure you a hassle-free trip. On your route to Amed, you’ll also encounter noteworthy attractions, including traditional salt farming in the Purwakerti region.

10. Perasi Beach (Pasir Putih) | Karangasem, East Bali – Good for photos, families, and couples


Perasi Beach, nestled snugly between two rolling hills and the charming villages of Bugbug and Perasi, remains one of the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches. Located in the Karangasem regency, approximately 4.5 km to the east of Candidasa, this secluded shoreline boasts the allure of parasols, sun loungers, and an array of local seafood restaurants, making it an enchanting escape on the eastern coast of Bali.

To reach Perasi Beach from Candidasa, take a journey along the Jalan Raya Candidasa-Bugbug main road, and a rustic path awaits you opposite the village’s Pura Bale Agung temple, leading to this coastal haven. Perasi Beach is known by various endearing nicknames, including Pasir Putih, White Sand Beach, Virgin Beach, and Hidden Beach, adding to its mystique and allure.

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11. Gunung Payung Beach | Kutuh, South Bali – Good for adventure, photo, and couples


Gunung Payung Beach, also locally known as Pantai Gunung Payung, stands as one of Bali’s concealed coastal treasures along the southern shoreline. It offers a tranquil and secluded environment with captivating views of the sea.

This place derives its name from the Balinese Hindu temple, Pura Dhang Kahyangan Gunung Payung, perched high on the cliff, gazing out over the ocean. As you traverse the primary Jalan Gunung Payung road, you’ll encounter the beautifully landscaped grounds of the 18-hole Bukit Pandawa Golf Club amidst the rugged limestone terrain.

Just outside the temple, you may catch glimpses of grey long-tailed macaques, known for their more reserved demeanor compared to their famously mischievous counterparts in Uluwatu.

12. Seminyak Beach – Best for everything


If you’re seeking to immerse yourself in Bali’s coastal allure, then Seminyak Beach is your ultimate destination among the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches. This remarkable 5km expanse of glistening golden sands plays host to an array of beach bars, luxurious five-star hotels, and Seminyak’s finest dining establishments, all mere steps away from the lapping waves. Additionally, you’ll discover world-renowned beach clubs in every direction.

Stretching from the outskirts of Kuta to the tranquil coastal corners of Canggu, Seminyak Beach is a vacation haven unto itself. Here, you can try your hand at surfing in the gentle whitewash, bask in the radiant sunshine atop plush sunbeds, or sink into a cozy, vibrant beanbag at La Plancha for a round of sundowners accompanied by Ibiza-style musical beats.

13. Nusa Dua Beach – Best and good for families


Nusa Dua Beach extends endlessly, its powdery white beauty so immaculate it appears almost sculpted by human hands. This pristine shoreline graces the border of Nusa Dua’s resort enclave, surrounded by meticulously landscaped lawns and elegant five-star hotels thoughtfully integrated with palm trees and natural construction materials.

Beyond its impeccable cleanliness and serene waters, the beachfront is adorned with family-friendly restaurants, a variety of water sports, and even a shopping complex. It stands as the perfect destination for an enjoyable family day out, ensuring that the little ones stay cool and content with ample opportunities to refresh and rejuvenate.

14. Echo Beach (Canggu) – Good for people-watching


Echo Beach, one of the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches, has transformed from a go-to destination for a romantic beachfront barbecue into one of the coolest oceanfront spots to see and be seen. Situated in Canggu, this beach serves as a watering hole (quite literally) with numerous surf spots in every direction and shabby-chic bars scattered along the black sands overlooking the ocean.

The ocean view here is truly remarkable. Anticipate encountering beachgoers donning Brazilian-cut bikinis, sun-kissed surfer dudes with scruffy hair, and cherished Bali dogs accompanying their expat owners on a sunset stroll.

This vibrant, community-driven coastline offers a playground for sun and surf during the day and transforms into a lively party destination at night. To add some street cred to your experience, consider bringing along an acoustic guitar.

15. Jimbaran Bay – Best for seafood sunsets


This extensive and silky white sand beach is renowned not only for its breathtaking scenery, with its gleaming sands stretching a full 3 kilometers but also serves as the locale where local fishermen vend their freshly caught seafood each morning at bustling markets.

Given its status as the island’s seafood hub, it’s hardly surprising that you’ll come across several beachfront barbecues along the coastline, skillfully preparing the day’s catch for your dining delight as the sun sets. For a romantic seafood dinner, make your way to the bay before nightfall and select your oceanic delights from the endless displays, ready to savor just moments later.

Alternatively, if you seek sunlight, discover a serene spot beneath the shade to relish the tranquil waters from sunrise to sunset. Pro tip: this bay is an ideal spot for stand-up paddleboarding adventures!

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16. Thomas Beach – Best for secluded beach walks & sunbaking


Since a few trendy Uluwatu eateries emerged at the entrance of this concealed bay, Thomas Beach has lost its hidden status. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most peaceful beaches on Bali’s Bukit peninsula and can be considered the finest beach on the island. 

To reach this secluded stretch of white sand, you must first navigate a gravel path and then descend a twisting staircase down the cliffside. Bordered by turquoise waters and striking boulders jutting from the sand, this location is the epitome of picture-perfect scenery.

17. Sanur Beach – Gest for sunrise & cycling


For those seeking a leisurely day at the seaside, consider venturing to the tranquil Sanur, one of the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches, for a relaxed beach experience. In addition to its seemingly endless expanse of white sand, Sanur’s primary beachfront attraction is the sprawling coastal promenade that spans over 5 kilometers.

This picturesque ocean path meanders past resorts, beachfront cafes, wooden fishing boats, and elegant old villas constructed decades ago by affluent expats who were captivated by Bali’s charm.

You can enjoy a romantic stroll with your partner or engage in a family-friendly bicycle ride. Here’s a valuable tip: Sanur is perfectly situated for witnessing breathtaking sunrises, so it’s advisable to start your day early.

18. Keramas Beach – Best for pool hangs & front-row surf seats


Nestled amidst the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches, Keramas Beach reveals its allure with the majestic Mount Agung as a backdrop and exhilarating waves stretching before you. Situated on the tranquil east coast, Keramas has earned its reputation as one of the lesser-known treasures, drawing attention primarily for its exclusive beachfront haven, the Komune Beach Club.

This paradise-like haven graces the striking black sands, boasting a captivating infinity pool as its centerpiece and the glistening ocean stretching endlessly beyond. Whether you choose to lounge on the beachfront day beds, savor poolside delights, or opt for the comfort of the adjacent Hotel Komune, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing nighttime surf sessions at dusk.

And if your timing aligns, visiting during the annual surf competition, which lures superstar surfers from across the globe, earns you double points in capturing Keramas Beach’s enchantment.

19. Balian Beach – Best for black sands & surfing


Embracing an increasing expatriate community and surf enthusiasts, Balian Beach magnetizes a hip and diverse crowd. Its powerful waves, picturesque dunes and knolls perfect for Instagram shots, and a continuous emergence of trendy boho cafes and bars create an alluring atmosphere, all while offering vistas of world-class waves. 

Whether you opt for a leisurely stroll on the expansive black sands, muster the courage to conquer the waves, or unwind with a sunset beer after a surf session, Balian Beach possesses an irresistible allure that beckons us back every other weekend. As a delightful coincidence, it graces Bali’s west-facing sunset coast, providing prime sunset views to complement its charm.

20. Pandawa Beach – Best for both worlds


Pandawa Beach, one of the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches, evokes mixed sentiments among visitors. Some cherish it for the lively scene, adorned with sunbeds and plentiful beach umbrellas, while others label it as bustling and somewhat touristy.

If you’re in search of that vibrant beach ambiance where all your beachfront essentials are just a few sandy steps away, including cold drinks, the Roosterfish Beach Club, and a variety of restaurants, then Pandawa Beach delivers precisely that experience. However, if your heart yearns for a secluded expanse of sand where solitude reigns, we’ll share a well-kept secret: you can also find that here.

Simply time your visit during low tide, meander past the crowds of beachgoers, and you’ll stumble upon an untouched paradise. No sunbeds, no umbrellas, nothing to obstruct your view – only an endless panorama of pristine white sands, lagoon-like waters, and unspoiled serenity.

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Final Thoughts

In the quest for the hidden gems of Bali’s beaches, we’ve revealed a secret that goes beyond the picture-perfect postcards and Instagram feeds. Bali is a tapestry of enchantment, with its hidden coastal wonders just waiting to be unveiled. It’s a reminder that, beneath the veneer of popular tourist hubs, there’s a realm of natural beauty and cultural richness that only the intrepid traveler can truly appreciate.

From secluded stretches of pristine white sand to secluded coves tucked beneath majestic cliffs, Bali’s hidden coastal treasures are like precious gems, each with its unique allure. These are the places where you’ll feel the island’s heartbeat, where the whispers of its history and traditions echo through the waves. They may not grace the glossy pages of travel guides, but that’s what makes them all the more special.

If you’re ready to step off the beaten path, arm yourself with a sense of adventure, a touch of curiosity, and a dash of wanderlust. Unlock the secrets of Bali’s hidden beaches, where the real magic of this island lies. Beyond the tourist crowds, beyond the clichés, beyond the ordinary – discover the true hidden gems of Bali’s beaches, waiting patiently for your exploration.

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