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Top Rated Travel Destination Bucket List Must see

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Top rated travel destination bucket list must see. Which must see travel destination is on your bucket list?

Continue reading to find out more about the top rated travel destination bucket list must see.

1. New Zealand

Why should you add New Zealand to your travel destination bucket list must see?
New Zealand is renowned for its world-class hiking trail and this country has so much to offer; from the lively neighbourhoods of Wellington to the breath-taking Fiordland of the South Island, there’s an adventure waiting for you in every corner of this country.
This country is divided into two portions; the North Island and South Island separated by the Cook Strait. The North Island is home to many hot springs and geysers while the South Island is mountainous, forester and covered in glaciers.
Over 75% of New Zealanders call the North Island home, and more than 15% of New Zealand’s energy come from renewable resources.
With so much to see to be truly understood, New Zealand is an incredible destination to explore.
Packed with unforgettable landscapes, breath-taking scenery, combination of lakes, mountains, unique wildlife, lush greenery, culture, and adventure, New Zealand is a must-see for any traveller.

2. Giraffe Manor, Kenya


Probably one of the world’s most unusual hotel, Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya is one of a kind. Here is one of the great place to add to your travel destination bucket list must see.

The Giraffe Manor is a once in a lifetime experience that I wish everyone could experience.

It’s famous for its resident herd of Rothschild Giraffe that wander around the land.

At the Giraffe Manor, you’ll wake up in the morning to giraffes impatiently waiting for you to come to your balcony and treat them to some snacks. Breakfast are fun-filled affairs and you are also likely to be interrupted by one of the friendly giraffes stretching its head through the window in search of a treat. You can also enjoy scones, cookies and cakes along with tea or a cold glass of wine as you feed the giraffes.

Those in need of relaxation can ease weary limbs with a massage, while the energetically inclined can enjoy wonderful workouts at the gym.

There are lot of activities at the Giraffe Manor which include; an excursion to the nearby Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, visiting the Karen Blixen Museum or enjoy a relaxing walk in the forest on the estate.

From the amazing and extra caring staff, to the delicious food, all of that combined with more giraffes, Giraffe Manor is really a wonderful place you should definitely visit.

Probably sounds hard to believe but going on an adventure to the Giraffe Manor is 100% travel bucket list worthy which you can’t afford to miss out and should definitely be on the 15 top rated travel destination bucket list must see.

This place is like steeping into a dream!

3. Exploring Banff, Canada


Located at the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Banff is located in Banff National Park. Over 4 million visitors each year visit Banff for its picturesque town centre, outdoor activities and it’s amazing natural beauty.
Banff is known to be the highest town in Canada with an altitude of just over 4500ft and has easy access to world renowned ski resorts, pleasant accommodation, and astonishing restaurants. Adding this place to your travel destination bucket list must see is one that really worth it.
Banff National Park is well known for its wildlife, the scenery is beautiful and fascinating.
From taking a scenic drive from Calgary, to exploring the Banff avenue and everything in between, there are lots of great things to do on your Banff travel adventure.
What will you do on your Banff tour?

4. Bora Bora, French Polynesia


This place is one of the best locations for exciting vacations, adventures, and fun filled explorations, and it is well renowned for this.
Bora Bora is a small South Pacific Island Northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia with a very incredible and fascinating experience.
It is well known for it beautiful white beaches, and astonishing scenery, it is also one of the most popular luxury and honeymoon destinations in the world. Bora Bora has some of the world’s clearest water, this place is travel destination bucket list must see worthy.
Are you looking for the perfect place with amazing and natural beauty? Then adding Bora Bora to your travel destination bucket list most see is what you should definitely do.
From an unrivalled relaxation on the sand to an endless fun on the water and everything in between, this destination is absolutely one to remember.

5. Maldives

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If you want to enjoy your vacation on an Island country, consider adding Maldives Island to your travel destination bucket list must see.
Maldives also called the Republic of the Maldives is one of the most popular tropical vacation locations and has been recognized by the international tourism community as well. Also, to top that off, it is quite an interesting place to be with its unique history, culture, and traditions.
Not only is the Maldives South Asia’s smallest country, it is also the smallest Muslim country in the world.
The Maldives is an amazing place well known as a tropical holiday destination where lagoons are astonishing, the sand is soft and white, and the hotels are luxurious.
Maldives has more to offer than just resorts, fancy buffets and scuba diving. This place is endowed with incredible beauty and splendour of nature with 1200 Islands.
This country holds a great attraction for tourists across the world for its amazing islands, magnificent blue seas, shiny Sandy beaches and a lot of water sports.
Isn’t that amazing?
You definitely need to add this place to your travel destination bucket list must see!

Let us unfold some interesting and captivating facts about the Maldives;

• The Maldives is popular for being one of the safest holiday destination in the world. The isolated resorts are extremely safe, and it is one of the few places in the world where Whale Sharks can be encountered all year around.
• It is home of the world’s first underwater hotel and the world’s first underwater cabinet meeting took place here.
• While in the most countries on the globe, weekend means Saturday and Sunday. It is not so in the Maldives, weekends there is Friday and Saturday.
• 99% of this beautiful country is just water and this makes it one of the best tourist attraction in the world.
• There are approximately 1200 Islands in the Maldives. Around 800 of the Islands are uninhabited, 200 are populated, and there are about 200 hotels and resorts, and it is both the lowest and flattest country on earth.
• It is well known as one of the world top honeymoon destinations.
• With an average of only 1.5 meters above sea level, Maldives holds the title of the lowest country in the world.

Along with this mind-blowing facts, Maldives offer a lot more which makes it truly the best place to embrace the moments of your life as it offers a lot of adventurous kicks for tourists.


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