Walking The Great Ocean Road, Victoria: The Ultimate Guide

The Great Ocean Road is possibly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. Walking the Great Ocean Road, Victoria takes tourist past many magnificent beaches, and the Twelve Apostles which remains a top highlight in the region.

From the stunning views of the vast coastline to the majestic mountainous areas, Victoria has it all. The whole extension of this beautiful coastal road is full of different rock formations, wild seas, great beaches and a rich history.

For those that love the dramatic shipwreck stories, watching the crashing waves eroding the rock, then this place is for you.

If visiting this place is part of your plan, we’ll advise you not to rush while you are here, as you will need some few days to fully appreciate this part of the coast.

There is nothing like walking the Great Ocean Road, Victoria which is located between the iconic Twelve Apostles and Apollo Bay in the region of the Great Ocean Road stretching up to 100 Kilometres. This region offers so many opportunities to discover and appreciate nature, consisting of diversity of flora and fauna in their natural settings with beautiful sceneries.

Walking the Great Ocean Road, Victoria you’ll be astounded with nature. Colac is one of the largest towns in this region, which is a perfect gateway to some Great Ocean Road Victoria most-loved natural attractions.

Engage your body, mind, and soul as you take a walk through the Great Ocean Road, Victoria in the most remarkable way.


What to Experience

Going for a walk in this wonderful region, you’ll experience one of the most famous areas in Victoria. Starting at Apollo Bay, and then passing through the Great Otway National Park, all through to Port Campbell National Park. You’ll complete your walk at the iconic Twelve Apostles.

You will spend a wonderful time walking through the magnificent rainforest that is nearby, which provides a lovely contrast from the coastline whenever its greenery.

While having a spectacular walk, you can take some views of the cliff tops, enthralling bass strait, and breath-taking coastal scenery.

Other iconic sites such as the Cape Otway Lighthouse, and the Twelve Apostles can also be seen, and you’ll get to learn more about the region history from the guides here as well as the natural landscape.

Whether you choose a self-guided tour or a guided tour, walking the Great Ocean Road, Victoria other highlights in this region include:

• Getting stunning views as you walk through the track at Castle cove and the Gables
• The Twelve Apostles
• A relaxing moment at Wreck and Johanna Beaches
• Loch Ard Gorge and one of the most amazing stops here is the geological formations.
You’ll be captivated with nature at its best when walking the Great Ocean Road, Victoria!
Do you need some useful tips that will enable you plan your Great Ocean Road Walk rightly?
We’ve compiled 6 useful guide and tips for walking the Great Ocean Road, Victoria:

1. Choose Wisely

When you’re about choosing the right location for your walks and hike, choosing the right adventure that will satisfy your intentions is the right thing to do which will enable you to get the best experience.

No matter which highlights you choose from, it is essential you include a well detailed itinerary for your adventure. Some useful tips can be found here

2. Plan Your Walk

Do ensure you design a walk that will make you achieve your set objective. Whether you want to get a bit closer to nature or you wish to have a peaceful time while walking the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, it is always advisable you plan everything in details.

Yes, it is understandable that a hike or walk can be a struggle, but when you make a proper plan it is certain you’ll have the most amazing experience here.

More so, you should ensure you put transportation and accommodation into consideration when making your plan, as this is going to make your adventure less challenging. Immerse yourself deeply with the local culture and food.

3. Guided or a Self Guided Tour

Are you familiar with this region?
Are you walking the Great Ocean Road, Victoria for the first time?

You should be able to make a conclusion whether you’ll be going for a guided or self-guided tour.

Whether you’ve decided on walking the Great Ocean Road, Victoria 8 days walking trail or hike, you should be able to decide on how best to keep yourself on the right track all through the adventure.

If you wish to be guided all through the Great Ocean Road enchanting beauty, there are a lot of guides here who are ready to guide you all through your time here.

Be it a guided or self-guided tour, whichever one you’re choosing, one thing which must be made clear is you going for the one that will give you a remarkable experience during your time here.

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4. Pack Rightly

This shouldn’t be overlooked when making preparation for your Great Ocean Road Walk, Victoria as nothing is more awful than over packing for your walk.

Before you set to embark on this wonderful journey, ensure you pack lightly and don’t forget the most essential items. Go through your travel packing checklist for an appropriate packing.

Remember, over packing can make your bag bulky and heavy. You won’t find it comfortably going for a long walk while carrying a heavy backpack.

Also, make sure you put on an appropriate clothing and footwear that will make you feel much comfortable for a walk. The internet is a great place to find other additional information as regard packing.

5. Study The Area


Before your walk at the Great Ocean Road, always remember to get some few details about the environment. A well detailed map and informative guides will provide you with necessary information. This can be done at least 6 weeks before you go for your walk.

This is also important if you are going for a self-guided tour, as you will get more familiar with the environment within the region, the routs, emergency points, terrain and some other details that are of great importance.

6. Stay Connected

Throughout your adventure, make sure you have your mobile devices with you in other to stay connected with friend and family back home.

Taking a camera along with you is also important as this will enable you to capture beautiful moments here in this region.

Do ensure your mobile devices are fully charged to avoid unavoidable circumstances. Carry along with you a power park for back-up.

Discover more about the Great Ocean Road: What you might see along the way

• You’ll get to see a lot of wildlife


Yes, both on land and out on the sea, you are going to see a lot of them in their natural settings. In the winter, you’ll have the opportunity to see migrating Whales, and at low tide you’ll get to see Rock pools and some other larger birds that are nearby.

Passing through the Twelve Apostles viewing area, you’ll see a colony of Penguins, which are best seen at sunset with the use of binoculars. Other animals you’ll see are Echidna, Koalas, Kangaroos, Wallabies, and Seals.

• Beautiful Landscapes


Nothing is more amazing than taking a walk on a beautiful landscape. When walking the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, the wild nature and the vast skies will really amaze you.

You’ll discover various diversity of plants and animals. The tall forest around here, the beautiful coastal heathland, and the rocky shores will give you an astonishing scenery of this area.

Having a deep connection with the beautiful nature and landscape of this wonderful region will give you a remarkable experience. You’ll get to a point during your walk when you’ll feel you’ve been a million miles away from the rest of the world you left behind.

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• Captivating Stories

You’ll get to know various stories and history of this region, right from the Aboriginal history and heritage. Even though this region is rich in flora and fauna, it has been a ceremonial, gathering, and feasting place for thousands of years. There are still many sites and spiritual links that remain here till today.

• Cape Otway Lighthouse


Walking the Great Ocean Road, Victoria you’ll be able to visit the Lighthouse at Cape Otway where you’ll meet many friendly guides who are ready to share wonderful stories with you including that of the Shipwreck Coast. Trust us, you’re definitely going to have a great experience in this place.

• Have a stop at the remote places of this region

You’ll have the opportunity to have a stop at the remote places of this region such as the Milanesia Beach, Devils Kitchen, Station Beach and Ryans Den where you’ll have beautiful moments of explorations and discoveries. Rusting shipwreck anchors from the Marie Gabrielle and Fiji will also be seen.


Getting to know the local knowledge can really make a significant difference when making preparation for an astonishing walk experience.

There is no better way to immerse yourself well with nature and view it sceneries than to lace up your shoes, strap on your backpack and hit the trail.

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