Discovering The 25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Mesquite TX

Are you thinking of spending a vacation in Mesquite, Texas? We’ve compiled a list of amazing things to do in Mesquite TX to make your visit unforgettable and enjoyable. This suburban neighborhood, about 14 miles east of Dallas, Texas, has a plethora of lovable nicknames. Mesquite is proud to be known as the “Rodeo Capital of Texas,” as well as a “Playful City USA” and a “Tree City USA” for the past 25 years. Mesquite, the state’s 12th most populous city, is located in the Dallas suburbs.

Since Mesquite is situated at the crossroads of four important routes, the probability that you’ll pass through it when driving throughout Texas is quite high. However, what activities and attractions can you discover on this small area of the map that Dallas does not offer? There are lots of incredible things to do in Mesquite TX because it is home to everything from ideal sports and entertainment facilities to shopping malls and great, distinct restaurants.

There are both indoor and outdoor things to enjoy, including bowling, movies, and history. Outdoor activities include off-road racing, mini golf, batting cages, bumper boats, and go karts. Mesquite has a wide variety of fantastic locations, from kid-friendly spots to activities with an adult focus. Additionally, Mesquite offers several fantastic restaurants! If you’re looking for a great place to explore, look no farther than Mesquite, Texas. In this charming town, everyone will find something to enjoy.

Disclosure: Due to new safety regulations, some of the information regarding the attractions and sites listed below may have changed. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the location.

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Here are 25 best & fun things to do in Mesquite TX:

1. Mesquite Rodeo


Mesquite is not known as the Rodeo Capital of Texas for nothing! It is the second-most televised rodeo in the world, this professional event runs from spring through fall throughout the traditional rodeo season. The Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars’ owners sold the rodeo to Camelot Sports & Entertainment in 2009 after it had been passed between them multiple times since it was first established.

They’ve spent a lot of money since then remodeling the facility, installing high-definition video boards, and raising the degree of luxury in the suites. They also offered an exclusive restaurant for members only. Which personalities have appeared on the rodeo’s doors? Former Presidents Reagan and W. Bush, as well as Monaco’s Prince Rainier III.

2. Dallas Marshals


There are more teams in Dallas football besides the Dallas Cowboys. The city’s own arena football club, the Dallas Marshals, competes in Mesquite Arena in Mesquite. The Marshals are one of the 11 teams in the Champions Indoor Football League, and they also have their own dancing and cheering group that performs during the halftime shows and is headed by a former Dallas Mavericks dancer. The Marshals’ season begins in February, and they play seven home games each year. One of the best things to do in Mesquite TX is to watch the Dallas Cowboys play.

3. Mesquite Arts Center


A Visit to the Mesquite Arts Center is one of the best things to do in Mesquite TX if you love learning. You will enjoy a variety of concerts and exhibitions all year long if you’re not a big sports fan and would rather experience some local culture. To find out what will be happening while you’re here, check the calendar before you travel.

4. Devil’s Bowl Speedway


Racing is another exciting sport available in Mesquite, however this is not a NASCAR track. Devil’s Bowl Speedway’s outdoor, half-mile dirt track is perfect for all types of vehicle racing and contests. Similar to how the rodeo season goes from the spring through the middle of the fall, the racing season only features Saturday night races. They hold a number of significant occasions, such as the Annual Winter Nationals and the Annual Lonestar 600, but they also have special evenings throughout the year with entertainment and attractions like fireworks.

5. Public Art in Mesquite


Perhaps you’d want to explore the city and take in some of the public art exhibitions if the weather is pleasant and there isn’t anything happening at the Mesquite Arts Center that grabs your attention. The Mesquite Arts Council and the Mesquite City Council have teamed up to promote the public art dotted across the city. Additionally, there is the Art Around Town initiative, which offers transient sculpture shows at particular areas. A visit to this location is one of the best things to do in Mesquite TX.

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6. Bell’s Better Burger


This modest roadside store offers the best countryside dining. When you arrive, place your order with the carhop, and they will bring it out to you when it is ready. It’s pure nostalgia and old-school Americana. Along with Texas-style burgers, they also serve southern favorites like catfish platters, massive onion rings, and delicious milkshakes.

7. El Fenix Famous Mexican Restaurant


El Fenix Legendary Mexican Restaurant is another Tex Mex chain that has enormous popularity. Because it’s not Mexican food, it’s Tex Mex, they serve out huge plates of it like you’ve never had it before! Any Texan you speak with on your journey will confirm that there is a noticeable difference. Order a margarita, please!

8. Mesquite Golf Club


Would you rather walk outside and get dirty yourself than enjoy watching others play your favorite sport? Well, playing golf won’t exactly get your hands dirty, but you will get in a decent exercise and get to enjoy the stunning scenery at the Mesquite Golf Club. Enjoy 154 acres and 18 holes that are ideal for both expert golfers and amateurs. The par 71 course has lovely fairways flanked with trees, and you can reserve your tee time up to six days in advance.

If you’re an out-of-town visitor, the on-site pro shop contains everything you need, including balls, tees, gloves, and more. During your round of golf, the bar and grill sells drinks, snacks, sandwiches, hot dogs, and hamburgers. A beverage cart also stays on the course so you can always get a refreshing drink when you need one. This is indeed one of the best things to do in Mesquite TX.

9. Westlake Sports Center


At the Westlake Sports Center, another location for outdoor adventures, you may play a match of tennis or even give archery a shot. It features eight lanes on the archery range and illuminated and covered courts so you can play even when it’s dark outside or if the weather isn’t perfect. One of the best things to do in Mesquite TX is to play sports at this facility.

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10. Mesquite BBQ


It goes without saying that you must have some barbecue while you are in Texas because, unless you do, you haven’t tasted good barbecue. The traditional favorite is Mesquite BBQ, which serves a lot of pulled pork, sausage, brisket, and other meats in a really cute, mom-and-pop-style shop that isn’t particularly fancy. However, the focus here isn’t on appearances; rather, it is on the food.

11. Posados Cafe


This is a must-try local Texas chain that serves food more in line with what you may anticipate eating when visiting Texas. You’ll leave feeling really fulfilled. The full-service Mexican restaurant has been operating over thirty years, and the menu shows years of dedication to getting every detail just right. Enjoy tacos, seafood, sopas, queso, Tex Mex cuisine, and everything in between.

12. The House of Gyros


This Greek favorite, frequently ranked as one of Mesquite’s top ethnic restaurants, is not at all what you may expect to find in Texas, but it’s a wonderful discovery. Everything is produced on order, so there is a short delay, but it is well worth it. It is sometimes referred to as a hidden gem or a diamond in the rough. The wait service is responsive, courteous, and polite.

13. Spellman Museum of Forney History


One of the best things to do in Mesquite TX is to visit the Spellman Museum of Forney History when you’re in Mesquite’s suburban area’s adjacent suburb of Forney. The museum provides relevant information about the region’s history, from prehistoric times to the post-WWII period. The many displays include a range of subjects, such as animals, early settlers, and Texan agriculture.

14. Mesquite Community Theatre


At the Mesquite Community Theatre, you can enjoy a night out at the movies while witnessing some really talented amateur actors perform. This nonprofit organization was established in 1983 and is housed in the same location as the Mesquite Arts Center. You can check their calendar to see what is scheduled for the forthcoming season, but you can be sure that there will be a variety of both classic and contemporary performances.

15. Mesquite Memorial Stadium


In Texas, high school football is very important. A BIG DEAL. In certain instances, Texas high schools have better football venues than several national college teams. Anyone is welcome to attend a high school football game, so come see what all the fuss is about and why this sport is so popular at this level for so many families in the state.

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16. Dad’s Broadway Skateland


Enjoy a trip down memory lane as you and your friends skate around the rink at Mesquite’s premier skating rink, which has been open since 1961. Enjoy the amazing music, lively environment, and a lot of happy skaters. Not too confident in your skating abilities? You may quickly schedule a class to pick up all the basics of roller skating, including how to skate backwards. The lesson claims to give you a talent that will boost your self-confidence, help you handle stress, and more.

17. Painting with a Twist


Wine and painting, plus a murder mystery? It doesn’t get much better than that! Enjoy an evening of painting with your travel buddies as you sip wine and learn a little bit about the art of painting. You’ll leave with a delightful souvenir that you can put on your wall. No matter how skilled you are at painting, the workshop emphasizes that it’s a fully casual setting and that the main goal is to have fun. Each painter gets to play a unique character throughout the murder mystery theme on specific evenings.

Perhaps you’d like to accomplish a difficult job, since the formula for pure energy has gotten into the hands of the wrong people! Or maybe you and your pals are the best people to stop a global medical epidemic. Whatever task you choose to accept, you’ll go up against the brilliant minds behind Xcape Adventures.

19. Mesquite Heritage Trail


Need to get out and move around? Visit the city’s biggest recreation area, the Mesquite Heritage Trail. There are three trailheads, an exercise station, a pedestrian bridge, and a little more than four kilometers of paved paths and walkways. The Mesquite Golf Club, schools, shops, and other popular locations are all accessible to inhabitants of the whole city via the walk and bike path network, which includes a significant portion of the Heritage Trail.

20. Town East Mall


This mall offers movie enthusiasts some information in addition to being a shopping destination. The mall, which was constructed in 1971, significantly aided the development of the community, gained a small amount of notoriety in 1978 when it used as the location for some of the Ron Howard film Cotton Candy. There are now 164 stores there, including all of your favorite ones. Macy’s, JCPenney, Dillard’s, and Sears are some of the anchor retailers, and you can also find bigger versions of H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Finish Line, f.y.e, Forever 21, and Hollister there. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery is the mall’s most well-liked on-site restaurant.

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21. Butterfly Trail


The Paschall Park Butterfly Trail, a work-in-progress where you can see native plant fields, wildflower meadows, and a significant number of butterflies, is regarded as one of Mesquite’s natural gems. Visitors get the chance to learn about the local butterfly population and what influences a butterfly habitat as well as the interaction between plants and animals that is highlighted by the path.

22. Celebration Station


Taking a family vacation? You should visit this location to ensure that they have a great experience while you are in Mesquite. An arcade, batting cages, bumper boats, go-karts, laser tag, mini golf, paintball, and even carnival-style rides can be found in an attraction park. You may bring the whole family because they provide activities for almost every age group. Every day of the week, they have a new deal, so you should check out their website before you go so you can be sure to go on the day that best suits your needs.

Do you want to drive the go-karts repeatedly? You should attend on Monday when they are offering unlimited go-kart rides. While you’re there, do you need to get dinner? Consider going on a Friday when you can purchase four all-day ride passes for unlimited go-karts, bumper boats, and their train for a low price along with a big pizza, pitcher of soda, and other goodies.

23. The Rows of Texas


The Rows of Texas is the place to go if shopping is on your list of things to do in Mesquite TX. Naturally, this area is built up of rows, with over 100 distinct eateries on the four-mile-long restaurant row and literally hundreds of shopping possibilities on Retail Row. Along with being in a highly convenient location, the Mesquite Arena is located just across Rodeo Row. You may find anything here, from what you want to buy to what you want for dinner.

24. Opal Lawrence Historical Park


Opal Lawrence Historical Park, which is included on the National Register of Historic Places, is the location of the Lawrence homestead, which was created for the first time in 1874. The house was built in the Texas prairie vernacular style, and not many modifications have been made to it since then. Many of the old structures, including the smokehouse, root cellar, wash house, and two barns, can still be seen. There are a few poultry coops as well. Up until 1995, the Lawrence family occupied the house. However, this house’s unique painted ceilings, which illustrate Texas country life, are its most notable feature.

25. Florence Ranch Homestead


The Florence family contributed to the initial construction of this Texas historical landmark in 1871. When the Florence family had up to 730 acres at the time, the home was subsequently enlarged. The location is currently referred to as Meadow View Farm. The son Emet rose to prominence as a top breeder of both Hampshire sheep and Percheron horses during the second generation of Florences, which was quite active in the neighborhood.

His wife, Perle, created a local library, served as the first female member of the Mesquite Parks Board, and was highly involved in both the Mesquite and Dallas communities. In the late 1980s, their kid and granddaughter would give the property to the City of Mesquite. The house is now a fantastic illustration of rural Texan architecture from the 1800s. It serves in part as a museum for education.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of things to do in Mesquite TX. You can get everything you need here, whether you want to eat, shop, or be entertained. Mesquite has a variety of amazing experiences that wonderfully showcase the distinct Texas outlook. Mesquite experiences can be made by participating in a number of activities such as touring historical places, attending rowdy rodeos, and watching heart-pounding auto races. With all of this, Mesquite is unquestionably one of the top American cities to visit, as well as a top Texas destination.

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