Discovering The Best Things To Do In Flowood MS

Discover the best things to do in Flowood MS—a charming city in Mississippi celebrated for its well-planned layout and commitment to quality living. Flowood seamlessly combines residential and commercial spaces, distinguishing itself in the state. Despite not being the most famous city in the USA, Flowood draws tourists with its captivating destinations. 

These tourist spots offer a unique set of activities, setting Flowood apart from other cities. In fact, there’s a wide range of enjoyable activities to partake in, making Flowood, MS, a destination worth considering for a visit. Delving into its tourist destinations, Flowood boasts a variety of uncommon and intriguing activities not easily found elsewhere. 

From festivals to unique events, the city offers a distinctive experience for visitors. Additionally, Flowood is home to a welcoming community and boasts a low crime rate, making it an appealing destination for families and tourists alike. The city’s commitment to green spaces and recreational facilities further enhances its allure. So, whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Flowood provides a blend of charm and functionality that sets it apart.

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Here are the best things to do in Flowood MS:

1. Explore the Wonders of the Flowood Nature Park


Flowood Nature Park, located right behind Flowood Elementary and a short walk from Winner’s Circle Park, is a marked and wooded area. It’s a cool space for kids to explore and learn about trees, plants, and wildlife. 

The park is like a mini-forest with native trees and plants. With a charming lake and a beautiful fountain, the park also provides wooden chairs and picnic tables. It’s a perfect spot for visitors and tourists to have picnics with their family and friends.

Address: 4077 Flowood Dr, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

2. Visit High Heaven Trampoline Park


Heading to the High Heaven Trampoline Park in Flowood, MS, should definitely be at the top of your list for a great time! This popular spot in the city offers thrilling attractions that both locals and visitors enjoy, especially on weekends. With a mix of exciting entertainment, fitness, and sports activities, it’s the perfect place for a family adventure.

Address: 2280 Lakeland Dr #9592, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

3. Go Golfing at the Refuge Golf Club


Considered a haven for golf enthusiasts, the Refuge Golf Club in Flowood is a captivating attraction known for its lush greenery and tranquil surroundings. This 18-hole golf course stands out as one of the premier public golf facilities in the state.

Providing a perfect setting for tourists to engage in friendly and challenging games. A visit to the Refuge Golf Club offers a delightful weekend escape, complete with beautiful landscapes, impeccable course conditions, and an overall enjoyable experience.

Address: 2100 Refuge Blvd, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

4. Stop by at the Amusement Center of DEFY Jackson


DEFY Jackson stands out as a popular amusement center and theme park, drawing thrill-seekers with its exciting attractions. Additionally, it doubles as a venue for hosting mini parties and events. Notably, it proudly claims the title of Mississippi’s First Indoor Trampoline Park.

Discover the joy of trying out new stunt falls at DEFY Jackson, making it a must-visit for both locals and tourists. This amusement center is also your go-to destination for the ultimate birthday party experience. It’s no wonder DEFY Jackson is among the best things to do in Flowood MS.

Address: 2280 Lakeland Dr #9592, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

5. Enjoy the Fun Filled Moments of Winner’s Circle Park


Make your holidays extra special by adding a touch of fun! If you’re in Flowood, don’t miss the chance to visit Winner Circle Park for a delightful experience. As one of the country’s renowned parks, it caters to both kids and adults, providing a perfect setting for play and relaxation.

With its picturesque environment, Winner Circle Park is ideal for hosting mini parties, especially family reunions, making it a standout destination for creating cherished memories.

Address: 100 Winners Cir, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

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6. Explore the Habitats of the Crystal Lake


Crystal Lake, the gem of Flowood, is a breathtaking natural attraction boasting serene islands and a diverse range of fish and bird species. It’s a hotspot for both avid fishermen and picnickers. Nearby restaurants offer delicious seafood delights, ensuring a treat for your taste buds.

Known for its picturesque setting, Crystal Lake provides perfect picnic spots with tables, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a delightful outdoor experience. Discover the best things to do in Flowood MS, by exploring the wonders of Crystal Lake.

Address: Flowood Dr, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

7. Enjoy Shopping Spree at the Flowood Antique Flea Market


Next up on our list of enjoyable activities in Flowood is a trip to the shopping plazas at the Flowood Antique Flea Market, proudly recognized as the Best Vintage Flea Market in Mississippi, featuring an impressive 150+ booths. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, this market is the go-to spot for a diverse shopping experience.

Offering everything from furniture and collectibles to comic books, baseball cards, coins, painted furniture, shabby chic items, handmade furniture, and military memorabilia. You’ll also find vintage video game systems and games, glassware, pottery, paintings, books, vintage radios, antique clocks, and English furniture.

Address: 1325 Flowood Dr, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

8. Take Creative Photographs at Pose Selfie World


The Pose Selfie World in Flowood, Mississippi, is a unique photography studio where you can explore your creativity using various costumes. As one of the most popular selfie museums in the United States, it offers a picturesque setting for visitors to enjoy capturing moments with their cameras. 

The Pose Selfie Museum is a self-guided, interactive experience, allowing both locals and tourists to take photos and record videos, making it one of the best things to do in Flowood MS.

Address: 4327 Lakeland Dr, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

9. Catch the Very Best of Movie Series at Regal UA Parkway Place


United Artists Parkway Place, established over two decades ago, stands out as a flourishing cinema house that invites you not only to hear about its success but to participate in a memorable movie experience. 

The attraction’s popularity among both visitors and tourists is easily understood, given its reputation for primarily screening first-run movies. When you visit this cinema house, you have the opportunity to engage in the Crossroads Film Festival, featuring a diverse selection of local and independent films.

Address: 1075 Parkway Blvd, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

10. Enjoy the Wild Shooting Adventures of Two-Gun Tactical


Two Gun Tactical, located in Flowood, Mississippi, offers exciting and adventurous shooting packages suitable for the entire family, including both individual and group shooting range training sessions. Whether you’re a member or not, you can schedule training with any of the on-site instructors at Two Gun Tactical. 

Visitors have the opportunity to aim at targets and try out shooting in a welcoming environment. Additionally, the shooting range provides the option to purchase guns, ammo, and other accessories if you’re interested.

Address: 667 Casey’s Ln, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

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11. Enjoying Golfing With Peers at Mac N Bones Mini Golf


If you’re into golf, Mac N Bones mini golf in Flowood, Mississippi, is a fantastic spot for swinging your clubs. Similar to the refuge golf course, it’s not just for golfers; it’s also a great place for hosting birthday parties and group outings. 

This mini-golf course has 18 holes, meets standard requirements, and boasts modern facilities for a fun golfing experience. Plus, it’s a top choice for family vacations, birthday parties, and other events, making it one of the best things to do in Flowood MS.

Address: 1 Mac And Bones Blvd, Pearl, MS 39208, USA

12. Visit the Museum House Mississippi Petrified Forest


When you’re in Flowood, Mississippi, don’t miss the Mississippi Petrified Forest, a privately owned museum with a calming walking tour. The guided tours focus on exploring an earth science museum filled with fossils and minerals from around the world. 

Visitors can freely browse this fascinating collection. The museum house also has a gift shop where you can buy beautiful artifacts, mainly pieces of petrified wood. It’s a great attraction to explore during your stay in Flowood.

Address: 124 Forest Park Rd, Flora, MS 39071, United States

13. Chill at the Hangout Gamer Lounge


Next on our list of the best things to do in Flowood MS is The Hangout Gamer Lounge. It’s a fantastic spot, especially for families with kids, attracting gamers from all over the country to enjoy playing games together.

If you’re in the city and looking for the perfect place to hang out with kids during summers, host mini parties, or celebrate birthdays, The Hangout Gamer Lounge is the ideal spot. Offering an incredible gaming experience, it features cutting-edge gaming consoles, gaming computers, and VR equipment for an enjoyable time.

Address: 1149 Old Fannin Road, Suite 10 Brandon MS 39047

14. Try Something Different at Black Axes Throwing Club


Consider checking out the Black Axes Throwing Club, a local, family-owned axe throwing venue in Flowood. This establishment is all about providing a safe, fun, and fantastic experience for visitors who want to try axe throwing, an adventure that’s gaining popularity.

Now in Flowood, this club is the place to learn how to hit the target like a pro and have a thrilling time. It’s not just about axe throwing – Black Axes also offers a spacious venue, perfect for celebrations, business meetings, or family reunions. It’s a great addition to your list of things to do in Flowood MS.

Address: 1149 Old Fannin Rd, Brandon, MS 39047, USA

15. Get Your Massages Done at the Synergy Salt Cave & Wellness Spa


Synergy Salt Cave & Wellness Spa, a registered massage spa in Flowood, Mississippi, is dedicated to nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of both residents and visitors alike.

At this spa, you can embrace non-invasive healing methods at an affordable price, helping you escape life’s stresses and energize your entire being. It’s a place where individuals can find solace and care for their holistic well-being.

Address: 3010 Lakeland Cove Suite Z-1, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

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16. Host Mini Parties at the Flowood Underwood Auditorium


Another enjoyable activity in Flowood, MS is visiting the Flowood Underwood Auditorium. While it might not be as adventurous, it’s an excellent venue for various mini-events, especially business meetings and family hangouts.

Situated in Flowood, Mississippi, this auditorium is a 5000-square-foot building with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and more. It provides a comprehensive experience for weddings, receptions, meetings, and other events. The Flowood Underwood Auditorium boasts top-notch, modern facilities, including tables and seats perfectly suited for such occasions.

Address: 3951 Underwood Dr, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

17. Check Out The Pacesetter Gallery


Named aptly, the Pacesetter Gallery is a fine arts gallery showcasing the talents of over 40 Mississippi artists from the city. Visitors and tourists alike praise this contemporary gallery for its diverse exhibits.

Beyond exploration, visitors can engage in a captivating free scavenger hunt, ideal for enjoying with family and friends. Participating offers a chance to win the painting of the month! The Pacesetter Gallery in Flowood also features a store with a variety of items for sale, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings, ceramics, jewelry, sculptures, prints, and gifts.

Address: 310 Ridge Way, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

18. Enjoy The Adventures of Flowood Remote Control Indoor Park


Established in 2010, the Flowood Remote Control Indoor Park stands as a city-owned off-road remote control race track, proudly serving as a recreational hub for the region.

Operating primarily on weekends, especially Sunday afternoons, this facility offers special events and exciting racing adventures for both visitors and tourists. The Flowood Remote Control Indoor Park provides a fantastic way to spend leisure time, welcoming all members of the public to join in the fun.

Address: 202 River Pines Cove, Flowood, MS, 39232, United States

19. Catch a Whole Lot of Fun at the Party Safari


Discover the best things to do in Flowood MS at Party Safari! Unlike typical suggestions focusing on physical venues, this recommendation brings a unique twist. Party Safari isn’t tied to a specific location but promises loads of fun. Picture a festival with virtual reality games, multi-level laser tag, a 32-foot rock wall, bumper cars, and an inflatable slide!

This festive experience offers a range of family-friendly entertainment. If you’re looking for an adventure to enhance your vacation with family in Flowood, join the celebration at Party Safari!

Address: 5324 Lakeland Dr, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

20. Get Thrilled With the Attractions of Adams Street Park


Take a short drive off Flowood Drive on Fannin Road, and you’ll find the bustling Adams Street Park. This lively park is more than just greenery; it transforms into a sports hub with its outdoor courts. The main focus at Adams Street Park is basketball, with a dedicated courtyard for various sporting activities. 

Beyond basketball, enjoy a 300-foot baseball/softball field. The park also features a concession stand with restroom facilities. Adams Street Park is your go-to spot to fulfill all your recreational needs, offering facility rentals for a complete leisure experience.

Address: 1499 Adams Street, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

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Final Thoughts

Flowood, MS stands out as a hidden gem with its charming ambiance, well-planned layout, and a delightful mix of residential and commercial spaces. As we explored the best things to do in Flowood MS, it became evident that this city, though not the most famous, offers several activities that make it a standout destination. 

From festivals to a welcoming community and low crime rate, Flowood embodies a blend of charm and functionality that appeals to both residents and tourists alike. If you’re seeking an extraordinary experience, consider Flowood—a city where the best things to do are as distinctive as the place itself.

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