The Top 20 Ultimate Best Things To Do In Clermont Florida

Are you looking for the best things to do in Clermont Florida? Clermont, a magnificent community surrounded by numerous lakes of all sizes and just west of Orlando in central Florida’s Lake County, offers residents and visitors a wide range of recreational opportunities. Clermont boasts one of the most extensive park systems in the region and is surrounded by a variety of natural, cultural, and historical attractions  compared to many of its smalltown neighbors. Due to its convenient location halfway between the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, travelers can easily take day trips to some great beaches.

Clermont, Florida, is a special location that is absolutely worth exploring because it has a lot of historical information that dates back to 1884. This magnificent city offers a wealth of gorgeous features that are not unconnected with nature, communal components, and urban, all in one area, with endless amounts of free places to explore for enjoyment. This city’s history can be traced back to the 19th century, and in 1884 it was designated as A.F. Wrotnowski’s French birthplace. It is a stunning city that is largely encircled by lakes of all sizes and forms, and there are a ton of exciting things to do in Clermont Florida

This lovely place provides tourists and guests with a number of well renowned locations where they can enjoy the ideal cultural, historical, and natural features. Since there is always something going on in Clermont, it is a lively city full of people and activities. Florida’s Clermont is a community distinguished by lovely lakes and a fascinating past. Many people go there to relax close to the lakes and enjoy the beauty. Our main recommendation is for you to go to Clermont if you’re seeking for a destination where you may be active and where you can simultaneously study nature and history. Additionally, families will enjoy it here. Kids can learn about US history right here in the heart of Florida at the numerous kid-friendly attractions that are available.

Disclosure: Due to new safety regulations, some of the information regarding the attractions and sites listed below may have changed. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the location.

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What Are The Ultimate Best Things To Do In Clermont Florida?

Clermont is the ideal destination to visit if you’re seeking for activities away from the bustle of the city. You won’t get bored in this small town, thanks to the abundance of natural, cultural, and historical attractions, as well as the excellent park system. For a small town, Clermont, Florida, offers a lot more activities than one could imagine. It is a popular destination since it is home to numerous historical, cultural, and natural attractions. Additionally, it features one of the largest park systems among all the areas. Here are some of the most enjoyable activities, as well as best things to do in Clermont Florida:

1.  Bob’s Balloon Rides


Here at Bob’s Balloon Rides, visitors have the chance to ride in a hot air balloon and soar across the sky. The first form of human flight was the hot air balloon, which is a magnificent experience as you enjoy the stunning view of the sky and ground below. For locations close to Kissimmee, Davenport, Disney, Windermere, Deland, Polk City, Apopka, Clermont, Central Florida, etc., this flight is available. Additionally, you are free to hold weddings, advertise, and hold promotions on the balloon.

2. Florida Scrub-Jay Trail


The Florida Scrub Jay Trail, which is located close to Clermont, is an effort by the state to identify Scrub Jay habitat that is still present on either private or public grounds. It is therefore not surprising that the area is home to stunning birds like the Scrub Jay and others because they also work to create an environment that is favorable for these species. The Trail House, which is located along the trail and is housed in an Old Florida Cracker-style building, offers views of the citrus-lined Flag Lake. Come down to this area if you’re looking for a location to go bird watching, especially in the fall and winter when thousands of migratory birds fill the marshes and upland habitat. The area is covered in wildflowers throughout the summer, which is absolutely stunning to see. Do not exclude taking a tour at the Trail house on your list of things to do in Clermont Florida.

3. The Townsend House


Visiting the Townsend House, which was the residence of the city’s first black natives, James and Sally Townsend, is one of the best things to do in Clermont Florida. The Townsend family created St. Marks African Methodist Episcopal Church as well as the first black school in the neighborhood. The home was transferred and restored to its present state even though it wasn’t where it was originally. The Townsend House is now a museum known as the Clermont Historic Village Museum that showcases the past and historical artifacts of the city’s native inhabitants and occupants.

4. The 10-Mile Clay Loop


The 10-Mile Clay Loop is a popular running and athletic trail that is 10 miles long and borders Lake Louisa. It is a favorite among runners and athletes, and you might run into one or two Olympians who are currently training there. The 10-Mile Clay Loop offers something different from paved roads and root-infested trails due to its natural shape, undulating hills, and gentle footing. If you are a beginner runner and want to improve, you can discover other runners on the loop who are happy to encourage you. This is one of the things to do in Clermont Florida, so don’t forget to get going on time to avoid the midday heat.

5. Explore Lake County Waterways and Blueways


There are so many lakes to explore in Clermont, Florida. The Lake County Water Authority oversees the waterways and Blueways in the county, and exploring these lakes is one of the most relaxing things to do in Clermont Florida. You may take a motorized boat to visit all the lakes in the vicinity in a single day because so many of these lakes are connected by canals. You can as well check out one of the  Lake County’s Blueways that has been designated for exploration by human-powered craft.

6. Southern Hills Farm


Off one of the main roads in Clermont, there is a family-run farm called Southern Hills Farm. This farm, which has 40 acres of land, provides U-pick blueberries during the peak season, which is typically between March and May. The farm’s first harvest was in 2010. Your family could visit this farm if you’re searching for a place to have some family fun, especially when they open their market and covered playground, host food trucks, and offer hayrides. You’ll adore their weekly U-pick option, which lets you choose what you want to pick for yourself from the farm. Before you visit the farm, make sure to check the event calendar for information because the services they provide are seasonal. Visiting the Southern Hills Farm is one of the best things to do in Clermont.

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7. Crooked River Preserve


At the northernmost tip of the Lake Wales Ridges, the Crooked River Preserve is a notable landform that runs from Lake Okeechobee up towards Minneola. Even though the preserve is only a short trek away, you’ll see a wide range of habitats there. It is one of Clermont’s last remaining natural strongholds, and the name of the preserve comes from the river’s twisted path, the Palatlakaha, which serves as its border. Fishing, running, trekking, sightseeing, and other enjoyable activities are available here. Away from the busy city streets, it’s also a terrific spot to think. To have one of the best moments, do well to include visiting the Crooked River Preserve on your list of things to do in Clermont Florida.

8. Revolution Off Road


You can participate in exciting sports like archery, clay shooting, ATV riding, fishing, etc. with Revolution Off Road, which offers you the chance to act on your desire for thrills. You can take advantage of all the fun they have planned for you at a low cost, which goes beyond only the chance to show that you are a master of the outdoors. The ability to plan your day according to your preferences is an amazing feature of the Revolution Off Road.

9. Waterfront Park


Waterfront Park, which is located right on the waterfront, is undoubtedly a beautiful spot for reflection and relaxing in the peace that nature offers. The fact that the park provides both locals and visitors with full access to a public fishing pier is one of the reasons that makes it one of the most visited in Clermont. A paved walking trail can be found in Waterfront Park; as you stroll along the trail, take in the clear sky and the pleasant weather of the region as it would surely be one of your favorite things to do in Clermont Florida.

It is a family-friendly venue, and youngsters will especially enjoy Waterfront Park because it contains a playground. Swimming, running, fishing, and many more enjoyable activities are available for you to enjoy while in the park. During your visit, one of the fun things to do in Clermont Florida is to explore the Waterfront Park. To find out when the park will hold one of its many triathlons or one of the special competitions they offer, see their website. The Champions’ Dragon Boat Festiva is one of these competitions; you’ll love this festival.

10. Kings Ridge Golf Club


Another location for fun things to do in Clermont Florida is the Kings Ridge Golf Club if you want to go on a golf adventure. This golf course, which is a par 71 course, offers up to 36 holes of testing golf. It is gorgeous, as one would expect from the best golf clubs in the state of Florida. The Kings Ridge Golf Club hosts a lot of tournaments throughout the year, and if you enjoy playing golf, you are welcome to sign up for this challenge. You will adore how beautifully nature has decorated this club course. There is an opportunity for people who lack skills but have a willingness to learn to do so in this fantastic golf club.

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11. The Crooked Spoon Gastropub


The Crooked Spoon Gastropub, whose owner and chef are both from New Jersey, is located on Citrus Tower Boulevard in Clermont. He believes that eating out should be an enjoyable experience that is not limited by exorbitant prices, which is shown in the excellent dishes he prepares at reasonable prices. You can choose from a wide variety of items on the restaurant’s menu, including both traditional favorites and numerous modern options.

In addition to enjoying the flavor of their food, you will adore how well constructed and decorated the restaurant is. It is a nice spot to spend time with family and friends. If you appreciate seafood, check out the seafood meals on the menu; you will be given a Florida twist. You may choose to go there merely for an appetizer or a drink. Do not forget to include visiting the Crooked Spoon Gastropub when making plans for exiting things to do in Clermont Florida.  

12. Palatlakaha River Park


There are roughly 22 different parks in the city of Clermont, and many fishermen, boaters, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts visit these parks. The Palatlakha River Park is one of these parks that most people enjoy visiting because of its accessible location, ease of access, and variety of natural ecosystems. The park includes a boat ramp, and the river is connected to other lakes and rivers in addition to other things.

As a result, the park is an interesting site to explore, especially in a kayak or a canoe. River Park admission is also free. Aside from water-related activities, the park offers other attractions including treed areas, covered nature walks, large open spaces, etc. Every picnicker, sunbather, and hiker will appreciate spending time outside here.

13. Downtown Clermont


If you don’t visit Clermont, Florida’s downtown area, you’ll be losing out on the city’s fun. While Clermont has quite a few hills, particularly in the city center, most of Florida lacks them. In addition to the charming stores, the downtown area of Clermont has a wide variety of restaurants where you can find baked goods, coffee, burgers, and seafood, among other foods.

Near Osceola Street and West Avenue is where you’ll find the downtown area. This region has lately seen a change that was encouraged by the forward-thinking business groups and the neighborhood historical society. Another justification for going there is that it makes a fantastic location for leisure activities, especially in the cool morning and afternoon hours. A visit to the downtown area is a must do on your list of things to do in Clermont Florida.

14. Sky Zone Trampoline Park


The Sky Zone Trampoline Park is located near South Highway 27 cannot be excluded from the list of places to catch up with the most exciting things to do in Clermont Florida. It’s a great place for kids to have fun while the whole family gets some exercise. There are many trampolines in the park, one suitable for kids of different ages. You can play games like dodgeball, freestyle bouncing, and other safe activities at the park, among other things.

If you think it would be helpful, you may also sign up for the educational programs that involve trampoline exercises to reduce chubby figures. Keep in mind that it’s risky to visit the park during night or inclement weather since you can encounter a crowd. Weekdays or early on the weekends are the ideal times to visit the park. Nevertheless, one of the top things to do in Clermont is to visit Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

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15. Clermont Performing Arts Center


The solution to the query of amazing things to do in Clermont Florida for some fun time is the Clermont Performing Arts Center, which is situated downtown close to South Highway 27. Every year, a schedule for this Arts Center’s almost 20 events and productions is always made public. The Black Box Theatre and their Main Hall host each of these performances. You’ll be able to watch the shows whenever you want.

Every season or year has a theme. This season’s events include a distinctive collection of icons from both modern pop culture and historic classics. This way, all performance preferences are catered to. You can organize your trip to Clermont by looking at their website to find out which performance you’d like to see. Early October is when the seasons begin, and Florida’s weather is ideal for outdoor performances.

16. Crooked Can Brewing Company


The Crooked Can Brewing Company, one of the greatest breweries in the state, is located just outside of Clermont. There is no better site to check out if you are looking for an excellent experience of things to do in Clermont Florida than a nice beer on a chilly evening. In addition to having a wide variety of craft beers, they also provide their clients with a delicious menu of food.

Favorite delicacies like sushi, wings, and burgers are among the menu items they provide. Any of the choices on the vegan list are acceptable if you’re a vegan. Tours are permitted, but they should be scheduled. To find out when the plant will next be open to the public, see their website.

17. Withers Maguire House


The Withers Maguire House is located in Winter Garden on East Oakland Avenue, a short distance from Clermont.
One of the best preserved houses in the neighborhood is this one. Inside, you’ll find furnishings, period art, household items, and a variety of other items that provide insight into life in the neighborhood and building 100 years ago, when this area was still undeveloped. The House, which the city now owns, was initially constructed in the 1880s. You are welcome to visit the house for touring; it is open every Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. There is no entrance cost, so there is no need to worry.You should include visiting the Withers Maguire House in your list of things to do in Clermont Florida to make your stay worthwhile.

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18. Showcase of Citrus


The Showcase of Citrus, another free local attraction center for fun things to do in Clermont Florida. Showcase of Citrus, which brings a wide range of recreational and entertainment opportunities to one place, is well known for drawing enormous crowds to Clermont. It is a really convenient location to spend the day, and while you are there, the entertainment is free. You can visit the facility using the 4×4 enormous vehicles that are available here.

You will learn a lot about the citrus industry and how it came to be one of Florida’s most significant industries in terms of the state’s economy as you ride on this vehicle and get to view some spectacular sights. The local goods that are on sale during Showcase of Citrus can be purchased at the market there. Salsa, jams, and several juices high in vitamin C are all available here.

19. Museum of Osteology


The Museum of Osteology is a unique tourist destination that was established in 2015 and is situated in Orlando. More than 500 genuine skeletons, including those of still-living aquatic, terrestrial, and avian species as well as extinct prehistoric animals like dinosaurs, can be found in this museum. It’s incredible to watch these skeletons, and you’ll also get to witness the remains of many backward animal species.

The museum is managed by a business that is located in Oklahoma City. The Museum offers study facilities for schools all across the world, among other things. While you tour this museum, you will learn more about how an animal’s internal organs function as the exhibits both inform and entertains you. Due to its proximity to the Orlando Eye Ferris Wheel, the Museum of Osteology is a popular historical attraction among visitors to Clermont, Florida.

20. Lake Louisa State Park


Nature lovers, bird watchers, and sportsmen commonly visit Lake Louisa State Park, a natural wonderland. Despite not being the largest park in the state, it is one of the well-known parks in the area and has a land area of more than 4,000 acres. This park features marshes, lakes, cypress tree stands, palmetto trees, and more. In addition, hikers and backpackers looking for a location to escape the crowds frequently visit the area.

There are also those who come to the park just to catch fish from the nearby bodies of water. Although, Lake Louisa State Park can occasionally be crowded, it is better to visit in the early evening when fewer people are around for a more tranquil experience. Watch out for the diverse range of species that can be found in the park, such as foxes, snakes, turtles, unusual birds, and much more,  if you chose to wander deep into the park, you will undoubtedly locate them. One of the things to do in Clermont Florida is to pay a visit to this place.

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Final Thoughts

The memories of absorbing the strong roots of this city’s humble beginnings will undoubtedly be rewarding and memorable! Balance is inevitable in all aspects of life! So, if you’re looking for the best and most exciting things to do in Clermont Florida, it’s fair that you’d want to be sure you’re going to the appropriate area and not simply wasting your time and money. As a visitor, you have earned the right to enjoy everything this city has to offer.

Despite the fact that this magnificent city is smaller than its metropolis neighbor, it offers a variety of interesting attractions and activities. Clermont has a lot to offer visitors, including interesting museums, multiple lakes, rolling hills, and a charming downtown. These attractions are far more than just tourist attractions. In truth, most of these attractions have high intrinsic value and have remained steady over the ravages of time. Make preparations to visit this great city today; there is so much fun to be experienced.

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