The Best Things To Do In Roswell (Georgia)

The Best Things To Do In Roswell (Georgia) – The town of Roswell has a long history dating back to the 1830s, when cotton production was the main source of income. Much has changed since those early days, but in Roswell’s 640-acre historic district, numerous buildings and historical sites remain open and available for exploration. 

Roswell, a neighboring suburb of Atlanta, boasts a wealthy historic area. The small city of Roswell, which is only about a 30-minute drive north of downtown Atlanta, is a great place to visit for a day trip.

The Chattahoochee River separates Roswell from the state capital, which is for all intents and purposes a suburb of Atlanta to the south. Roswell, which is known for its high-tech enterprises and affluent tree-lined streets, combines green space with national-level museums and a few modern attractions.

The Historic District was formerly home to visitors to Roswell, and many are now happy to find a multitude of cultural activities and possibilities here. Roswell is now Georgia’s eighth-largest city. The city’s population has only increased consistently in recent decades, indicating that it has seen a sustained development boom since its inception.

Roswell has been named the finest place to live in the Atlanta Metro Area twice by Atlanta Magazine, and the city also received the Georgia Municipal Association’s “City of Excellence” award in 2003.

Visitors visiting Roswell will discover a variety of activities to participate in, including strolling around one of the many parks, picnicking, and participating in sporting events, among others.

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Here are best things to do in Roswell (Georgia) and the surrounding areas:

1. Archibald Smith Plantation Home


This charming clapboard cottage was erected in 1845, only a few years after Roswell was founded. Visitors can now explore the home, as well as the carriage house, and learn about the house’s more than two centuries of history.

This two-story farmhouse, which is regarded as one of the best examples of regional architecture in the state, preserves many original furnishings and personal artifacts from the Smith family, providing insight into life in Georgia for the upper classes before the onset of the American Civil War.

2. Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area


Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, on Roswell’s southern border, connects a succession of open spaces and parkland spanning 47 miles (75.64 km), with the closest access about ten minutes from the city center. The location is an extraordinarily gorgeous site to explore in the open air for a few hours in relative privacy, as it is home to the United States’ first National Water Trail.

There is, however, plenty of opportunity for adventure. It is possible to rent a tube and float down the river from Power Island to Paces Mill during the summer months. There are also boating, kayaking, and rafting opportunities. Cochran Shoals has a stocked trout river with over 20 kinds of game fish, as well as a three-mile fitness walk and the ruins of the Cochran Shoals Dam.

3. Sky Zone Trampoline Park


Sky Zone Trampoline Park is an indoor activity park that lets adults enjoy activities that are traditionally reserved for children. A trampoline dodgeball court, a Ninja Warrior course, and a Foam Zone are among the attractions at Freestyle Jump, in addition to the wall-to-wall trampolines.

This allows you to put your acrobatic talents to the test while knowing that a comfortable landing is ensured, thereby making it a great addition to your list of best things to do in Roswell (Georgia).

4. Chattahoochee Nature Center


The Chattahoochee Nature Center’s mission is straightforward: to educate locals and visitors about the flora and wildlife that thrive in this section of Georgia.

It contains a greenhouse with samples of local plants on exhibit, which can also be found in the gardens. Corn snakes, amphibians, and birds of prey are among the reptiles on display in Aquaria and aviaries, many of which were rescued and cannot be released back into the wild.

The Chattahoochee Nature Center is located on the banks of the same-named river, on a land area of just over 50 hectares.

5. Computer Museum of America


The largest museum dedicated to computing and technology on the East Coast, this new museum debuted on the 50th anniversary of man’s first arrival on the moon in 1969. It aspires to become the world’s largest. Its collection contains major home computer milestones like the Commodore 64 and the Apple 1.

It also houses supercomputers such as Clay-1, which was used in the 1970s at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (home of the atomic weapon). Other notable exhibitions include a WWII Enigma coding system that was decrypted for the Allies by British inventor Alan Turing, the father of the modern computer, for the Allies.

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6. Bulloch Hall


Bulloch Hall, which is on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States, was Martha Bulloch’s childhood home. She was the mother of Theodore Roosevelt, the Nobel Laureate and 26th President of the United States that visited in 1905. Built in 1839 in the Greek Revival style, the edifice features a portico with four multistory Greek columns welcoming visitors.

The exhibits are divided into two sections: those detailing upper-class living in the nineteenth century and those detailing the events of the Civil War in the upstairs rooms. The grounds include a lovely garden and pond, as well as a replica of slave quarters that were typical in the area before the Civil War.

7. Morgan Falls Overlook Park


Morgan Falls Overlook Park is in Sandy Springs, about 15 minutes by car south of central Roswell. It is one of the newest public areas in the region, having opened in 2010. The park is a family-friendly outdoor space with walking trails, a picnic pavilion, and a children’s playground. It is located on the banks of Bull Sluice Lake.

During the summer, canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards can be rented for water-based experiences. The park’s sunsets are also well-known, which will please the more romantic-minded.

8. Faces Of War Memorial


The Faces of War Memorial, which dates from another horrifying chapter in American history, was built to honor soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War. It is made of red brick and is located in front of the grand City Hall building in the heart of the community. 

It is surrounded by a three-dimensional bronze plaque depicting a young child leading a soldier away from the jungle battlefield. The war memorial is unique in that it honors both military and civilian victims of the conflict.

9. Barrington Hall


Barrington Hall, built in the same year and style as Bulloch Hall, is another noteworthy relic from Roswell’s early past. It was the home of Barrington King, who, along with his father Roswell King, believed that this location in Georgia would be ideal for establishing a new city.

It remained with the family until 2003, despite its strategic location at the city’s highest point. A large-scale restoration was started at this time, and it was thereafter offered to the public as a museum. It houses the area’s unique pre-civil war antebellum public garden, which spans about three hectares, as well as authentic architectural moldings, flooring, and paintings. This should really be added to your list of best things to do in Roswell (Georgia).

10. Atlanta


Atlanta, Georgia’s state capital and host of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, is only a half-hour drive south of Roswell. Despite being substantially damaged by General Sherman during the American Civil War, it was quickly restored and now has several interesting landmarks.

These vary significantly, from the World of Coca-Cola from a glass and steel structure, to the traditional cream and black wooden home where civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr spent his youth. It also houses the Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest indoor aquarium.

The Carter Center presidential library and the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum, dedicated to the life and work of Gone with the Wind author Margaret Mitchell, are also located in the city.

11. Presbyterian Church Historic Sanctuary


Roswell’s Presbyterian Church Historic Sanctuary, built in the popular Greek Revival style of the 1830s and 1840s, is anything but typical. It was the city’s first church and house of worship, built in 1840. It served as a hospital for Union soldiers injured in action during the Civil War.

In the unique History Room, you may examine artifacts from this period, like a checkers (drafts) board made of a cupboard door. The church’s original bible, which bears graffiti from a soldier, and the galleries erected so that slaves may worship in the church are equally fascinating. While you’re here, keep an eye out for the 1827 Philadelphia bell in the tower.

12. Roswell Fire Museum


The Roswell Fire Museum is housed within a functional fire station and is likely to impress kids (meaning you might find it closed if the team of volunteers is responding to an emergency call). There are several excellent old posters on display, as well as a brief history of the city’s volunteerism.

The fire engine, a 1947 Ford American LaFrance Pumper, is, nevertheless, the show-stopper (aside from the personnel).

13. Canton Street


Canton Street, located in the heart of Roswell’s historic district, is a great combination of old and new. Cafés and restaurants with outdoor dining spaces great for people watching are lined by old-style street lighting and mature trees that throw shade over the sidewalks from spring until early October.

Furthermore, its veranda-clad houses a variety of tiny boutique stores as well as a vibrant bar scene in the evening. During the summer, this includes regular live street activities, making it a great addition to your list of best things to do in Roswell (Georgia).

14. Variant Brewing Company


Variant’s brewery, with its modern wood and metal, provides an intriguing contrast to the historic brewers in and around Roswell. Variant is an independent craft brewery that goes beyond the usual beer standards to create some truly intriguing flavors.

So, in addition to imperial stouts, there are beers like Compos Mentis, which is aged with vanilla in old Bourbon barrels, and even an English-style barley wine, which makes it a great addition to your list of best things to do in Roswell (Georgia). The brewery is located on Norcross Street in Roswell’s downtown business district.

15. Roswell Mill


It was the prospect of milling that prompted Roswell King to establish the city that bears his surname. At its peak, the Roswell Mill complex of mills was the largest cotton mill in the state’s northwestern corner. It began by producing textiles from the region’s cotton before expanding to mill wool and grain.

The mill, which had been powered by the waters of Vickery Creek since its founding in 1836, only closed for good in 1975. The mill made Roswell Gray cloth for the Confederate army during the Civil War, and this history can be discovered along the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area’s walking paths that lead to the mill’s ruins.

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7 Best Restaurants In Roswell (Georgia)


You don’t have to go far to have that meal you’ve always wanted. Roswell is a foodie’s paradise, with everything you’ll need for your adventure. The city in northern Fulton County, Georgia, is home to premium restaurants, steakhouses, pubs, and cafes just for hanging out, making it ideal for the foodie looking for a variety of dining options. In terms of cuisine, you’ll find a broad variety here as well.

Roswell has it all for your palate’s enjoyment, from main course cuisine to scrumptious desserts, and from classical dishes to food with international influences. However, because the variety of options can be daunting, we’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants in Roswell to assist you in planning your visit if you decide to go.

Here are the 7 Best restaurants in Roswell (Georgia):

1. Table and Main

This restaurant in the center of Roswell’s Historic District, which opened in 2011, takes pleasure in serving simple, seasonal, and Southern cuisine in a comfortable setting.

This is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Roswell. On the patio of this restored homestead, surrounded by lush flora, have your greatest lunch in Roswell. Inside, you can gaze at beautiful paintings of nature that are sure to delight your eyes.

2. Brookwood Grill

This Roswell restaurant has been serving delicious American cuisine in artistic presentations for over 28 years. This restaurant offers a one-of-a-kind eating experience. The restaurant’s hardwood tables and chairs, as well as the main bar, make you feel like you’re in a saloon when you walk in. 

The sleek lamps, on the other hand, provide a touch of modernism that you’ll love. You’ll enjoy the lively atmosphere here. Inside, there’s a TV that usually broadcasts great sporting events for the diners’ delight. If the TV isn’t on, you’ll almost certainly hear wonderful piano music that will make you want to sing or dance.

3. Osteria Martine

This downtown restaurant is one of the best Roswell meals, serving traditional Italian dishes with a focus on Roman cooking in a relaxed atmosphere. In every manner, the restaurant will transport you to Italy. 

Try some delectable pasta cooked from scratch by a skilled culinary crew. Inside, savor the incredible dish while surrounded by Italian food photographs on the red-brick walls.

4. Lucky’s Burgers and Brew

Built in 2010, this restaurant is one of the best in Roswell, serving delicious comfort cuisine ranging from burgers to salads in a relaxed setting.

If you’re looking for the greatest birthday restaurants in Roswell, look no further. This location has a lively atmosphere that is ideal for parties. Your guests can enjoy their lunch on the patio while listening to live music and feeling the Roswell breeze.

5. Little Alley Steak

This restaurant is one of Atlanta’s two Little Alley Steak restaurants. It’s a local and tourist favorite for its superb steaks presented in an elegant and rustic setting. Here you may enjoy exquisite dining in Roswell. 

Enjoy a delicious steak while admiring the magnificent red-brick and oak walls and the elegant lamps that dangle from the ceiling. At night, the subdued lighting emphasizes the resto’s charm, making it one of Roswell’s top dinner spots.

6. Hugo’s Oyster Bar

This restaurant, which first opened its doors in 2013, is known for its incredible seafood dishes, which are meticulously plated with artistic flair.

The seafood dishes here are exquisite, made with fresh catch from the waters of the Outer Banks to the Mississippi Delta, and are without a doubt one of Roswell’s best-rated restaurants. The elegant plating worthy of Instagram posts will also delight your visual sense.

7. The Mill Kitchen And Bar

If you want Southern cuisine, this is the place to go in Roswell. In a rustic and relaxed setting, the restaurant offers a wide range of food alternatives.

Because of the variety of eating experiences available, this is one of the best restaurants in Roswell. Inside, there’s a lively scene with TVs playing sports contests for die-hard fans. Eat on the patio for a more tranquil atmosphere, where a large stone fireplace will keep you warm.

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Final Thoughts

Roswell, Georgia, is a historic city with a plethora of fascinating sights and attractions. In fact, it is home to many ancient landmarks and museums that will pique your interest and leave you wanting more. The small city of Roswell, which is only about a 30-minute drive north of downtown Atlanta, is a great place to visit for a day trip.

History, nature, and modern conveniences all come together in Roswell to create a mix of moments you’ll never forget. The Southern Trilogy home tours, restaurants, festivals, theatre, arts, and superb shopping abound in Roswell’s 640-acre Historic District. The woodland paths, Chattahoochee River, marsh boardwalks, and bicycling all contribute to the enjoyment.

Roswell also offers the best foods in unique restaurants with an amazing atmosphere. What would you say if you could go back in time and see the founding of the city?

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