The 10 Best Restaurants in Orem (Utah)

Best Restaurants in Orem (Utah) – Are you trying to find the top restaurants in Orem? Without a doubt, Utah has some of the top restaurants in the world. You may find almost any type of restaurant here, including those serving pizza, pasta, steak, seafood, and everything in between.

If you live in or around Orem and are looking for a specific place to get takeout from, read on for details on the best restaurants in this area. You generally can’t throw a stone in Utah without hitting just another fantastic restaurant. Which, however, are the best? That’s where you come in!

This article aims to examine the restaurant scene in the Orem area. Continue reading to discover which restaurants other residents of Orem believe to be the ideal spots to grab a meal if you live there or are just visiting for the day. Whether you’re craving for cheap fast food, Asian food, or something else, we have you covered with this list of the best restaurants in Orem.

Disclosure: Due to new safety regulations, some of the information regarding the attractions and sites listed below may have changed. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the location.

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Here are the 10 best restaurants in Orem (Utah):

1. Black Bear Diner


One of the best places to have a satisfying, delectable breakfast in Orem is Black Bear Restaurant, a lovely diner that has been in operation for more than 40 years. If you have a need for pancakes, biscuits, gravy, or anything else, Black Bear Diner can satisfy it. 

If you’re not in the mood for breakfast fare, they also offer a range of skillets and sandwiches. Black Bear Diner is an excellent option for a casual meal on a budget because the majority of the menu items are around $10, making it one of the best restaurants in Orem (Utah).

2. Asa Ramen


It comes as no surprise that one of the best restaurants in Orem (Utah) serves ramen as the city has a sizable BYU student population. Asa Ramen serves up great, authentic ramen that will have you coming back for more in a stylish, inviting setting. In addition to a variety of broths and noodles, Asa’s menu also offers a selection of mouthwatering side dishes. Even better, a cup of their excellent ramen costs less than $10!

3. TRUreligion Pancake & Steakhouse


You need not to look any further than TRUreligion Pancake & Steakhouse if you’re seeking for a casual restaurant with great food at an affordable price. The menu at TRUreligion, which offers a variety of pancakes, burgers, sandwiches, as well as other traditional American fare, is sure to please anyone.

You won’t be disappointed with choices like the Fiesta Burger and their famous Pancake Stack, we’re very sure. TRUreligion is close by if you’re searching for a nice place to have a bite before a basketball game at the Marriott Center.

4. Oh Mai


If you’re in the mood for an Asian-inspired meal, Oh Mai is a perfect choice. There are no Chinese or Japanese items on the menu at this Thai restaurant because they only serve Thai food, making it one of the best restaurants in Orem (Utah). 

Having said that, Oh Mai offers a wide range of choices that will make it difficult to decide. The Crispy Basil Chicken, Pad Thai, as well as Tom Yum Soup are a few of their best-reviewed items. Oh Mai also offers a variety of mocktails, cocktails, and desserts like Thai Ice Cream and Mango Sticky Rice.

5. Seven Brothers


Visit Seven Brothers if you’re looking for something besides pizza. There are many different Chinese and Thai meals on the menu at this Asian fusion restaurant that are sure to satisfy. The Orange Peel Shrimp, the Cauliflower Fried Rice, and the General Tso’s Chicken are a few of their most well-liked menu items. One of Seven Brothers’ best features is that the majority of their dishes are around $10, making it a reasonably priced restaurant.

6. Rimmels


Rimmels is the best spot if you like pizza. The pizza at this Orem eatery is among the best in the city, and it also offers a wide selection of other Italian cuisine like pasta, sandwiches, and salads. Rimmels is a nice spot to go with friends because it also serves a variety of beer and wine.

They offer a variety of tastes for their pizzas, some with topping combinations that are almost too delicious. Rimmels is the spot to go if you find yourself in Orem with a yearning for pizza.

7. Pizzeria 712


Pizzeria 712 serves delicious food, and they even deliver, something you might not expect given how little the restaurant is. Even though the pizza is fantastic, the favorite aspect is definitely the way that even if you choose to go, they still deliver dinner dishes to your table and that, once you’ve finished dining, they’ll bring out dessert plates to keep everything looking nice.

You’ll be astounded by how meticulously they manage everything there because this is something that not many places do. They are tidy and offer top-notch customer service. These worked together to make Pizzeria 712 a wonderful experience.

8. Maria Bonita


There are many excellent restaurants in Orem, but Maria Bonita is the place to go if you want a memorable dining experience. There will be something special here that your other options won’t have. They offer incredibly tasty and flavorful authentic Mexican food. Every time you visit Maria Bonita, you can expect first-rate service and a pleasurable experience, making it one of the best restaurants in Orem (Utah).

Don’t miss Maria Bonita when you’re searching for a satisfying lunch because they can satisfy any food preferences you may have. Another plus is that their prices are really affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank. Stop by today to find out what everyone is talking about.

9. Sabroso


You can’t go wrong with Sabroso if you want a genuine Mexican meal. The menu at this Orem eatery is stocked with traditional Mexican cuisine including burritos, tacos, and fajitas, as well as a variety of homemade salsas to match them.

Additionally, Sabroso offers drink discounts like $5 pitchers and $2 beers, allowing you to get your meal for less money. Sabroso also offers a variety of American foods like burgers and hot dogs if Mexican food is not what you’re in the mood for, making it one of the best restaurants in Orem (Utah).

10. Tucanos Brazilian Grill


Tucanos Brazilian Grill is the best place to find delectable Brazilian cuisine. It’s a no-brainer for anyone searching for a fantastic dining experience with family or friends because of the relaxed ambiance and hearty meals. All of the food at Tucanos is made fresh and is incredibly flavorful and diverse. 

The acai bowls are incredibly delicious. You’re likely to enjoy any meal at Tucanos, which is topped with granola, fruit that has just been picked, almonds, and more. Any recipe that uses churrasco beef is something you should try if you enjoy steak (and who doesn’t?). A traditional cut of beef known for its tenderness and flavorful juice is churrasco.

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Final Thoughts

There are many eateries in the Orem region that will satisfy your cravings for Asian food, hamburgers, pizza, or something else different. This list is by no means comprehensive and just contains a few of the best restaurants in Orem (Utah). Please feel free to leave a review and a brief blurb about your favorite Orem restaurant if we missed it. We hope this article has given you some ideas for your next trip or helped you locate a new favorite restaurant in Orem!

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