Discovering The 50+ Best Strawberry Picking Farms in Maryland

It’s that time of the year again – the Maryland Strawberry Picking Season is here! If your kids love strawberries but you’re not a fan of store prices, or if you’re curious about the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland, we’ve got you covered. Have you heard about pick your own strawberries in Maryland but don’t know where to start?

Whether you’re into making strawberry cakes, ice-cream, pies, or more, Travelpediaonline is here with the ultimate guide to strawberry picking farms in Maryland! Picking strawberries is an amazing activity for families and kids of all ages. It’s one of the most enjoyable things to do together, especially in late spring and early summer.

After a long winter, there’s nothing quite like heading out to a farm and plucking ripe, juicy strawberries right off the plants. Your kids will definitely want to take a bite, and the memory of strawberry juice dripping down their chins will be a cherished childhood moment.

If you’re looking to pick strawberries with your kids in Maryland, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the absolute best places for strawberry picking. Springtime brings the opportunity to pick your own strawberries, and these farm-fresh delights are incredibly delicious.

This chance only comes around once a year, so make sure to mark your calendar! These little red bites of joy carry the nostalgic taste of summer and pair perfectly with a dollop of cream. Strawberries aren’t just tasty; they’re also nutritional powerhouses, packed with vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants like polyphenols.

These sodium-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-calorie snacks are versatile and scrumptious. Maryland’s strawberry season is one of the highlights of summer, and what better way to enjoy it than by visiting a pick-your-own-fruit farm? Immerse yourself in Maryland’s agricultural heritage by exploring the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland on our list. 

From Davidsonville to Westminster, there’s no shortage of places to gather your own fantastic strawberries, shop for fresh produce, and more. The vast strawberry fields in Maryland await your visit. It’s the perfect time to embark on a delightful day trip and savor some of the freshest and sweetest produce available. Check out these local farms where you can pick strawberries. There’s truly no better way to start off the season.

Each of these fruit picking farms allows you to pick your own and offer a variety of fruits, not just strawberries. As always, make sure to confirm with each farm before your visit.

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Here are the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland:

1. Chase’s Produce, Davidsonville, MD

Discover the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland with Chase’s Produce! Located in Davidsonville, Chase’s Produce offers a delightful strawberry-picking experience throughout May. Having served the community for over 60 years, this farm expanded its offerings in 2015 to include a U-Pick strawberry farm. 

Don’t worry if you’re pressed for time or miss the picking season; their produce stand is stocked with the freshest strawberries. From June to October, indulge in local farm-fresh produce, including sweet corn, peaches, green beans, squash, cucumbers, potatoes, cantaloupes, peppers, watermelons, and tomatoes, at their market.

2. Emily’s Produce (Dorchester county)

Emily’s Produce, situated in Cambridge, Maryland, stands as another exceptional destination for strawberry picking, akin to Chase’s Produce. This charming farm allows you to engage in springtime strawberry picking, as well as hand-picking blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, apples, and an array of other delectable fruits.

Moreover, they showcase a diverse selection of fresh vegetables, including Asparagus, Green and Yellow Beans, Lima Beans, Beets, Broccoli, and more. Emily’s Produce is your one-stop shop, offering a variety of options. Adding to its allure, Emily’s Produce offers the unique opportunity to pick your own flowers in their U-Pick flower field or choose from pre-arranged selections.

Delight in their delectable ice cream, available in an assortment of flavors. Additionally, they present a full-service kitchen and offer individual cuts of grass-fed beef. With an impressive 4.8-star rating on Google, Emily’s Produce proves to be a U-Pick strawberry farm that guarantees a fantastic experience!

3. Godfrey’s Farm (Queen Anne’s county)

Discover the finest strawberry picking experience at Maryland’s best strawberry farms. One standout option is Godfrey’s Farm, where the prime strawberry season from mid-May to early June allows you to harvest the plumpest and most succulent strawberries. Operating from Wednesday to Sunday during regular business hours, this farm mandates a minimum of a gallon bucket for picking, with payment required prior to gathering.

At Godfrey’s Farm, the allure extends beyond strawberries. Indulge in a variety of locally sourced products, including cheeses, yogurt, prepared foods, and meats. Don’t miss their delectable slushies and hand-dipped ice cream. For those seeking more than just berries, the farm features a bakery boasting tempting treats like chocolate chunk cookies, apple caramel walnut pies, and freshly homemade salsa.

4. Miller Farms

Experience strawberry picking at its finest by visiting one of the top strawberry picking farms in Maryland. Miller Farms, situated in Clinton, Maryland, stands out as an excellent choice for picking your own fresh strawberries. Boasting a legacy since 1879 and sprawling across an impressive 267 acres, this farm offers not only strawberry picking but also a delectable bakery with homemade treats. 

Indulge in mouthwatering donuts, handcrafted ice cream, freshly baked pies, and daily BBQ options. Beyond strawberries, Miller Farms delights visitors with a nursery brimming with exquisite plants and flowers. Plus, you can enjoy the convenience of year-round access to their on-site market and bakery.

5. Larriland Farm, Woodbine, MD (Howard county)

Engage in the quintessential family activity of hand-picking strawberries at this charming, family-owned farm! Larriland Farm holds its prime strawberry-picking window in late May, offering the optimal time to gather these juicy delights. To ensure an abundance of ripe berries, it’s advisable to check the website or give them a call just before embarking on your visit.

Larriland Farm’s season commences with the strawberry crop ripening in late May or early June and concludes with the apple harvest in early November. Prior to entry, you’ll need to choose a container, which determines the cost as it’s based on the container’s size, not the weight of the strawberries.

Experience additional delights at Larriland: Enjoy hayrides on Saturdays and Sundays during the latter part of September and all through October, including a pumpkin hayride on weekdays within October. Navigate the Straw Maze, open every day the farm operates during September and October, accessible with an all-day pass.

For those visiting on Saturdays and Sundays in October, relish apple fritters and food trucks. Additionally, young children aged 4 to 6 can revel in the Boo Barn, an area featuring animated ghost-like elements designed specifically for their enjoyment.

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6.   Gorman Farms (Howard county)

Discover the finest strawberry picking farms in Maryland like Gorman Farm, which welcomes visitors seven days a week throughout the strawberry season or Strawberry Fest. Embrace the opportunity to gather delectable strawberries from mid-May to early June. 

It’s advisable to stay updated and confirm their stock before planning your visit. The Pick Your Own Strawberries season extends from mid-May to early June, and opting for a weekday visit is recommended to avoid weekend crowds. Additionally, you might find pre-picked strawberries at the Farm Stand, subject to availability.

7. Shaw Orchards, White Hall, MD (Harford county)

Discover an unparalleled strawberry delight at Shaw Orchards, where you can savor some of the most exquisite strawberries you’ve ever experienced. The Maryland strawberry season at this farm typically spans from May 25 to June 20.

To enhance your culinary adventure, the orchard offers an array of strawberry recipes for you to explore. You’ll find convenient shallow cartons provided free of charge, eliminating the need to bring your own buckets. Take a moment to explore their engaging strawberry picking videos.

For U-Pick enthusiasts, a special wagon awaits, offering a scenic 5-minute journey into their picturesque orchard leading to the patches. Beyond strawberries, Shaw Orchards presents opportunities to pick your own raspberries, pumpkins, cherries, blueberries, and apples, adding a variety of flavors to your experience.

8. Swann Farms, Owings, MD (Calvert county)

Discover the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland with Swann Farms, an affordable option for strawberry picking. At just $5 for a quart or $20 for a gallon bucket, their prices are enticing. Interestingly, you won’t need to bring your own buckets; they offer buckets for purchase. 

This convenient approach eliminates the need for weighing, streamlining the process and reducing wait times. Swann Farms also offers the opportunity to explore local attractions while you’re there. As an added bonus, you can indulge in picking blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries during your visit.

9. Weber’s Peachberry Farm (Baltimore county)

Explore the offerings of Weber’s Peachberry Farm in Parkville, Maryland, renowned for its exceptional strawberry selection. Operating hours vary according to picking seasons, so there’s no fixed schedule. However, you can stay updated by visiting their regularly updated website and active social media channels, ensuring you’re aware of the fruit’s prime availability. 

What sets them apart is the convenience of scheduling and pre-ordering, guaranteeing you’ll secure some delicious picks! While there, consider indulging in Weber’s Fresh Pressed Apple Cider, perfect for enjoying moments with your family at home. Don’t miss out on a visit to Weber’s Bakery, where you can treat yourself to freshly baked bread, pies, ice cream, and even special holiday delights. 

The farm market is a treasure trove of delectable items, including farm-fresh turkey, local cheese, honey, fruit preserves, jellies, butters, relishes, pickles, salad dressings, maple syrup, and, of course, their signature fresh-pressed apple cider. Moreover, they offer an array of gift items for purchase.

10. Butler’s Orchard, Germantown, MD (Montgomery county)

Discover the finest strawberry picking farms in Maryland by paying a visit to Butler’s Orchard. Delight in the experience of gathering farm-fresh strawberries throughout May and June. To plan your trip, assess the weather and crop conditions labeled as excellent, good, or scattered for optimal picking times. Nestled in Germantown, Maryland, this farm also boasts the distinction of being one of the best corn mazes in the state.

Before embarking on your strawberry-picking adventure, consult their calendar to align with the fruitful seasons. Butler’s Orchard not only offers a delightful strawberry-picking escapade but also features a charming farmer’s porch, presenting an array of delectable dining options. The Apple cider donuts stand out as a must-try treat, a temptation so indulgent that you might find yourself gaining a few pounds. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore their market, where a plethora of produce, groceries, sumptuous baked goods, and refreshing beverages await. Beyond strawberry-picking and delectable treats, Butler’s Orchard hosts the enchanting Bunnyland festival, a treasure trove of hayrides, exciting egg hunts for families, delightful goodie baskets, and more. The vast expanse of the farm is adorned with two football fields’ worth of vibrant sunflowers, creating a picturesque stroll. 

Children will be captivated by the sprawling slide section, featuring a gigantic slide that particularly entranced my daughter, along with various other play slides, activities, hula hoops, and a bouncing area. While exploring the farm, don’t forget to interact with the charming array of farm animals. You can even feed some of these adorable creatures using pet food available for purchase upon admission. 

Butler’s Orchard extends its offerings beyond strawberries, allowing you to engage in the rewarding task of picking Blackberries, Raspberries, Flowers, Herbs, Peppers, Tomatoes, and even digging up your own Potatoes. For those who appreciate a more refined experience, the Sip & Stroll collaboration with Rocklands Farm Winery & Doc Waters Cidery promises a sophisticated outing amidst nature’s beauty.

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11. Shlagel Farms, Waldorf, MD (Charles county)

Shlagel Farms has taken meticulous steps to establish a secure environment for your strawberry-picking adventure. They’ve implemented spacing measures to ensure social distancing. If the number of visitors surpasses a certain threshold, they kindly request that you wait briefly before commencing your picking. 

Feel free to bring your own container, or avail of theirs; the pricing is based on pounds harvested at this farm. Situated in Waldorf, Maryland, Shlagel Farms offers not only the opportunity to pick strawberries but also provides a delightful milkshake trailer experience on weekends. This treat haven features generous strawberry shortcakes, milkshakes, and cones that you can indulge in. 

The farm’s offerings extend beyond strawberries. They boast a captivating pumpkin patch and supply items to local community markets. Additionally, Shlagel Farms houses a petting zoo and an engaging straw maze, providing a comprehensive experience for visitors of all ages.

12. Glade Link Farms

For the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland, consider contacting Glade Link Farms ahead of your visit to ensure a bountiful strawberry-picking experience. This top Maryland farm, situated in New Midway, welcomes visitors seven days a week, all day long, based on weather conditions and crop availability. Keep in mind that payments are accepted in cash or check only, so make sure to have these on hand. 

The strawberry-picking season runs from mid-May to June, while blueberry picking spans late June to July. Additionally, other produce is available from late May to November. Feel free to bring your own containers, although they do offer containers for purchase. This farm also cultivates a diverse selection of flowers for special occasions.

13. Lockbriar Farm, Chestertown, MD (Kent county)

Lockbriar offers fresh produce all year round at various markets in the Eastern shore area, spanning the four seasons. At Lockbriar, you can engage in U-pick activities that commence with strawberry picking and extend until the fall pumpkin season.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the Lockbriar Ice Cream cart, where they create delectable ice cream treats. Additionally, you have the opportunity to select and fill a jar with gorgeous flowers like zinnias, sunflowers, and lavender, all available at a reduced price.

14. Homestead Farms (Montgomery county)

Discover the finest strawberry picking farms in Maryland offering an array of pick-your-own crops. Experience the best fruit-picking for tart cherries, blueberries, peaches, blackberries, apples, and pumpkins across various seasons.

Gain entry with an admission fee and then select your produce separately by the pound. Alongside the bountiful harvest, your admission grants you access to farm animals, picnic tables, a scenic grassy area by the pond, a charming hay stack near the pond, and a weekend refreshment stand.

15. Baugher’s Orchard And Farm, Westminister, MD (Carroll county)

Explore an incredibly impressive farm boasting a diverse selection of crops available for picking, including delightful sweet strawberries, luscious sweet cherries, tangy sour cherries, crisp apples, and festive pumpkins. The farm’s reputation truly shines during its pumpkin picking season, offering families an abundance of joy with activities like picturesque hay wagon rides and wagon rides to the fields.

The fruit market operates seven days a week, year-round, providing convenience for visitors seeking fresh produce. Upon purchasing a field ticket, a container for picking is also included. Indulge in a range of delectable homemade baked goods and treats while on-site.

Don’t miss out on the annual Fall Harvest Festival, a captivating event occurring every weekend throughout October, promising an incredible family-oriented farm experience. For additional enjoyment, pay a visit to the petting zoo where feeding the animals is an option. And should the little ones tire of the animals, there are two fantastic playground sets available for them to play on.

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16. Family Affair Farm, (Talbot county)

Nestled in Easton, MD, Family Affair Farm stands out as one of the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland. Delight in the Maryland fruit-picking experience, starting with strawberries in May, followed by blueberries in June, and blackberries in July. 

As autumn rolls around, the farm transforms into a pumpkin haven in October, offering pumpkin patches, fall-themed festivities, and an engaging corn maze. Plan your visit by either calling in advance or consulting their Facebook page to stay updated on any potential changes.

17. Southern Comfort Berry Farm, St Mary’s County ( St. Mary’s county)

Discover the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland at this picturesque location. Situated at the confluence of the Potomac and Wicomico rivers, this farm offers a stunning waterfront backdrop for your fruit-picking experience.

Operating from early May to early June, this farm provides a delightful U-Pick strawberries season, boasting delectable strawberries. Additionally, visitors can explore a farm market featuring an array of homemade preserves, butter, and more.

18. Lohr’s Orchard

Situated in Churchville, MD, Lohr’s Orchard stands as a family-owned farm, offering a plethora of delights such as abundant strawberries, farm-fresh produce, newly baked pies, and freshly pressed cider. For added convenience, a farmers market is available, allowing visitors to acquire treats like pies, crisps, tarts, crumb cake, cookies, and more.

19. Foxtail Fields

One of the finest options for strawberry picking in Maryland is Foxtail Fields, situated in Taneytown. Operating as a family-run establishment, this farm offers both pre-picked and U-Pick strawberries throughout the spring season, making it one of the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland.

20.  Catoctin Mountain Orchard, Thurmont, MD

Catoctin Mountain Orchard stands out as one of the top strawberry picking farms in Maryland, offering a bountiful array of Pick-your-own fruits such as apples, black raspberries, tart pie cherries, and blueberries. Additionally, the farm features an on-site market where they proudly vend an assortment of homegrown fruits and vegetables. Beyond produce, visitors can indulge in delightful treats like apple cider donuts, apple dumplings, popcorn, pies, and more.

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Other Strawberry Picking Farms Near Me

There are numerous options for u-pick strawberry fields in Maryland, and it’s essential to be aware of other strawberry picking farms near me. To locate these strawberry patches, it’s important to monitor crop schedules and plan your visit to the strawberry picking farm based on the local weather conditions.

Additionally, many of these pick your own produce farms provide play areas and summer camps for added enjoyment. In Maryland, several farms not only have fresh fruits and vegetables available at their farm stands, but they also offer pre-picked strawberries and the chance to pick your own berries.

Some of these farms go beyond and provide a family-friendly experience resembling a county fair, complete with games, rides, and bouncy houses. And if you’re fortunate, you might even have the opportunity to savor freshly prepared strawberry ice cream.

Strawberry Picking in Frederick, MD

Situated approximately an hour away from Washington, D.C., there are farms that provide the opportunity to pick your own strawberries, and on occasion, blueberries, blackberries, and even Christmas trees. Before making your way to the u-pick farms in Frederick, consider stopping for a delightful lunch in the charming town of Frederick, MD.

• Glade Link Farms

Location: Route 194, New Midway, MD 21775

• Mayne’s Tree Farm

Location: 3420 Buckeystown Pike, Buckeystown, MD 21717

• Catoctin Mountain Orchard

Location: US Route 15, 15036 North Franklinville Road, Thurmont, MD, 21788

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Strawberry Picking near Baltimore, MD

Regardless of whether you’re traveling between DC and Baltimore by car or residing at a Baltimore city hotel, you can seize the opportunity to go strawberry picking this spring. It’s astonishing how swiftly you can escape the city’s hustle and bustle and find yourself in the serene countryside, even when exploring Maryland’s largest urban center.

• Huber’s Farm

Location: 12208 Old Philadelphia Road, Bradshaw, MD 21087

• Hybridoma Organic Fruit Farm

Location: 13734 Baldwin Mill Road, Baldwin, MD 21013

• Mingodale Farm

Location: 17201 Masemore Road, Parkton, MD 21120

• Pearlstone Center

Location: 5425 Mount Gilead Road, Reisterstown, MD 21136

• Gorman Farm

Location: 10151 Gorman Rd, Laurel/Columbia, MD 20723

• Larriland Farm

Location: 2415 Woodbine Road (Route 94), Lisbon, MD 21797

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More Strawberry Picking Farms

Occasionally, a day trip is essential to break away from the urban environment and reconnect with the origins of your food. We thoroughly enjoy dedicating our mornings to berry picking, bringing along a picnic lunch to savor. It’s an opportunity to inhale some fresh air, engage with local farmers, explore the farmer’s market at family-owned farms, and stock up on an array of fruits and vegetables.

• Chase’s Produce

Location: 2857 Davidsonville Rd, Davidsonville, MD 21035

• Holiday Memories Farm

Location: 4848 Muddy Creek Road, West River, MD 20778

• Swann Farms Produce and PYO Berries

Location: 7740 Swan Lane, Owings, MD 20736

• Baugher’s Orchard

Location: 1015 Baugher Road, Westminster, MD 21158

• Brad’s Produce

Location: 550 Asbury Road, Churchville, MD 21028

• Harman’s Farm Market

Location: 2633 Churchville Road, Churchville, MD 21028

• Lohr’s Orchard

Location: 3212 Snake Lane, Churchville, MD 21028

• Shaw Orchards

Location: 5594 Norrisville Road, White Hall, MD 21161

• Friendly Hall Farm

Location: 39010 Lyon Ln, Mechanicsville, MD 20659

• Southern Comfort Berry Farm

Location: 37450 Bushwood Wharf Road, Bushwood, MD 20618

• T and A Farm

Location: 18281 Saint Jeromes Neck Road, Dameron, MD 20628

• Blades Orchard

Location: 4822 Preston Road, Federalsburg, MD 21632

• First Class Farms LLC

Location: 21719 Doverbridge Road, Preston, MD 21655

• Harris Farms

Location: 5230 Bethlehem Road, Preston, MD 21655

• Wings Landing Farms

Location: 6304 Bell Creek Rd, Preston, MD 21655

• Milburn Orchards

Location: 1495 Appleton Road, Elkton, MD, 21921

• Spring Valley Farm

Location: 724 Conowingo Road ,U.S. 1, Conowingo, MD 21918

• Emily’s Produce

Location: 2206 Church Creek Road, Cambridge, MD 21613

• Lockbriar Farm

Location: 10051 Worton Road, Chestertown, MD 21620

• Godfrey’s Farm

Location: 302 Leager Road, Sudlersville, MD 21668

• Family Affair Farm

Location: 30091 Rabbit Hill Road, Easton, MD 21601

• Oakley’s Farm Market

Location: 27466 Ocean Gateway (US Rt. 50 West), Hebron, MD 21830

• Wright’s Farm

Location: 9300 Old Railroad Road, Mardela Springs, MD 21837

• Gardenhour Orchards

Location: 22511 Gardenhour Road, Smithsburg, MD 21783

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When is Strawberry Picking Season?

The period for strawberry harvesting typically spans from mid-May to mid-June, with occasional availability extending into early July. However, the timing of strawberry picking is influenced by weather conditions. Prior to your excursion, it’s advisable to confirm the operational status of the farm you intend to visit. 

In instances of a colder spring, local strawberry picking farms might not be open for daily visits just yet. Conversely, during a warmer spring, the opportunity to pick your own strawberries at the farm can catch you off guard, potentially causing you to miss out.

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Tips for Picking Strawberries in Maryland

• Ensure to select firm strawberries that have turned fully red. Unripe strawberries do not undergo further ripening after being picked.

• No need to be concerned about purchasing an excess of strawberries. If your family is unable to consume them promptly, you can easily freeze them, create fruit rolls, or craft your own jam. The possibilities for using strawberries are virtually limitless!

• When you take your children strawberry picking, hand each of them a bucket and observe how they enthusiastically gather strawberries, making the time fly by. You could also turn it into a friendly competition to determine who can pick the reddest or largest strawberry.

• Before heading out to pick your fruit, it’s recommended to call or check in advance for the specific day. Certain farms provide hourly updates to ensure a bountiful supply of produce awaits you upon your arrival.

• Prior to your visit, make sure to inquire about the available payment methods. It’s important to avoid a situation where you’ve picked produce but are unable to complete the payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Maryland Strawberry Picking Season?

The Maryland Strawberry Picking Season marks the time of year when you can visit local farms to hand-pick your own strawberries. It usually occurs in late spring and early summer, providing a delightful opportunity for families to engage in this fun and rewarding activity.

Why should I consider strawberry picking at Maryland farms?

Strawberry picking at Maryland farms offers a unique experience for families and individuals alike. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes, create lasting memories with loved ones, and enjoy the freshest, juiciest strawberries that are often unavailable in stores.

What are the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland?

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland. From Davidsonville to Westminster, these farms provide an array of strawberries to pick and enjoy. Check out our list to find the perfect spot for your strawberry-picking adventure.

Are the strawberries only good for eating or can I use them in recipes too?

Absolutely! Strawberries from the best Maryland farms aren’t just delicious to eat on their own; they’re perfect for using in various recipes. Whether you’re a fan of strawberry cakes, ice cream, pies, or more, these farm-fresh berries are versatile and a delightful addition to your culinary creations.

What nutritional benefits do strawberries offer?

Strawberries are nutritional powerhouses packed with vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants like polyphenols. These fat-free, cholesterol-free, and low-calorie snacks not only taste great but also contribute to a healthy diet.

How can I make the most of my strawberry-picking experience?

To make the most of your strawberry-picking experience, mark your calendar for the Maryland Strawberry Picking Season. Gather your family and head to one of the best strawberry picking farms listed in our guide. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing, bring containers to carry your strawberries, and follow any guidelines provided by the farm.

Can I visit these farms for fruits other than strawberries?

Yes, many of the featured farms offer a variety of fruits for picking, not just strawberries. While our focus is on the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland, you may also have the opportunity to pick other fruits and enjoy a well-rounded experience.

How do I confirm the availability of strawberries before visiting a farm?

It’s always a good idea to confirm with each farm regarding strawberry availability before planning your visit. Contact the farms directly or check their websites or social media pages for the latest information on crop availability, picking hours, and any special instructions.

What makes strawberry picking a great family activity?

Strawberry picking is a fantastic family activity that brings everyone together outdoors. It offers a chance to bond, create lasting memories, and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature. Kids especially love plucking ripe strawberries and savoring the experience of picking their own food.

How can I find the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland?

Look no further! Our comprehensive guide covers the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland. You’ll find detailed information about each farm’s location, offerings, and the overall experience they provide. Get ready to embark on a delightful strawberry-picking adventure!

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Final Thoughts

As the Maryland Strawberry Picking Season arrives, the allure of farm-fresh delights and cherished family moments awaits. The best strawberry picking farms in Maryland, carefully curated by Travelpediaonline, beckon with their fields of ripe, juicy treasures.

Amidst the lush landscapes, your family can indulge in the joy of picking these ruby-red gems, creating memories as sweet as the strawberries themselves. Beyond the taste, the nutritional richness of strawberries adds an extra layer of delight to the experience. So, gather your loved ones, mark your calendars, and embark on a journey to savor the very essence of summer.

From Davidsonville to Westminster, these idyllic farms invite you to connect with Maryland’s agricultural heritage and relish the best nature has to offer. As the strawberry juice drips and laughter fills the air, the best strawberry picking farms in Maryland promise an unforgettable adventure to kickstart the season.

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