Best Things To Do In Anniston (Alabama)

Best Things To Do In Anniston (Alabama) – Anniston the county seat of Calhoun County, Alabama is one of the Anniston-Oxford Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is located east of Birmingham, amid the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. 

It was originally named for the Woodstock Iron Company, but was renamed Anniston (Annie’s Town) to avoid confusion with another Woodstock in Alabama. The city of Anniston, Alabama, in Calhoun County, has been a part of some of the country’s most significant events.

During the American Civil War, the city’s iron furnaces, which supported the industry, were destroyed by Union cavalry. During WWI and WWII, the US Army established training camps nearby, and a life-changing incident occurred within the city during the Civil Rights Movement.

All of this could be explored in Anniston’s streets, parks, and museums, as well as the neighboring surroundings. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy as well, from hiking and mountain biking to wine tasting and tubing, so if you’re exploring Alabama, take a break and spend a bit in Anniston.

If you are not enthralled by the city’s history and culture, you will be by its natural beauty, where you may participate in a variety of outdoor activities. 

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If Anniston, Alabama is on your vacation radar, here are some of the top things to do there:

1. Explore Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Preserve

The Mountain Longleaf Wildlife Preserve was named after the now-extinct mountain longleaf pine tree forests that were once so common in the southern states.

The reserve has nearly 9,000 acres (3642 hectares) of parklands and animals, making it one of Alabama’s most serene and scenic locations. As part of the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountain ranges, the Wildlife Preserve offers a variety of hiking, biking, picnicking, and nature trail opportunities.

The lushness of the surrounding vegetation, the sounds of chirping birds, and the park’s flora and wildlife are all incredibly soothing to the mind, body, and spirit. When visiting Anniston, Alabama, this is a must-see attraction.

2. Grab A Beer At Cheaha Brewing Company LLC

In Alabama, Cheaha Brewing Company is a one-of-a-kind restaurant. The establishment is housed in a historic railroad station and offers a wide range of house-brewed beers, cocktails, and American fare. Because it is a working brewpub, you can expect to be served expertly produced beer brewed right there in the factory.

The beer you order will be served alongside creative dishes made with organic and dairy ingredients, as well as all-natural meats. If you enjoy both beer and steak, a visit to this establishment will be sheer ecstasy.

3. Enjoy Mountain Biking At Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail

Coldwater Mountain is one of the most beautiful mountain biking paths in the United States, with nearly 4,000 acres (1618 hectares) of woodland and steep terrain. It’s just outside of Anniston and will meet your mountain biking needs, whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider searching for more difficult routes.

Short and easy circuits are available, as well as gravity courses and extremely steep descents for adrenaline addicts. The good news is that you don’t need to bring your mountain bike; you can always rent one and experience the breathtaking views of Coldwater Mountain.

4. Relish Traditional American Cuisines At Classic On Noble

Classic on Noble is one of Alabama’s premier fine dining establishments, as well as one of the greatest venues to sample authentic and classic American fare.

The restaurant provides a relaxed, welcoming ambiance that makes visitors feel at ease and allows them to enjoy their meals. The restaurant retains its rustic appearance, and the menu speaks volumes about traditional American cuisine. It’s a terrific site to explore the region’s culinary diversity, which has existed for centuries.

5. Go Camping At Michael Tucker Park and Chief Ladiga Trail

Michael Tucker Park & Chief Ladiga Trail should be at the top of your list of the best camping places if you enjoy the outdoors and have included camping in your Alabama itinerary. Weaver Road is where the park’s campground is located.

There are picnic sites with shelters, facilities with showers, and plenty of parking for anyone who wants to enjoy the gorgeous pathways. Whether you’re camping alone, as a couple, or with the whole family, the park’s amenities will guarantee that you have all you need to enjoy a fantastic time in the great outdoors.

6. Admire The Interesting Exhibits At Anniston Museum Of Natural History

One of the most enjoyable aspects of travel is learning about the culture and history of the areas you visit, and there is no better way to do so than by visiting the museums in the towns you visit.

The Anniston Museum of Natural History has exhibitions of more than 2000 natural history items on permanent display, including exceptionally rare and extinct species, fossils, and minerals dating back thousands, if not millions, of years.

It’s worth seeing if you’re interested in the region’s history and want to learn more about the culture and way of life of the people who lived there thousands of years ago.

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7. Pose For A Photo With The Mighty Chair 

Anniston is home to the world’s largest chair, in case you didn’t know. If you’ve ever wondered what the world’s largest chair looks like, all you have to do is go see this massive chair, which was erected in 1981 as a marketing ploy by Miller’s Office Furniture Shop.

The chair stands at 31 feet tall, and is made entirely of steel, which can resist gusts of up to 85 mph (136.79 km/h). Would you believe this chair is so large that it can be seen from all over town? When you visit, don’t forget to take a photo next to this massive chair. I’m sure it’ll be one of your most unusual shots.

8. Relax At John Nettles Park

With so much to see and do in Anniston, you’ll need a place to unwind and recharge as you plan your next step, and John Nettles Park could be precisely the spot.

Shelters for gatherings, outdoor basketball courts, electricity access, covered entertainment spaces, outdoor swimming pools, and lighting walking pathways may all be found in this park. If you don’t feel like sitting on the grass, there are always activities to participate in at the park.

9. Get connected To Nature At Longleaf Botanical Gardens

The Anniston Museum of Natural History and the Berman Museum are both close to Longleaf Botanical Gardens. It’s in a lovely, natural location, with lots of greenery and chattering birds and insects. It’s a good location to unwind and reflect after a morning spent seeing the two museums.

Tropical cascades can be found in the gardens, which are frequented by lovely butterflies and the ever-generous hummingbirds. The Longleaf Nature Trail is located right inside the botanical garden and features more than 25 native Alabama tree species. You will also enjoy walking through the shaded woodlands while inhaling the sweet scents of azaleas and hydrangeas.

10. Look At Antique Weapons At Berman Museum

From its beginnings to the things on show on the shelves, the Berman Museum is fascinating in a variety of ways. Farley Berman, an American GI who served in North Africa during World War II, founded the museum. He met and fell in love with a French spy during his tour, whom he eventually married and traveled the world with.

During their travels, they amassed a vast collection of weapons, antiquities, and oddities you wouldn’t believe existed. A bullet-firing flute, Hitler’s silver tea service, and many more fascinating relics from medieval and Cold War military systems may be found at this museum.

11. Catch A game At Rack and Roll Billiards and Sport Bar

Rack & Roll Billiards and Sports Bar is the perfect spot for a relaxing Saturday afternoon when all you want to do is sit back, relax, and watch a game.

The pub features a pleasant environment, extremely polite and attentive personnel, and a warm and inviting decor that allows you to unwind and enjoy your drinks and games.

Aside from alcohol, the pub serves meatloaf, hamburger steaks, fried pork chops, country fried steaks, fried shrimp, cabbage rolls, and pulled pork platters, among other dishes.

12. Enjoy Wine Tasting At White Oak Vineyard

Nothing should stop you from enjoying a few of Alabama’s exquisite, superb wines at White Oak Vineyard if you happen to be in Anniston. 

The vineyard, which is located among picturesque rolling hills, produces a wide range of French hybrid white and red wines, as well as southern fruits and Muscadine wines.

You can sample different wines, browse among jars of juices, jams, and jellies, and even take a bottle or two home from the farm shop if you come here.

13. Try Catfish At Top O’ The River Restaurant

You’ll be pleased to learn that Anniston, Alabama is home to Top O’ The River Restaurant, the southeast’s largest seafood and catfish restaurant.

This is where you’ll discover the freshest food, seasoned with special ingredients and recipes – the epitome of the “from the farm to table” concept.

If you like seafood, the enormous seafood platters, Creole boiled shrimp dinners, and, most importantly, the whole fried catfish dishes on the restaurant’s menu will delight you.


14. Go Tubing At Choccolocco Creek

If you’ve ever fantasized of floating on the water, make plans to spend a few hours floating down the Choccolocco Creek.

Aside from the enjoyment of floating on the tubes, the gorgeous river banks, peaceful sounds of the flowing river, and wild sounds from the forests will help you relax in ways you never imagined.

If you’ve had a busy morning exploring, then tubing in the stream is a great way to unwind while taking in the landscape.

15. Have A Great Night At Peerless Saloon And Grille

Alabama is home to numerous historic enterprises, like the Peerless Grille and Salon, which has been in operation for over a century. Robert E Garner founded the tavern in 1899, and it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. 

This establishment is a must-see for any history buff who also wants to sample the city’s nightlife. However, keep in mind that the audience that frequents this bar is affluent, so if you’re a party animal, you might not get much activity.

16. Visit The Beautiful Freedom Riders Park

The Freedom Riders Park in Alabama is not only a lovely piece of nature, but it is also a site in the country’s recollection of the Civil Rights Movement’s history.

A bus transporting “freedom riders” on a voyage to test interstate bus segregation was confronted with violence at this location, and their coach was set on fire with the people inside.

A visit to this location will not only educate you about the park’s beauty, but also about the racial fights that have occurred in Alabama.

17. Hangout At Cheaha State Park

If you consider yourself a nature lover, Cheaha State Park should be on your list of places to visit. The park boasts amazing views of mountains, lakes, and forest covers from its elevation of 2407 feet (0.73 km) above sea level.

It’s also one of the best sites to observe the stunning sunsets that Alabama has to offer. It is a must-see attraction for anybody visiting Alabama.

18. Jog Through Zin Park

Zinn Park is located in the middle of downtown Anniston, and if you want to stay in shape while you’re here, this is one of the greatest spots to go for a jog.

Again, if you’re visiting with your family, it’s a great day for a family outing, thanks to the lovely playgrounds and a fun splash pad for the kids.

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4 Best Restaurants To Visit In Anniston (Alabama)

1. Effina’s Downtown

This restaurant specializes in fine Italian cuisine and serves only the finest cuisine. They meticulously select the freshest ingredients and expertly cook them daily to ensure that their vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free customers are satisfied.

The cuisine is quite good and comes at a very affordable price. The value, price, service, and cuisine are all excellent, and the ambience is pleasant.

2. Mata’s Greek Pizza And grand

You’re in the middle of a beautiful Mediterranean supper – tangy tomato sauce pizza, gyros, baklava, blue skies, mild air – when you suddenly wake up. Don’t be discouraged. Get out of bed and head to Mata’s Greek Pizza for the meal of your dreams.

They’ve been serving great Greek and Italian cuisine made from historic family recipes for over 35 years. They have something to please your appetite and taste buds, whether it’s pizza, a sandwich, a salad, or a sweet treat.

3. Classic On Noble 

Classic On Noble is the leading fine dining establishment in east Alabama. Classic provides a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in which you will immediately feel at ease and where you will always enjoy hosting friends.

The atmosphere is exquisite and harkens back to a bygone era; it is housed in an ancient and beautifully restored building in downtown Anniston, and it offers a fantastic menu, delectable food, and superb service.

4. Artisanal Baked Goods

This artisan bakery and café specializes in organic breads, cakes, savory pastries, and wheat and yeast-free items. It’s a classic and a  little pricey.

When bread or other baked items are produced by hand, using only a few high-quality ingredients, are combined and molded by hand, and are cooked in a hearth oven.

The tastiest cookies and croissants in the south may be found here. Their French bread is everything a baguette should be: crunchy, yeasty, and soft in the center. Cookies are rich, buttery, and deserving of the calories they contain.


Final Thoughts

If you’re taking an Alabama vacation for the first time, Anniston is home to the renowned ‘Big Chair’ landmark and the gorgeous Talladega National Forest is only a short drive away. Apart from the various activities to do in Anniston Alabama, if you want to visit neighboring Georgia, the cities of Atlanta, Columbus, and Macon are only a few hours away.

There’s no excuse to have a boring trip to Anniston, Alabama, with the activities listed above. History, culture, food, and the natural beauty of the landscapes and parks should keep you occupied for the duration of your stay. Just remember to go with an open mind and be prepared to explore while you have a good time.

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