Best Places to Visit in The Philippines

Best Places to Visit in The Philippines: The Top Rated Tourist Attractions in The Philippines That Worth The Hype

Are you wondering about which of the best places to visit in the Philippines? You are truly at the right place. In this article, you’ll get the most insider travelers tips and guides about some of the best and amazing places in the Philippines that you can embark on an adventure to.

The Philippines is an island nation that is settled within the western Pacific. The region boasts one of the world’s longest combined coastlines as a result of the nation’s 7,000 tropical islands ranging from its natural beauty, pristine beaches, and its amazing historical center.

The most difficult decision to make as a traveller is to choose which of the best island to visit first. It has 3 main island groups which are Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao which are exhibiting different regions in the country.

The view in each of the regions arrays from mountains to tropical, and metropolitan areas. You will be able to fancy a day of walking on the street of the historical sites in the capital city of Manila or catch a brief look at the tiny Tarsier monkey at a non-public refuge on the island of Bohol, and the sloppy mountains that give long-lasting exaltation.

It’s no doubt that the Philippines has some of the best beaches since it is been surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and ski diving opportunities are always available.

The Philippines packs so many things to see and do, and it would be wonderful to plan your travel adventure around this tropical island nation with our guide on the best places to visit while in the Philippines which you wouldn’t want to miss out.

List of The Best Place to Visit in The Philippines

From Vigan to Bohol, and from Bohol to Manila, here is the list of some of the most amazing and the best places to visit in the Philippines:

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1. Vigan


A visit to this northern Philippines in the Luzon region where you’ll get the chance to visit the most charming towns is like a step back to colonial periods.

The culture is the joining of the Chinese and Spanish influence resulting from the settlers to the area. Horses riding through the cobblestone street also stand as a reminder of the grand life that some enjoyed in this colonial times.

Vigan as one of the best places to visit in the Philippines has two hearts, the shopping center in the north and the business district in the south. Vigan has a minor district to explore.

The great view of the area is from the Bantay bell tower, which is also seen as an historical boundary in the area. The calle crisologo is a walkable historic district where you’ll discover many craftsmen and view historical architecture. A visit to St. Paul metropolitan cathedral is a perfect place to sit and take in the local culture.

2. Bohol


Bohol is one of the best places to visit in the Philippines as it runs at a slower pace. It’s a destination that displays the natural beauty of the country in a mesmerizing way.

One of the most interesting facts about the natural wonders of the island is the chocolate hills. The hills come with the legend of being formed by the rocks thrown by the angry giants.

Several visitors that come to the island partake in the exciting diving activities that the island has to offer. Bohol also serves as a home for the tiny tarsier primate, known for its huge orange eyes and tiny fingers, which serves as a model for the island of Bohol.

With a small fee, you can take a walk through the grounds and stand a distance away from the small nocturnal mammal.

3. Manila


The Philippines capital, Manila is one of the most populated and bustling cities in the Philippines with nonstop activities.

You’ll fall in love with Manila at first sight.

The city sits on the shores of Manila Bay with passing water running through it, combining both the old and new as the modern shopping malls set aside with the colonial-era churches, with trendy bars, and artist market.

Go onboard one of the colourful jeepneys to Manila where you’ll get to have a taste of the local life as you visit the top attractions in the city.

Stop at the main park in the city (Rizal Park) and take a walk through the historical San Agustin church that was built in the 16th century.

Obtain handmade gifts and native fruits at the general market at Quiapo church, where you’d see a thousand of people that show up on Fridays for worship.

4. Donsol


It is mainly known for its whale watching. Tourists can interact with whale sharks by diving and snorkeling. The coastal town of Donsol is enclosed with scuba divers and snorkelers swimming with the whale shark that is found offshore growing up to twelve meters long, the giant whale is majestic to examine up close, and swimming with them is an unforgettable experience.

Though there is not much to see and do in town, but it’s a pleasant place to stay a few days as the surrounding areas have loads of great hikes and cycle rides to enjoy.

5. Tagaytay


Tagaytay is among one of the popular towns to visit within the Philippines, overlooking the wonderful tall lake with each tourist and locals alike. Its cool mountain climate offers tourists some welcome respect from the hustle and bustle of heat and humidity of nearby Manila.

It is encircled with hills and mountains as well as lots of brilliant scenery to enjoy with Taal volcano being the major highlights. Some notable tourist attractions here include St Anne shrines, Punta Santiago lighthouse, and local flower farms.

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6. Cebu


It’s an island province consisting of its island itself with 167 surrounding islands and it is the oldest town in the Philippines. The city is smaller but it is additionally a busy version of Manila with several of equivalent urban benefits.

Cebu is one of every of the most effective choice for adventure that gets you to see whale sharks, coral reefs, and turtle sea. Few of the interesting scenery from the water near Cebu are the sea caves that attract outside travellers and photographers looking for the best diving and snorkelling site.

The Sudlon National Park located an hour from Cebu City is the most superb park to explore and visit. While Cebu’s best attraction is its water, it also has tourist attractions like the museum and cathedral that will interest historical enthusiasts.

7. Siargao


Travellers that love making a written schedule of a road trip or vacation should put Siargao island on top of their agenda. Shaped like a teardrop with its large coconut groves, white sand beaches, and tranquil lagoons, Siargao is definitely a perfect definition of paradise.

Siargao is widely known as the surfing capital of the Philippines with various surfing spots including cloud nine, surf schools, and rental shops around. There are also opportunities for stand-up paddleboard, snorkeling, and many more. Even if you do not surf, watching expert surfers that come to the island is a fun activity.

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8. Ifugao Rice Terraces


Photographers will love to have innumerable memory cards with them once they visit the picturesque Ifugao Rice Terraces on the island of Luzon. For 2000 years people have been growing rice on terraces that follows the contours of the mountains of the cordillera.

The popular ones can be found around the town called Banaue, they were created by the Ifugao ethnic people without the use of any modern tools and they are still in use today.

9. Boracay


It’s one of the most popular islands in the Philippines, so it has to be rehabilitated for 6 months after its massive influx of visitors. It is reopened to tourists but has a limit for the number of people it welcomes each day.

There’s a reason why Boracay is the beach capital of the Philippines. You will find numerous tiny beaches like the tiny island in the west Visayas which is optimal for beachgoers who are going for relaxation in the sun or some other water activities.

Puka shell beach is at the end of the island, and it’s suited for an assortment of shells, cagban beach is a quiet spot with nearby caves that are said to have a treasure chest.

This island is best known for its many resorts, so finding a place to stay is not difficult. For a wide view of the island, take a day trip to mount luho.

10. Puerto Princesa


It is a coastal city of Palawan Island in the western Philippines. The rock island, caves, and natural parks of the Palawan islands are the key great thing about the Philippines.

The coastal city of Puerto Princesa should be an area where you will stay to explore some natural gems on the island. It’s a place for boat trips through the huge sedimentary rock cave and underground watercourses which can be found in subterranean river national park.

11. Apo Island


If you have ever gotten an unreal swimming with the sea turtle, or it sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then you will want to head to Apo Island in the Philippines.

The reason this location tends itself to swimming with turtles and other sea life is because of its protected marine sanctuary. Apo Island is surrounded by clear and calm waters which makes it perfect for various underwater activities such as snorkelling.

Take a walk through the lagoon trail by Apo village where you will be sure to find the flora and fauna as you relate with others who lived on the island.

Other Things to do And See in The Philippines


So, we’ve given you just more than enough reasons why you need to come here by sharing with you some of the best places to visit in the Philippines.

However, there is still so much to do and see in this enchanting region.

Let’s walk you through them:

And that’s all about the best places to visit in the Philippines.

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