Discovering The 55 Best Things to do in London for £10 or Less

Discover the best things to do in London for £10 or less. While London is often seen as a destination for the wealthy, it’s entirely possible to cherish the city without a hefty budget. The allure of London extends beyond opulent hotels and upscale boutiques. With some savvy financial strategies, you can relish activities like opera, champagne, and afternoon tea while staying within your means. 

While London has a reputation for being costly, there’s no need to believe that. If you search well, you’ll discover affordable things to do. It might seem like fun in the city requires a lot of money, but there are actually many fantastic activities you can do for just £5 or even less. You have various options – pedalos to ride, dancing all night, enjoying oysters, and experiencing the city’s culture. 

Think about ballet at the Royal Opera House, Shakespeare at the Globe, and stunning murals at the Painted Hall, often called London’s ‘Sistine Chapel.’ So, instead of just sitting around and waiting for payday, go out and explore the incredible affordable experiences this place offers. From eerie old operating theatres to self-guided tours, we’ve gathered a comprehensive list of the top things to do in London for £10 or less.

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Here are the 55 best things to do in London for £10 or less:

1. See a surprise line-up of comedians, £5


Experience the best things to do in London for £10 or less by visiting the classic Soho pub, The Blue Posts, on a Wednesday evening. For just five pounds, you can enjoy an impressive roster of comedians brought together by the Soho Comedy Factory. This lineup includes a mix of established TV personalities and promising up-and-coming talents, all for a budget-friendly entertainment that will surely have you laughing or at least smiling as you sip on your pint.

2. Play bingo in cathedral-like splendour, £3-£5


The innovative designer behind Tooting’s magnificent cinema-turned-bingo hall drew inspiration from Russian churches, adorning the interior with elaborate gothic arches, intricate woodwork, and exquisite paintings. Transform your bingo night into a truly unique experience at this extraordinary and captivating location. Join a game at a reasonable price and also make the most of the wallet-friendly bar offerings available.

3. See a bargain Thursday flick, £3


As part of the “best things to do in London for £10 or less,” don’t miss out on the incredible deal offered by Whitechapel’s stunning Genesis Cinema every Thursday. Enjoy any film of your choice, be it a recent blockbuster, an indie gem, or a classic favorite, all for a mere three pounds. 

After the cinematic experience, take your time to unwind in the warm ambiance of the venue’s brickwalled bar, where you can indulge in a relaxing cup of coffee or opt for something stronger. Immerse yourself in the cultural and cinematic charm of Genesis Cinema, a place that offers both affordability and a rich entertainment experience.

4. Drink like you’re in Taipei, £5


While Bao is widely acclaimed for its delectable steamed buns, there’s a hidden treasure in the form of their soft drinks at this Taiwanese eatery. These beverages are refreshing gems that often go unnoticed. Picture peanut-milk bubble tea featuring delightful chewy pearls or indulgent ice-cream floats crafted with Yakult—an enjoyable and unique method to enhance your gut health, making it one of London’s most delightful options. 

These soft drinks are a must-try complement to your meal, offering a fusion of flavors that perfectly match the innovative spirit of Bao. So, while the steamed buns take center stage, be sure to explore these under-the-radar hydrating delights that add an extra layer of culinary satisfaction to your visit.

5. Hear some gorgeous English folk songs, £4


Discover the best things to do in London for £10 or less by immersing yourself in captivating melodies at Cecil Sharp House. This remarkable venue sets the stage for open mic folksong nights every Tuesday, where you can experience spine-tingling sounds that span the spectrum of tradition. 

Delight in a musical journey through music hall ditties, folk ballads, and even retro skiffle tunes. If you’re feeling adventurous, seize the opportunity to showcase your inner troubadour by adding your name to the door list and sharing an old-timey song with the audience. Unleash your musical spirit while staying within your budget and enjoying the rich cultural offerings of this vibrant city.

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6. Feast on archive films, FREE


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of cinema history without spending a penny at BFI’s delightfully named mediatheque, also known as the film library. Indulge in a cost-free education as each individual booth is thoughtfully furnished with its personal screen and headphone jack. This setup allows you to submerge yourself in classic films, catering to various preferences—be it the enchantment of golden age musicals, the nostalgia of retro sci-fi, or the charm of screwball comedy.

7. See Shakespeare as the Bard intended it, £5


Immerse yourself in the Renaissance-era equivalent of a mosh pit by securing a standing ticket for just £5 at Shakespeare’s Globe. Experience firsthand how the Bard’s most intense and ribald scenes were crafted to exhilarate the enthusiastic ‘groundlings’ who stood in the pit. Arrive ahead of time, and you’ll find yourself in such close proximity to the unfolding drama that you can even rest your elbows on the stage itself.

8. Unwind with some fish, £5


Discover one of the best things to do in London for £10 or less by venturing into the captivating world of aquatic wonders. While the London Aquarium boasts its grandeur with a shark pool, the Horniman Museum offers an equally enchanting experience within its more modest space. Embark on a mesmerizing journey that traverses the diverse landscapes of rivers and oceans across the globe. 

Delve into the intricate beauty of British ponds and find yourself transported to the vibrant coral reefs of Fiji, all within the confines of this hidden gem. The Horniman Museum’s immersive aquatic exhibit invites you to explore the marine marvels of our planet, all while staying within your budget and making the most of your London adventure.

9. Hear the incredible true story of Crystal Palace, £5


The tale of Crystal Palace is a rollercoaster of excitement, mishaps, and excessive pride. In its heyday, an extravagant glass pavilion brought joy to countless Victorian visitors, until financial collapse and a fiery catastrophe reduced it to ashes. Dive into the captivating narrative through an engaging guided tour, available monthly during the summer. 

However, a heads-up to dinosaur enthusiasts – the tour excludes information about the famously quirky dinosaurs situated in the park’s lower sections. You’ll need to independently delve into those peculiarities and quirkiness.

10. Fly a fighter jet, £5


Becoming an RAF pilot appears to be an exciting profession, involving high-speed flights and even performing loop-the-loops in the presence of royalty. However, it’s undeniable that the role demands significant effort and comes with its share of risks. The Science Museum offers a solution for those intrigued by the experience without the hard work and danger.

Their newly introduced Typhoon Force simulator provides the sensation of jet flight effortlessly. Glide through the skies in synchronized formation over the picturesque landscapes of North Wales, and experience a descent from a staggering altitude of 40,000 feet.

London is not only known for its rich history and iconic landmarks but also for offering some of the best theme parks in the world, providing thrilling experiences and family-friendly fun that should be a must-visit on your next trip to the city.

11. Buy some gorgeous blooms at Columbia Road Flower Market, £3-£5


Discover the best things to do in London for £10 or less by starting your day early with a visit to Columbia Road Flower Market. Embrace the opportunity to gather beautiful blooms, as this market offers a delightful array of flowers at budget-friendly prices. 

Whether you’re a professional florist or simply seeking botanical wonders, you can choose from tulips in spring, roses in summer, and hydrangeas in autumn. Opt for seasonal picks and enjoy a fantastic deal that will fill your home with captivating fragrances for days.

12. Time-travel in your lunch hour, from £3


Amidst a city abundant with Prets, why not elevate your lunch experience by indulging in something exceptionally unique? Transport yourself back in time by visiting Rothe’s enchantingly vintage deli, a cherished establishment that has been crafting sandwiches in a myriad of delectable styles since 1900. Escape the ordinary and savor the rich history and flavors encapsulated within each sandwich. Let Rothe’s time-honored tradition become your delightful escape from the ordinary lunch routine in the bustling city.

13. Try a new board game, £5


Discover one of the best things to do in London for £10 or less by immersing yourself in the welcoming atmosphere of this cozy board-game haven in Deptford. With an impressive array of titles to choose from, whether you’re seeking a casual and engaging game like Cockroach Salad or a deeply strategic experience like Carcassonne, this haven has it all.

For just five pounds, you can enjoy up to three hours of captivating playtime. Challenge a friend to a game, and while you’re at it, relish craft beers from the bar to keep you refreshed throughout your gaming adventure.

14. Go mochi mad at Japan Centre, £1.99


Experience a delectable journey into the world of sweet, sticky, and glutinous treats at Japan Centre, where London’s inaugural mochi bar has made its appearance. Satisfy your cravings for these delightful confections that are rich in flavor and texture. If you’re new to the world of mochi, the mochi doughnuts (£1.99) serve as a fantastic introductory option, combining chewiness with sweetness. 

Alternatively, explore a selection that includes ice cream, cookies, and traditional daifuku for a well-rounded indulgence. Embrace the fusion of cultures and flavors at this mochi haven, making it an exquisite destination to satiate your love for unique and scrumptious delights.

15. Soar above the Thames, £5


London’s distinctive cable car presents an enchanting alternative to the ordinary means of transportation, like walking, taking buses, or using the Tube. Step into a gently swaying gondola and enjoy unparalleled vistas of the Thames, providing a whimsically unique perspective on the city. 

To alleviate any potential motion discomfort, consider exploring the captivating and rapidly evolving docklands of Greenwich, ensuring a well-rounded experience that complements the cable car adventure with an exploration of the area’s dynamic attractions.

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16. Unlock an old tradition, FREE


Transport yourself to the medieval era with a visit to the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. Witness the timeless spectacle as the Yeomen Warders reenact the ancient 700-year-old ritual of exchanging keys before securing the premises for the night. While the tradition may be steeped in history, modern times require online booking for this unique experience, adding a contemporary touch to the medieval mystique.

17. Catch a new movie at a retro price, £4.99


PeckhamPlex, a steadfast independent cinema in South London, boasts a compelling unique selling point: the latest blockbuster films at prices reminiscent of the ’90s. With affordable tickets, you have the freedom to embrace spontaneity, whether that involves mustering the courage to watch a thrillingly twisted horror film or exploring the creations of talented local filmmakers. Enjoy the best of both worlds – modern cinema offerings with a touch of nostalgia – all within the welcoming confines of PeckhamPlex.

18. Swoon over salt beef, £5


What makes Beigel Bake a renowned establishment? The explanation is right there on display. A generous portion of flavorful salt beef, expertly carved upon your order. It’s a challenge to discover a more iconic budget-friendly meal in London than this delectable combination within a beigel. Pair it with a liberal serving of your preferred mustard and a substantial gherkin for an unforgettable culinary experience.

19. Meet famous dead Londoners, £4.50


The most illustrious residents of this city find their resting place within the captivating and somber attraction known as Highgate Cemetery. In the more recently expanded East Cemetery, make it a point to discover the final resting spots of remarkable individuals like Claudia Jones, the visionary behind Notting Hill Carnival, and artist Patrick Caulfield, who crafted his own unique headstone with the word ‘dead’ inscribed upon it. This thought-provoking memorial truly lives up to its inscription, offering a distinctive experience that aligns perfectly with its profound message.

20. Visit London’s ‘Sistine Chapel’, £5


Experience one of the best things to do in London for £10 or less by visiting Greenwich’s Painted Hall on the first Sunday of each month. For just five pounds, you can explore the stunning 40,000-sq ft Baroque murals that adorn the hall, often referred to as ‘Britain’s Sistine Chapel’. These murals, painted over 300 years ago, have recently undergone a comprehensive two-year restoration, making them look as vibrant as ever.

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21. Relax in a lofty garden, FREE


Take the elevator to the summit of the Walkie Talkie building, where you’ll find yourself in a garden offering breathtaking vistas of London. From this vantage point, you can easily spot iconic landmarks such as Tower Bridge, The Shard, and Wembley Stadium. Alternatively, you can relax amidst the lush ferns and succulents that cover the floors, creating a serene and green atmosphere.

22. See the city from the top of 311 stairs, £5.80


Among the best things to do in London for £10 or less, the Monument stands out as a classic tourist attraction. This straightforwardly named 61-meter stone pillar serves as a memorial to the Great Fire of London and was erected shortly after the catastrophic event of 1666. Experience a workout for your step counter as you ascend the spiral staircase inside, providing both historical significance and physical activity.

23. Discover hidden canal history, £4


In London, the waterways hold both discarded shopping trollies and captivating tales. Uncover the intriguing stories at the London Canal Museum, a treasure trove of artifacts from the waterways’ vibrant past. Engage in enthralling evening discussions held on the first Thursday of every month. For a daytime visit at just £6, you can explore further and even get up close to narrowboats, thanks to its own dock facility.

24. Explore a real working windmill, £5


One of the hidden gems in Brixton, ideal for the best things to do in London for £10 or less, is an operational 200-year-old windmill nestled in serene gardens, a brief stroll from Brockwell Park. While typically not accessible to the public, it’s a rewarding endeavor to catch one of its occasional open weekends.

During these times, you can secure a spot to ascend its slender winding staircase and learn about its intriguing past. And before departing, be sure to grab a bag of freshly ground flour, representing Brixton’s finest white powder.

25. Get pedalo-ing, £4


Boating excursions have long been a beloved feature of romantic comedies, and it’s no wonder – gliding gracefully over water, like swans, creates an undeniably romantic ambiance, even if the water below might not be the cleanest. Embark on a charming pedalo ride with your partner in Crystal Palace Park, offering a glimpse of the fascinating dinosaur sculptures. 

Alternatively, enjoy a leisurely paddle through Dulwich Park, encircling a hidden island that adds an air of mystery to your outing. For a different experience, head to Greenwich Park and be greeted by a multitude of geese as you navigate the waters. These pedalo rides offer not only a touch of romance but also a chance to explore some of London’s picturesque parks in a unique way.

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26. Live your dreams of rap superstardom, FREE


Almost anyone can rap along to a verse within the comfort of their own home, but the real challenge lies in performing it in front of a live audience. If you’ve ever wondered whether you could step up to the mic like Drake or Cardi B, now’s your chance to find out at Hip Hop Karaoke. This event offers rap enthusiasts the opportunity to take the stage and showcase their lyrical skills, all while earning a free drink as a token of their effort. 

It’s time to start practicing your rhymes and get ready to embrace the spotlight at this unique and thrilling experience. Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or just looking to have fun, Hip Hop Karaoke promises a night of entertainment and rap camaraderie that you won’t want to miss.

27. Be a fan stan, £5


Discover some of the best things to do in London for £10 or less at Greenwich’s Fan Museum. This unique attraction, located in a pair of Grade II-listed Georgian houses, pays homage to the noblewoman’s most crucial accessory. You can explore an impressive collection, featuring highlights such as a fan painted by renowned artist Paul Gauguin, stylish pieces from the 1920s, and even vintage concertina-style advertisements.

28. Experience perfect pizza, £3.90


Unleash your appetite for Voodoo Ray’s incredibly generous portions of excellent New York-style pizza. As for whether they’re the finest in London, well, that’s open to interpretation. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that these wonderfully messy slices reign supreme in Dalston or Peckham past midnight. Starting at a mere £3.90 for the classic margherita, you even have the option to enjoy your pizza within the seating area!

29. Enjoy a leafy paradise, FREE


The Barbican’s sun-drenched conservatory has gained popularity among Instagram influencers for a good reason: the blend of brutalist architecture and artistic succulents creates a design pairing that feels like paradise. You can freely immerse yourself in its lush wonders on Sundays. Just be sure to make note of your favorite ferns with the intention of finding them as houseplants, even though you might not quite get around to it.

30. Relive your childhood, £1


Experience some of the best things to do in London for £10 or less at Rowans, a nostalgic haven with a sticky carpet charm. Here, you can indulge in the joys of playing arcade games, grooving to tinny R&B tunes, and savoring brainfreeze-inducing neon slushies (offered in a variety of flavors that oddly taste the same, yet wonderfully delicious). Keep in mind that if bowling is on your agenda, you’ll need to set aside a bit more than just a fiver.

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31. Get a plant-based junk food fix, £5


Prior to the era of fast-food chains losing their way with meatless options, Temple of Hackney emerged as a trailblazer in crafting faux fried chicken using authentic vegan techniques. Admittedly, it’s not the healthiest choice, comparable to consuming deep-fried bread, but their Strips ‘n’ Chips combination, featuring two ‘wing’ portions, a side of small fries, and a sauce dip, is guaranteed to swiftly conquer any hunger pangs you may have. 

32. See a pas de deux for pas de cash, £5


For those seeking the best things to do in London for £10 or less, ballet enthusiasts with budget constraints can relish discounted twirls offered by the Royal Ballet’s £5 tickets. Your seating (or standing) spot will be in the dizzying Amphitheatre section (higher than the Balcony). Consider bringing binoculars to better observe the on-stage performance, or to catch a glimpse of the elegantly attired attendees in the stalls.

33. Take a bao, £3.80


Looking for the best things to do in London for £10 or less? If you’re into delicious buns, you’re in luck at Bun House. They serve towers of Cantonese-style steamed buns filled with various options, from pork to custard. If you’re a fan of fluffy comfort food, this place should definitely be on your list of affordable activities in London.

34. Make a splash, £4.25


Are there any Londoners tougher than the all-weather swimmers at Hampstead Heath Ponds? These resilient individuals, always up for a challenge, find their excitement and cold splashes for a mere £4.25, granting them an entire day of access.

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider leaving behind the gym’s indoor pool and taking the plunge with this fearless group. Embrace the invigorating experience of outdoor swimming in the midst of nature’s beauty. It’s a unique way to test your mettle and connect with like-minded individuals who relish in the thrill of the chilly waters.

35. See great art (and science) after dark, FREE


London’s museums live a dual existence, engaging in various activities once the sun goes down. The esteemed establishments of South Kensington hold special after-dark events on a monthly basis, allowing visitors to explore their exhibits, groove to DJ performances, and partake in activities inspired by ongoing exhibitions.

The late-night openings at the Science Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, and Natural History Museum come free of charge, providing an excellent opportunity to experience culture and entertainment in a unique and vibrant atmosphere.

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36. Meet a goat, FREE


Get up close and personal with the most endearing creatures at Vauxhall City Farm, where you can engage with its goats. Fred, Barney, and their companions will gladly accept a pat as you offer them a bountiful handful of grass nuts from the farm’s feeding dispenser. It’s a heartwarming experience that lets you connect with these animals in a meaningful way.

37. Borrow a bike for half an hour, £1.65


Discover the best things to do in London for £10 or less by seizing the opportunity to explore with Santander bikes. These vibrant ruby bicycles unlock a plethora of adventures at an incredibly affordable price.

With just £1.65, you can enjoy a day’s bike rental along with 30 minutes of riding time (each additional half-hour is priced at £1.65). This means that for under £5, you have the chance to spend an hour cycling by the Thames from Battersea Park or navigating through the historic birthplace of GMT itself in Greenwich. 

38. Pretend you’re on a savannah, FREE


Discover a multitude of fascinating sights along Regent’s Canal: kick off your journey by immersing yourself in the unique cybergoth culture of Camden Market. As you continue your westward exploration, treat yourself to an exclusive glimpse of London Zoo’s captivating wild dogs, residing in an enclosure nestled along the canal’s edge. 

Marvel at the spectacle of these magnificent creatures devouring chunks of meat, skillfully suspended on a zipline by the clever zookeepers. This canal-side adventure also presents the chance to encounter charming houseboats, picturesque bridges, and serene waterside views that collectively enhance the allure of Regent’s Canal.

39. Neck oysters like a posho, £1


Looking for one of the best things to do in London for £10 or less? Indulge in a lavish dining experience at Wright Brothers in Battersea, South Kensington, Soho, or Spitalfields. During weekdays from 3pm to 6pm, you can relish the feeling of being the most sophisticated diner in town by savoring fresh oysters at just £1 each.

40. Sip a frozen Margarita, £4.50


One of the best things to do in London for £10 or less is to enjoy a complete margherita pizza at Pizza Union, priced at only £3.50. However, an equally exciting option is to savor their frozen Margaritas, also available for the same price. Experience the essence of a Miami pool-party right here in London as you treat yourself to delightful slushy cocktails at King’s Cross or the Old Street roundabout.

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41. Give your face a present, FREE


It may come as a revelation that La Mer, indisputably one of the most luxurious brands when it comes to moisturizers, offers complimentary 15-minute facials at their Harrods counter. Treat yourself to this exquisite experience and acquire the radiant, golden-hued complexion reminiscent of someone of considerably greater affluence. 

Indulge in the opulence of skincare and revel in the chance to embrace a rejuvenated visage, all while enjoying the ambiance of one of London’s most prestigious shopping destinations. It’s an opportunity to pamper yourself with a touch of elegance and refinement, even if only for a fleeting moment.

42. Cheer on Chelsea FC Women, £5


Why spend a hefty sum to witness the Chelsea men’s team in action on the field, when you have the opportunity to catch the women’s squad playing at their Kingston ground for as little as five pounds? Although the Kingsmeadow stadium might not possess the grandeur of Stamford Bridge, you can elevate your experience by indulging in a delicious bacon bap from the nearby Fat Boys Cafe, all for just £3.99. 

For those seeking a taste of glory, an alternative option is to invest £8 in attending the home games of Arsenal, currently leading the league. Or better yet, why not consider enjoying both experiences to fully immerse yourself in the world of football?

43. Explore a gothic castle, £4


Boasting a name that could capture the attention of even JRR Tolkien, Severndroog Castle situated in the heart of south London stands as an impressive architectural whimsy. Constructed by an eighteenth-century woman in loving memory of her husband, this castle offers more than just a historical significance. 

Embark on a visit to revel in panoramic vistas of the capital city, alongside ancient woodlands that surround it, all while immersing yourself in an atmosphere that occasionally evokes eerie and spine-tingling sensations.

44. Take a hot choc for a stroll, £3.95


One of the best things to do in London for £10 or less is to treat yourself to a romantic outing reminiscent of a charming small town. Enjoy a brisk winter afternoon strolling along the South Bank, all while relishing a delightful cup of hot chocolate in hand. 

For an indulgent experience, make sure to try the sumptuous salted caramel hot chocolate from Hotel Chocolat’s restaurant, Rabot 1745, located in Borough. When selecting your cup, don’t hesitate to go for the larger size for an even more satisfying treat.

45. Ease into the week with jazz, FREE


On every Saturday and Sunday, The Royal Albert in Deptford hosts a gathering of talented musicians from nearby colleges, offering captivating renditions of timeless soul, disco, and pop hits infused with a touch of jazz. The atmosphere is consistently lively, drawing in a crowd, and the evenings frequently culminate in energetic mass dancing.

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46. Sing your heart out at karaoke, £5


The Four Thieves, a pub and versatile entertainment hub in Battersea, presents a plethora of budget-friendly amusements, ranging from quizzes and comedy nights to an entire floor filled with arcade games. While it might be tempting to miss their attractively priced karaoke option, there’s really no reason to do so. 

Rally up a group of five or more friends and take advantage of the opportunity to sing your heart out in resplendent surroundings, all for just five pounds per person. The recently refurbished setting adds a touch of splendor to your karaoke experience.

47. Get judged by an old-school robot, £1


One of the best things to do in London for £10 or less is to explore the Holborn unconventional art haven, Novelty Automation, where an array of mechanical oddities adds a DIY twist to the customary seaside arcade experience.

With a handful of tokens in hand, engage in ‘Is It Art?’ – a quirky activity that lets a robotic expert assess your creations. Alternatively, you can delve into the realm of quantum physics with the ‘Small Hadron Collider’ exhibit, all within an affordable budget.

48. Stitch up a storm, £5


If your needlework skills are impressive but finding a moment to sew is a constant challenge, consider earmarking a slot in your schedule for Fabrications’ biweekly craft club. Attend with your ongoing project, whether it involves mending garments, engaging in embroidery, piecing together patchwork, or crafting something entirely new. 

During the session, you’ll be treated to tea and biscuits while enjoying the convenience of sewing machines, overlockers, and haberdashery materials available at the Fabrications studio. Beyond the creative resources, the club also offers an opportunity to connect with fellow craft enthusiasts and expand your circle of like-minded friends.

49. Leaf through queer history, £5


Explore an array of items ranging from lesbian pulp fiction to gay club flyers and even queer activist badges during the captivating LGBTQ+ archive tours at Bishopsgate Institute. Led by the curator, these tours offer an intriguing peek into the world of LGBTQ+ history, guiding you through various artifacts that reveal the passage of queer time. Prepare to be amazed by unexpected treasures and have all your inquiries about the bygone era of gay life addressed during this enlightening experience.

50. Enjoy a Night at the Opera, £5


Among the best things to do in London for £10 or less, consider the opportunity to attend performances at the Royal Opera House. While premium seats can run as high as £175, you can secure tickets for specific shows starting at just £5. 

Positioned high up in the amphitheatre, the Upper Slips seats offer the most budget-friendly choice. While the view might be slightly limited from these comfortable benches, you’ll still be able to enjoy a view of the stage and relish the soaring soprano notes that fill the air.

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51. Ride an Urban Cable Car, £4


One of the most fascinating ways to travel between points in London involves taking a ride on the Emirates Air Line, an urban cable car that spans the River Thames, connecting Royal Victoria and North Greenwich. This leisurely 1km journey provides ample opportunity to observe notable local landmarks such as Canary Wharf, the O2 Arena, and the Olympic Stadium, all from an impressive altitude of 90 meters.

52. Treat Yourself to Afternoon Tea, £5


Indulge in the town’s most cost-effective afternoon tea experience at the Fan Museum in Greenwich. For a mere £8, you can treat yourself to a spread featuring scones adorned with cream and jam, an array of cakes, and your choice of tea or coffee, all elegantly presented within the charming orangery. 

The sunlit space is adorned with intricate murals and offers a view of a concealed Japanese-inspired garden. This delightful offer is available via walk-in service on Fridays and Saturdays, while table reservations can be secured on Tuesdays and Sundays.

53. Take a Boat Trip on the Thames, £7.20


Experience some of the best things to do in London for £10 or less by enjoying a leisurely sail along the Thames on one of London’s Thames Clippers. This fleet of river boats provides speedy connections between west (Putney) and east (Woolwich) London, starting their services at 6 a.m. on weekdays. Escape the morning rush and soak in the beauty of top riverside landmarks such as Big Ben, the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tower of London while relaxing on the deck.

54. Tee Off in a London Park, £9


Discover the best things to do in London for £10 or less at Battersea Park, a hidden gem often overshadowed by parks on the north side of the river. This charming spot in south London boasts attractions like a boating lake, a pagoda, an art gallery, and an enjoyable pitch and putt course. Hone your golfing skills, then recharge with a delicious wood-fired pizza at the clubhouse.

55. Tour an East End Music Hall, £6


Explore the best things to do in London for £10 or less at Wilton’s, the world’s oldest surviving music hall located in the heart of east London. This captivating arts venue has a rich history, once starting as an alehouse catering to affluent merchants and later transforming into a Methodist church. 

Immerse yourself in its past by joining a guided history tour, and afterward, unwind with a drink at the cozy Mahogany Bar. Don’t miss out on the chance to attend free workshops and activities, which you can find on the events page.

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Final Thoughts 

London’s vibrant charm and cultural richness extend far beyond its lavish reputation. Embracing the city on a budget opens up a treasure trove of experiences that resonate deeply with its history and contemporary allure. From the eloquence of ballet performances at the Royal Opera House to the timeless tales at Shakespeare’s Globe, and the awe-inspiring murals of the Painted Hall, London’s ‘Sistine Chapel,’ affordable delights abound. 

Break free from the misconception that London demands a hefty wallet; instead, embark on a journey of discovery, where each pound spent unlocks a world of memories waiting to be made. So seize the moment, tread the path less expensive, and relish the best things to do in London for £10 or less.

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