The 25 Best Things To Do In Memphis (Tennessee)

Best Things To Do In Memphis (Tennessee) – Everyone in Memphis knows how to have a good time, if there is one thing we can be certain of. This city is one of the extraordinary things of why Tennessee is thought to be such a fascinating state, from the dazzling lights to the music, food, and culture.

Maybe you’re curious about Memphis, Tennessee’s past and culture. You might be interested in learning more about the part it played in laying the groundwork for American politics, music, art, and culture. Perhaps you’re just hungry for the barbecue.  Whatever brought you to Memphis, Tennessee, you can be sure it will meet all of your expectations. It is regarded as one of the best tourist spots in the South for a reason.

You’ll find plenty of things to do in Memphis (Tennessee), whether you’re searching for relaxation, excitement, or classic memory-making, thanks to the city’s more than 60 distinctive attractions. Elvis Presley’s Graceland and the Stax Museum of American Soul Music should be at the top of your list of things to do in South Memphis.

Don’t miss the National Civil Rights Museum, other historical sites that illustrate Memphis’ significant role in civil rights history, thrilling activities along the Mississippi Riverfront, and other downtown attractions. Beale Street, the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, and The Blues Foundation’s Blues Hall of Fame are all located downtown and can all be reached on foot. Discover the award-winning Memphis Zoo nearby in Midtown.

Disclosure: Due to new safety regulations, some of the information regarding the attractions and sites listed below may have changed. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the location.

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What are the best things to do in Memphis (Tennessee)?


Memphis, Tennessee, which is regarded as the birthplace of blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll music, ought to be at the top of your list of places to go. As you walk the same streets that made icons like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and B.B. King famous, you’ll truly have the experience of a lifetime here. Explore the city’s major cultural sites, boutiques, restaurants, and museums to fully immerse yourself in its unique culture.

Memphis, which is about a three-hour drive from Nashville, is one of those places you really shouldn’t overlook when you’re in Tennessee. It’s a wonderful city to experience some of that well-known southern charm because it’s perched right on the western edge of Tennessee (and on the banks of the Mississippi, no less). The best part is that Memphis (Tennessee) has a ton to offer, especially if you love food and music.

1. Graceland


Graceland is a must-see while in Memphis. One of the most recognizable structures in the US is the former residence of Elvis Presley. In terms of yearly visitation, it is only surpassed by the White House! Reach the peak of the hill and enter the opulent colonial-style mansion.

Take a tour of the rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia-filled bedrooms, basements, and pool rooms. Explore the estate’s lovely gardens and take in the vintage cars and actual airplane that Elvis kept close to the mansion and named after his daughter.

Elvis was actually laid to rest on the grounds of Graceland, which is another incredible feature of the property. If you visit on the anniversary of his passing, you can join a candlelit vigil with guests from all around the world. His tomb is always adorned with fresh flowers. Graceland should be at the top of your list of things to do in Memphis (Tennessee) because of its history, culture, and class.

How frequently do you get to go to a king’s house?

Address: Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116, United States

2. Beale Street


The most iconic street in Memphis is Beale Street. In addition to being home to several shops, cafes, clubs, museums, recording studios, and other popular tourist destinations, it is also rich in history as a significant milestone for the blues movement. In 1841, Beale Street first opened. The Mississippi River was close by, making it a popular destination for traders and visitors. Musicians could always find an audience amid the throngs of people coming and leaving from the port.

As a result, the African-American community had a particularly rapid expansion, and blues music came to dominate Beale Street. Beale Street hasn’t lost sight of its origins despite being home to everything from fancy restaurants to budget nightclubs. Antique theaters, historic houses, and retro jazz halls are just a few of the vintage attractions.

One of the best things to do in Memphis (Tennessee), is Beale Street. There is always interesting stuff to see in terms of entertainment, but its history and tradition are just incomparable in terms of relevance. A place like this deserves a spot in your itinerary without a doubt.

Address: Memphis, TN 38103, USA

3. The Arcade Restaurant


Long before you get there, you can see the Arcade Restaurant. Its bright neon signs, a throwback to the 1950s diner period, flash like a beacon to eager visitors in downtown Memphis. The restaurant’s interior maintains the retro theme. The walls are covered with classic photos and posters, and the comfy chairs will make you yearn for ponytails and poodle skirts.

The spot where the King used to have his bacon and eggs every morning is now known as “Elvis booth.” Elvis’ hot spots are among the best attractions in Tennessee if you’re seeking for extraordinary ones. The Arcade has enough food to satisfy your hunger. Everything you’d anticipate from a southern restaurant is on the menu, including country fried steak, ham, grits, biscuits and gravy, and sweet potato pancakes.

Even though it may be one of Memphis’s older eateries, the food is always fresh and the atmosphere is always lively. If you’re searching for delicious meals in a beautiful location in Memphis, Tennessee, stop by the Arcade!

Address: 540 S Main St, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

4. Shelby Farms


One of the most picturesque places in the US to visit is Shelby Farms. It covers thousands of acres in the Tennessee countryside, with hills, forests, and lakes as far as the eye can see. Rare birds and a herd of wild bison live there, among other animals. Both nature lovers and animal lovers should visit this exceptional location.

The good news is that Shelby Farms is enjoyable without being a hippie. There is entertainment for all types of guests. If you enjoy getting your heart rate up, you can go horseback riding, trekking, or rowing; if you like more relaxing pursuits, you can play golf or watch BMX races.

In Shelby Farms, even pets can have fun! Your fluffy companions can run around and sneeze in the flowers at their leisure in the off-leash area. Shelby Farms is a great place to visit this weekend if you’re seeking things to do in Memphis (Tennessee). No permit is required. You can enter the park by car and choose your own journey.

Address: 6903 Great View Dr N, Memphis, TN 38134, United States

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5. Sun Studio


Sun Studio is a Memphis icon. The world’s first rock song was recorded there in the early 1950s, earning it the name “the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll,” and it fostered the careers of other young up-and-comers who would later become household names. Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash have both been sighted in the building’s hallways. Sun Studio is currently one of Memphis, Tennessee’s top tourist destinations.

For those who want to learn more about the background of rock music, tours are available every hour. You’ll get to see things like B.B. King’s old recording booth and the microphone that 18-year-old Elvis used to record one of his earliest hits, among other things. Once you’ve had your fill of touring, stop by the retro gift shop, which is stuffed with delights and decorated with memorabilia from the 1950s.

To go to the neighboring Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, you can also take a shuttle bus. Another excellent music museum is located in Memphis. Consider visiting Sun Studio if you’re seeking for the top things to do in Memphis (Tennessee). It’s undoubtedly one of the top locations to see in the city, and music enthusiasts won’t want to miss it because it played such a distinctive role in the history of music.

Address: 706 Union Ave, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

6. Memphis Zoo


There are more than 3,500 animals living in hundreds of houses and habitats in the magnificent Memphis Zoo. It has received numerous conservation-related awards, and websites like TripAdvisor have listed it as the country’s #1 zoo. It’s undoubtedly among Tennessee’s top attractions.

The Memphis Zoo has a variety of attractions. You can not only get up close and personal with uncommon and exotic animals, but you can also explore several ecosystems and surroundings that resemble their natural habitats. For lions, tigers, cheetahs, and snow leopards, there is a “cat country,” and there is a special “animals of the night” show for bats and owls.

You can even enter the “dragon’s lair” to observe the komodo dragons if you’re brave enough. Do you intend to visit the Memphis Zoo on a holiday? In October, experience Zoo Boo’s spookiness, or in December, take in Zoo Lights’ twinkling splendor. Stay up late for a Zoo Snooze if you’re seeking for places to go in Memphis at night.

Animal lovers must visit the Memphis Zoo. Even if you’re just a casual admirer of adorable penguins and monkeys who throw bananas, you’ll find it entertaining. Put Memphis, Tennessee’s renowned zoo on your bucket list if you’re heading there because it’s an astounding location that you won’t forget.

Address: 2000 Prentiss Pl, Memphis, TN 38112, United States

7. Orpheum Theatre


One of Tennessee’s most prominent and long-running theaters, the Orpheum Theatre is situated in the center of downtown Memphis. It is where you can catch all of the most recent Broadway shows and is also where you can find everything from ballet performances to world jazz festivals. To find out what plays are scheduled to be performed while you are on vacation, check the Orpheum Theatre’s schedule.

Because it is so entertaining and flexible, you never know what you’ll be seeing next. Additionally, you should be aware that the Orpheum Theatre is eerie! Since the 1920s, a well-known ghostly child has been keeping an eye on the visitors and artists at the gallery. People go from all over the world to Memphis only to receive theater energy readings. If you’re unsure about what to see in Memphis, think about going to the Orpheum Theatre. Whatever your interests—music, comedy, theater, or unexplained phenomena—it will undoubtedly give you the chills while you’re there.

Address: 203 S Main St, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

8. A. Schwab


One of Memphis’ most distinctive tourist destinations is A. Schwab. It’s a little, family-run souvenir shop tucked away amid Beale Street’s historic brick shops, and it’s filled to the brim with quirky items that aren’t found anywhere else in the city. Have you ever seen the largest pair of overalls in the world, for instance? They are suspended from A. Schwab’s ceiling.

Additionally, you can find trinkets, souvenirs, handmade crafts, and charms for black magic and hoodoo. A vintage soda machine can make beer or ice cream if you feel hungry. You can bag various kinds of retro candies at the candy station if you wish to take a snack with you. Unquestionably, A. Schwab is among the top destinations in Memphis. It’s ideal for a day of entertainment because there are so many wonderful things to discover there.

Address: 163 Beale St, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

9. Southland Casino


Memphis, a city on the borders of Arkansas and Mississippi, has developed many strategies to get around Tennessee’s stringent gambling rules. One of their methods is to point tourists in the direction of locations like the Southland Casino. Southland Casino is a haven for gamblers and ramblers and is situated in West Memphis, which is a city that theoretically lies outside of state lines.

It provides table games, cards, lottery, and slots without any of the customary limitations. Even on greyhound races, you can bet! The casino’s bars and buffets might also be enjoyable for you. There is always something delectable on the menu because it has a good half-dozen restaurants where “tonight’s special” might be anything from inexpensive burgers to exorbitant champagnes.

Weekends are traditionally filled with live entertainment; you can enjoy a cocktail while listening to comedians or vocalists. A soundtrack of slot machines makes getting past Memphis’ gambling rules much more thrilling than it already is. If you have some extra cash in your pocket and are wondering what to do in Memphis, bet on black at Southland Casino!

Address: 1550 North Ingram Blvd, West Memphis, AR 72301, United States

10. Memphis in May


Even though it only occurs once a year, Memphis in May is one of Tennessee’s greatest events and something you absolutely must do if you’re in the area. It’s a month-long festival of music, art, food, and culture. The booths for gaming and shopping are set up by vendors from all around the world. For outdoor concerts, musicians fly in. An annual barbecue competition is held by chefs.

A 5K marathon is offered to runners across the grounds. Memphis in May is renowned for its distinctive celebrations. The majority of them have a Tennessee twist, such as “sauce wrestling,” an entertaining but messy activity in which competitors grapple one another while submerged in 40 gallons of barbecue sauce. While having a breathless good time, you could get a little coleslaw on your shirt, but it will be worth the extra laundry.

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11. AutoZone Park


Although there is a dizzying array of sights, sounds, and scents in downtown Memphis, you’ll know you’re close to AutoZone Park once you can smell popcorn. AutoZone Park is a modest stadium compared to some of the larger ones in the Memphis area. It makes up for its size limitations with atmosphere, though.

With its comfortable seating, you can always be in the center of the action, and its retro decor will transport you to a time when you could have hot dogs and peanuts for 10 cents. Two outdoor party decks for adults and a playground for children are among its unique facilities.

It is rented out for festivals, concerts, and haunted houses when it isn’t used for baseball games. If you’re seeking for things to do in Memphis )Tennessee), that don’t depend on the weather or time of year, plan a trip to AutoZone Park. No matter when you visit Tennessee, you can bet on having a good time at this cool little stadium since there’s always something going on.

Address: 200 Union Ave, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

12. Mud Island


Despite its name, Mud Island is one of Tennessee’s most beautiful places to visit. It’s a small peninsula a few miles north of Memphis, and you can only get to it by taking a suspended monorail over the water or driving across a bridge, so the view remains unpolluted and unspoiled by civilization. The fun can really start as your boots touch Mud Island’s ground.

Numerous activities are available, such as pedal boat rentals, hiking, biking, rafting, picnicking, and many others. Both dining establishments and retail establishments are available. Regular live music performances take place in a huge amphitheater. Mud Island is also great because it’s suitable for people of all ages. No one has to be left out, whether you’re traveling with little children or teenagers.

Everyone can enjoy themselves there because there are so many things to do there. Consider visiting Mud Island if you don’t mind venturing too far from Memphis for your Memphis attractions. It’s a fantastic location for family entertainment and, as an added plus, it will make for some wonderful vacation photos in Tennessee.

Address: 125 N Front St, Memphis, TN 38103, USA

13. South Main Arts District


The South Main Arts District is one of Memphis’ most well-known locations, and it is situated at the city’s southern edge. Before you leave, you might even recognize it. It has appeared in a number of Hollywood movies, including Elizabethtown, Hustle and Flow, Great Balls of Fire, and Walk the Line.

What is so unique about South Main? To begin with, it has a vintage appearance, with a daily trolley circling colonial residences and brick storefronts. With painted murals on the walls and vendors selling their wares on the pavement, it also has an artistic edge. There are enjoyable things to do. You can get on the trolley and visit one of the surrounding museums, or you can grab a bite to eat at one of the neighborhood, family-run diners.

Tennessee’s rich legacy is something to be proud of, and local museums proudly display it. One of the nicest places to visit in Memphis is the South Main Arts District. If you’re looking for the largest points of interest in the city, you won’t want to miss it even though it may not be as loud and glamorous as some of the other tourist sites on this list. Furthermore, nothing is wrong with partaking in some low-key pursuits when on a vacation in Tennessee!

14. Pink Palace Family of Museums


In the greater Memphis area, there is a chain of museums called the Pink Palace Family of Museums. They’re some of the best in the business, particularly if you’re seeking for family-friendly places to visit.

Here are the museums in the network:

• A cutting-edge planetarium is housed in the Pink Palace Museum and Planetarium, a scientific and engineering museum.

• The Lichterman Nature Center and the Coon Creek Science Center are both nature museums with displays of fossils, gardens, arboretums, and wildlife.

• In Memphis’ “Victorian Village,” the Mallory-Neely House and Magevney House have been converted into historical museums.

As you can see, each museum provides something unique to visitors to Tennessee, but they will all deliver a fun and interesting experience. Visit the Pink Palace Family of Museums if you’re looking for exciting things to do in Memphis (Tennessee).

Address: 3050 Central Ave, Memphis, TN 38111, United States

15. Memphis Botanic Garden


The Memphis Botanic Garden, which is situated on Cherry Road, is exactly as delightful as it sounds. You can stroll amid the wildflowers and take in the brooks’ and streams’ singing in this lovely, serene setting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Memphis Botanic Garden has a number of gardens, despite its singular name.

Some are surrounded by roses, ferns, or herbs; others imitate zen gardens by having bamboo plants and water wheels. The butterfly garden is the most impressive; here, you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of vibrant, constantly fluttering butterflies, some of which may even land on you if you remain still long enough.

If you’re traveling with children, you absolutely must visit the Memphis Botanic Garden. They provide a variety of entertaining weekend events, such as brunches, egg hunts, daffodil races, and informative nature excursions, which can be wonderful opportunities to strengthen family ties. The Memphis Botanic Garden should be at the top of your list of best things to do in Memphis (Tennessee) this weekend. The activities are entertaining and fun, and the backdrop is stunning. It’s undoubtedly a place worth visiting.

Address: 750 Cherry Rd, Memphis, TN 38117, United States

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16. National Civil Rights Museum


Memphis was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement, particularly after Martin Luther King Jr. was killed in a Memphis motel in 1968. The National Civil Rights Museum was constructed around the motel as part of the city’s decision to use it as a basis for cultural and historical education rather than ignore its obscene past.

To see everything in the museum, you’ll need several hours, and even that may not be enough. It is stuffed with pictures, documents, artifacts, and displays that highlight Tennessee’s arduous fight for equal rights over a prolonged period of time. A bus that was wrecked by white supremacists during the Freedom Rides has a life-size replica. For activists seeking justice, there are audio listening postings that describe numerous boycotts and sit-ins. Seeing and hearing these things can be difficult.

The Memphis museum is committed to the preservation of history and the education of its visitors, but the Civil Rights Movement is a significant aspect of American heritage that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re seeking for Memphis attractions that will stick in your memory, check out the National Civil Rights Museum. You’ll have a difficult yet enlightening experience that will stay with you long after you leave Tennessee.

Address: 450 Mulberry St, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

17. Tom Lee Park


You’ll need to go a bit outside of the city boundaries and turn around to enjoy the best views of Memphis, Tennessee. Tom Lee Park can be helpful in this situation. Tom Lee Park, which lies a few miles west of downtown Memphis, is the hub of numerous walking, running, biking, and dog-walking routes. After walking or skating down the sidewalks, you can stop here to catch your breath and relax.

The views from Tom Lee Park are simply breathtaking. You can see everything when you turn in a circle, including the Memphis Pyramid, the Memphis Bridge, and even farther out, the city’s glistening cityscape. At Tom Lee Park, you can take part in entertaining activities and events.

The World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, the Sunset Symphony concert, and the Beale Street Music Festival have all been held there. It is a popular site for celebrations due to its strategic location and breathtaking vistas. Take out your map, and mark Tom Lee Park as one of the top Memphis attractions. It’s lovely during the day and exciting at night, so you’re sure to have a wonderful time whenever you go.

Address: Riverside Dr, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

18. C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa


Tennessee has long maintained a connection to its native heritage, and one of the best locations in the area to learn more about the Native Americans who originally lived in the Memphis area is the C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa. A group of huts constructed from mud, straw, and other natural materials serve as the museum’s residence. These are exact replicas of the actual villages that the Chucalissa natives lived in.

Once you’re inside, you’ll be treated to displays and exhibits that showcase their art, history, music, language, and craftsmanship. You can either take a self-guided tour of the facilities to look around at your leisure or hire a tour guide if you’d like a lecture. If you’d want to bring something home, souvenirs are available; each bracelet and windchime is created by native Native Americans in the area.

Address: 1987 Indian Village Dr, Memphis, TN 38109, United States

19. Memphis Music Hall of Fame


Memphis is a hotspot for music fans, as you’ve undoubtedly guessed, and nowhere is this more evident than at the Memphis Music Hall of Fame. It honors the accomplishments of numerous Memphis-born or Memphis-raised musicians, and thanks to its outrageous humor, everyone will have a good time here.

The Memphis Music Hall of Fame, which portrays itself as “just as outrageous as the inductees,” isn’t a drab space where you goggle at gold plaques hanging on the walls. Instead, it provides images, interviews, performances on video, and hands-on displays where you can actually get to know the musical background of its stars.

Additionally, some of the names on the list of well-known Memphis musicians may surprise you. For instance, everyone is familiar with the fact that Elvis lived in Graceland, but did you know that Justin Timberlake was born in the area of Shelby Forest? Visit the Memphis Music Hall of Fame if you’re looking for enjoyable things to do in Memphis, Tennessee. It sets itself apart from other music museums by enthusiastically embracing the unique, fantastic nature of its industry, so if you want to get genuine, you must visit.

Address: 126 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

20. The Memphis Pyramid


The Memphis Pyramid, which stands more than 300 feet tall, is one of Tennessee’s most recognizable structures. Its steel walls reflect sunlight from every direction during the day, and at night, they are covered with a rainbow of multicolored LED lights that can be seen for miles. The Memphis Pyramid was previously a site for sporting events and concerts, but it was transformed into a sizable plaza for dining, shopping, and housing years ago.

Today, it can act as a focal point for all of your travel needs. You may unwind in the hotel, eat at the restaurants, and shop till you drop in the maze of shops and boutiques that resembles a mall. Additionally, you can participate in the entertaining and unique events that Bass Pro Shop, the pyramid’s main sponsor, offers. This is the place to go if you’ve ever wanted to take archery lessons or see an alligator swamp indoors.

You might choose to start with the Memphis Pyramid if you’re unsure of what to do in Memphis. It’s one of Tennessee’s most popular attractions, and there are so many things to do there that you might find yourself spending more time there than really exploring the outside city.

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21. Children’s Museum of Memphis


One of Tennessee’s favorite family vacation spots is the Children’s Museum of Memphis, which is awash in noise, color, and activity. It substitutes a fun, interactive experience that is likely to please your children for the typical “museum” experience. Is your daughter a dinosaur fan? Send her to a spot where she can use actual archeological tools to dig up fossils and gemstones. Does your son want to be a pilot someday? Put him in the driver’s seat of a plane, fire or train truck with touchable controls.

A sand pit, an art studio, a car garage, and other activities are also available. On warmer days, there is a splash pad, while on chilly or rainy days, there is a carousel. Weekend programs include anything from storytime to Zumba classes. Visit the Children’s Museum of Memphis if you’re seeking for the top family-friendly attractions in Memphis, Tennessee, while on vacation. It can keep kids of all ages entertained for hours, and if you pay close attention to the tour guides, you could even learn something new yourself!

Address: 2525 Central Ave, Memphis, TN 38104, United States

22. Go Ape Zip Line and Treetop Adventure


One of the best things to do in Memphis (Tennessee) is the Go Ape Zip Line and Treetop Adventure. As you climb, swing, jump, and zip through the canopies of Shelby Forest, Tennessee’s natural splendor, it’s sure to get your heart racing. You will be guided by instructors through the essentials of using your pulleys and harnesses. You’ll be allowed complete freedom to “go ape” in the trees once you’ve mastered the basics of movement.

Do you wish to soar at high speeds that the adrenaline leaves you gasping for air? Do you want to test your strength on a rope ladder, net bridge, and hanging vine obstacle course? You may choose between both, and both are enjoyable! The fact that children under the age of 10 should not participate in Go Ape Zip Line and Treetop Adventure is its only drawback. However, if everyone crosses the age limits, it’s a fantastic way to strengthen family ties.

Address: 651 N Pine Lake Dr, Memphis, TN 38134, United States

23. Crosstown Concourse


It resembles a cross between an underground community and a sizable indoor shopping center and is officially known as an “urban village.” There are numerous bars, gyms, restaurants, shops, boutiques, offices, and markets within its labyrinth hallways. It’s one of those locations where you’ll wish you had additional eyes to fully absorb everything.

The good news is that Crosstown Concourse does not have a restriction, so you are free to take your time and discover all that the village has to offer. You can indulge to your heart’s delight whether dining, shopping, or just sightseeing is what you’re after. Crosstown Concourse might be impossible to describe, but even without a name, it’s unquestionably one of the best things to do in Memphis (Tennessee).

It is already a distinctive attraction, and the amenities simply serve to enhance the bizarre and beautiful ambiance. There are always fresh sights to take in. There is always something exciting to discover. Visit Crosstown Concourse to experience the excitement!

Address: 1350 Concourse Ave, Memphis, TN 38104, United States

24. Golf and Games Family Park


At the Golf and Games Family Park, the fun never ends. One of the best leisure facilities in the city, it features everything from batting cages to arcade games. As you let loose your inner child in a flurry of games, rides, events, and activities, you’ll have hours of fun.

Do you like being outside? Play on the bumper boats or swing in the air on the “sky trail” course. Do you favor the luxury of air conditioning? Play a game of laser tag with your kids or explore the “hologate” virtual reality experience.

Golf is another option, of course. It is expressly stated in the name. Anyone who wishes to pick up a putter and try their luck on the green can enroll in a mini-course. The Golf and Games Family Park is one of the best locations to go when you’re in or around the city if you’re trying to decide what to do in Memphis while on vacation. Whatever the time or the situation, there is a little bit for everyone.

Address: 5484 Summer Ave, Memphis, TN 38134, United States

25. The Peabody Hotel


Are you trying to find a place to sleep? At the Peabody Hotel, reserve a suite. One of Memphis’ most famous landmarks, the huge, square edifice that towers over the city’s core is well-known for its opulent luxury living. It won’t just give you one of the best Memphis experiences possible; it also might give you one of the best Tennessee experiences you’ve ever had.

The facilities are excessively self-indulgent. The area is really convenient; you can walk the front doors and go to any number of well-known Memphis attractions right away. The Peabody’s interior is equally as stunning as its exterior. It has a costly marble lobby with a live duck water fountain as its central focus that has been in numerous films and local commercials.

Every day at 11 AM and 5 PM, ducks go through the hotel lobby as guests take pictures like they’re on a red carpet. Locals refer to them as “the Peabody ducks.” The Peabody ducks are only one cool sight to witness in Memphis, Tennessee; but, they are by no means the only one. Make reservations, utilize the fantastic services at the Peabody Hotel, and get ready for a fantastic trip to Memphis!

Address: 118 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s it like to live in Memphis (Tennessee)?

Memphis, a metropolis in the Mississippi Delta, is a place where the fast-paced metropolitan life and the leisurely rhythms of the rural South coexist. Memphis is characterized by its historic neighborhoods, views of the Mississippi River, and monuments honoring cultural icons like Elvis Presley and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Deep South’s culture permeates every nook and cranny of Memphis.

Despite being one of Tennessee’s major metro regions, the area has a small-town feel that nurtures a tight-knit community and makes it a desirable destination for families to stay. Its vibrant music scene attracts musicians wishing to advance their careers, and the region also provides a wide range of job prospects as a hub for international trade and a hub for distribution.

What’s the cost of living in Memphis (Tennessee)?

Memphis has a relatively inexpensive cost of living compared to other major cities. The cost of rent and mortgage payments is significantly less than the national average. Food and service costs are also considerably less expensive than in other large locations, particularly in the more rural areas that extend outside the metro area.

What’s the weather like in Memphis (Tennessee)?

Memphis people frequently engage in outdoor sports like running and biking due to the city’s moderate winters and bright days. However, the subtropical climate brings with it significant humidity levels that make summers very hot. Although spring is beautiful with its blooming of forsythia and magnolia, it also has its share of heavy thunderstorms.

What’s the best way to get around Memphis (Tennessee)?

The region’s primary public transportation choices are the bus and trolley systems run by the Memphis Area Transit Authority, or MATA, however the majority of commuters drive their own cars. Because of the Interstate 240 beltway that encircles the city, getting around town is not too difficult. The weekend crowds and typical rush hour traffic can occasionally cause the roadways to become congested.

At the Memphis International Airport, which also serves as the FedEx Express World Hub, the metro area welcomes business travelers every day. Amtrak trains and Greyhound buses are additional possibilities for cross-country travel.

Is Memphis (Tennessee) worth visiting?

Tennessee is a destination worth visiting since it is recognized as the “Home of the Blues & Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll Memo.” The numerous tourist attractions of Memphis are frequently cited by visitors as being sufficient justification for visiting, which is understandable given that they are both excellent attractions and well-run. It is highly worth visiting and is undoubtedly one of the country’s top attractions.

What is the best month to visit Memphis?

April and May or October and November are the ideal months to visit Memphis. The lengthy winter and summer seasons are briefly relieved by these short seasons. High humidity and average summer high temperatures frequently exceed 90 degrees. Due to school vacations, the summer continues to be Memphis’ busiest travel season.


Final Thoughts

While fans of country music travel to Nashville, they rush to Memphis to experience the blues and rock ‘n’ roll. There are various places to celebrate the history of these influential musical genres. Iconic Beale Street, the illustrious Sun Studios, and Graceland, the estate of Elvis Presley, are all eagerly awaiting your visit.

These are only a few of the top attractions in Memphis, Tennessee. If you want to get the most out of your trip, whether it’s a lengthy vacation or a fast weekend escape, you’ll need to be ready for everything the city has to offer.

Have we overlooked any incredible Memphis attractions? Make a comment and let us know. Would you like to continue your adventure? Once you’ve completed Memphis’ bucket list, be sure to check out the fun things to do in Dahlonega (Georgia)!

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